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Welcome to the RaidZ playerguide.  


F4 / I - Inventory & Menu  
F2 / F3 - Third person / Third person shoulder view  
W A S D - Move  
Left Click - Shoot  
R - Reload  

First things first, if you are viewing this while in Garry's Mod, you have to go through a minor setting  so that you can be able to view this guide as intended. To do so                        
you have to close Garry's Mod and right click on the game in the library and then click properties. In the beta tab choose “x86-64 Chromium + 64-bit binaries” in the top field                         
and close the properties window. You can now relaunch the game and view the guide from the in-game menu properly.

Click the categories at the top of this window to view relevant information. Even if you don't remember everything in detail, you can easily find it again later!                           
If you're new, go and meet Alyx, she has a tutorial questline for you to complete to get you started!

Getting Started

Well look who decided to show up! It's time to get to work, so pick up your gun, put on your armor, and get to raiding!                           
Wait... Where is your gear?                           
Oh God, it's your first time, isn't it? Well, you came to the right place. All of this can be quite confusing if you haven't gone through the tutorial yet.                           

First and Foremost, Welcome! We are so glad to have you here and hope your existence improves the morale of the others.                           
After you have arrived in at the station, please make your way outside to the town center safe zone.                           
You must find Alyx, she will give you the rundown of this place and what you need to do. She is located in the center area on the right side.                           
 Talk to her and finish 'A Warm Welcome'.

Learning the Ropes 1: Crafting a Sidearm

Alyx wants you to craft an M1911 so that you can shoot your way out of sticky situations. Go ahead and accept this quest to begin the questline.                           
Open your inventory and navigate to the Crafting Tab (The Crafting/Cooking section of the guide can give you a rundown of how it works).                           
Right in front of you should be the M1911, of which you know how to craft (Don't ask me, it's you we are talking about). Please select it, click ‘Craft x1’                           
at the bottom, and select the materials Alyx gave you. Go ahead and smack that rainbow 'Craft x1' button to build your sidearm.

Turn in the quest to Alyx to begin 'Learning the Ropes 2'.


Learning the Ropes 2: Crafting a Melee

Alyx wants you to craft a Hatchet so that you can slice your way out of hairy situations. Open your inventory and navigate to the Crafting Tab.                           
Right in front of you should be the Hatchet, of which you know how to craft aswell. Please select it, click ‘Craft x1’                           
at the bottom, and select the materials Alyx gave you. Go ahead and smack that rainbow 'Craft x1' button to build your melee.                           
Turn in the quest to Alyx to begin 'Learning the Ropes 3'.


Learning the Ropes 3: Upgrading your Gear

Alyx handed you some Dust. This material is the key to becoming stronger. She wants you to upgrade your hachet so you can slice and dice easier.                           
Open your inventory and unequip your hatchet, if you have it equiped. Right click it and hover over 'Upgrade/Modify'. Select 'Upgrade Rarity'.                           
The amount of dust or whatever material is required to upgrade your weapon's rarity will be shown next to that button.                           
Once the upgrade if finished, go talk to Alyx and turn in the quest.


Learning the Ropes 4: Crafting a Primary

Alyx wants you to craft an AR15 so that you can spray down the hordes to come. Open your inventory and navigate to the Crafting Tab.                           
Right in front of you should be the AR15. Should it not show, select the 'Primary' section and find it. Please select it, click ‘Craft x1’                           
at the bottom, and select the materials Alyx gave you. Go ahead and smack that rainbow 'Craft x1' button to craft your primary.                           
Turn in the quest to Alyx to begin 'Learning the Ropes 5'.


Learning the Ropes 5: Repairing your Gear

Well it seems that Alyx didn't give you the best condition materials available. So, here's a repair kit. These can be used to repair your gear                           
should it lower in quality. This is important as you don't want them reaching the 'Damaged' state or you need a special item to be able to                           
repair it again. Open your inventory and right click one of your pieces of gear. There should be a 'Repair' button. Go ahead and select it to                           
begin repairing your gear. Be warned though, the durability on the repair kit will decrease as you repair your gear, so you may need to craft more.                           
After you are satisfied with the repair job you did, talk to Alyx and turn in the quest to begin 'Learning the Ropes 6'.


Learning the Ropes 6: Crafting Armor

Now you are ready to kill those bastards! WAIT! Don't go rushing in just yet, Alyx forgot to show you how to make armor. The materials she gave you will be key to this.                           
Open your inventory and navigate to the Crafting Tab. Right in front of you should be Iron Body Armor. Should it not show, select the 'Armor' section and find it.                           
Please select it, click 'Craft x1'at the bottom, and select the materials Alyx gave you. Go ahead and smack that rainbow 'Craft x1' button to craft your Armor.                           
Turn in the quest to Alyx to begin 'Learning the Ropes 7'.


Learning the Ropes 7: Adding Tech

As thanks for "joining" the cause, Alyx gave you some tech. You can use tech you find and craft on your weapons to give them a boost. These boosts                           
come with a drawback for another stat on your gun, but you will figure that out later. For now, open you inventory and unequip your AR15 if you haven't already.                           
Right click the gun, hover over 'Upgrade/Modify', then 'Modify Tech', pick a slot, and add in the tech. Talk to Alyx to begin 'Learning the Ropes 8'.


Learning the Ropes 8: Changing Classes

One last thing before you are done. Alyx wants you to pick a class, don't worry these can be changed later. Open your inventory and navigate to the 'Character' tab.                           
You can read up on each of the classes on the right-hand side of the UI in the 'Skills/Classes' tab of this guide. For now, select what you want to play.                           
Talk to Alyx to complete the quest and bgin your Final tutorial for this questline.


Learning the Ropes FINAL: Beginning a Raid

Now that you have the basic gear and the knowledge to make yourself powerful, take this key and start your own raid. The portals are to your right. Each of these                           
raids have their own themes and challenges that come with it. Go ahead, take your pick! Once you are done with that raid, return back to Alyx to recieve a reward!


"How do I progress?"

During your raids you will begin to accumulate loot. This can be more guns, armor, backpacks, junk, or currency. Gem Fragments are used to upgrade your armor and will                           
have a chance to drop when you kill an enemy. They can also be used to upgrade gems which are explained later in the guide. All the gear you obtain will serve to help you on the                           
path to progression. All the weapons are roughly the same in strength once completely maxxed out on upgrades, so take you pick and start the grind!

As for grinding, Dust is used to upgrade your weapons and gear. Your strength/defense will increase based on which you choose to upgrade, but both will help you along.                           
You can obtain dust using the Dust grinder located on the left side of the safezone. For any other pieces of loot left, you can either deconstruct them for parts and materials to make tech                           
and repair kits or take them to the Shop and sell it to the traders for money. Money is used to buy things from the traders,
repair you gear using the Repair-o-matic or use Repair Kits more info can be found in 🧦Equipment under Repairing,
and trading with other players for their gear.

As you level up be sure to talk to Alyx. Every 10 levels up to 60 will allow you to learn more about how to upgrade your guns and assist you by providing you with relevant upgrades.                           
These upgrades are soulbound and conversely make your gun become soulbound if you use it on your gun, so make sure that this is the weapon you wish to upgrade.


~Good luck, you're gonna need it!~


When you are doing certain actions you gain XP towards a skill level depending on what action you're doing.                           
There are 5 skill level sets that you can level up, these are: Combat, Survival, Gathering, Crafting and Fishing.                      
(Combat is an old skill that currently does not do anything. You can ignore it for now.)

Combat increases by killing NPCs, Survival is gained by completing quests as well as staying alive on server (afk also increases this), Gathering XP is gained by picking items dropped from NPCs and Crafting XP is gained by crafting and repairing items. No guesses for fishing.                      
Skills are also unlocked for when you reach certain levels on each skill set. You can equip these skills to help you with a boost in combat or gathering items.


There are a couple of different classes to pick from, whom all have their respective uses.                      
All the classes gain EXP from kills during raids, with the exception of fisher and farmer, they only gain EXP from their respective tasks.                      
The four main classes (Gunner, Tank, Medic, Support) all receive an ultimate skill upon reaching level 60 with the respective class.

Non-Combat roles unlock a blueprint for a class specific ring at lvl 50+ which provide bonuses for their respective classes and a craftable mystery cape is unlocked at lvl 99. 

Has the ability to equip TWO primary weapons                      
+XX% ammo dispenser rate                      
Ultimate Skill: Blazing - Killstreaks increase damage by 0.5% per level!                      

Has the ability to dash for x2 longer invincibility time                      
+XX% shield recharge rate                      
Ultimate Skill: Reflector - Returns 2% damage to attacker!                      

Has the ability to revive other players                      
+XX% healing bonus to healing allies                      
Ultimate Skill: Lazarus - Revival limit increased to 2!                      

Has the ability to transfer shield power                      
+XX% shield regen rate bonus to allies & self                      
Ultimate Skill: Bottomless - Can dispense Ammo on the run.


Has the ability to deny the passage of time                      
+XX% bonus to being useless                      

Has the ability to watch plants grow                      
+XX% skin hardening from being outside for too long                      
(Secret bonus: Every 6 levels lets you plant 1 more crop at a time.)

Has the ability to tell dirt from dirt                      
+XX% faded eyesight from being underground for too long                      
(Secret bonus: Better ore changes by 0.1% per level.)



This menu tab is where you craft items using resources in your inventory. Simply click on the items you need to craft and it will show you the material needed at the bottom right of the window to craft the item.                           
Each item is sorted in its own category and you can click these categories to find the item you need to craft much quicker.


Once you find the item you need to craft and got the resources in your inventory, click on the craft button.                           
You can also find information on what items you can get other items from when scrapping/recycling them by clicking the small recycle button on the thumbnail of the item you clicked on.                           

Please note that some items will not be craftable unless you found one in a raid and recycled it to get the blueprint for it. You may also stumble across books to learn from.

Potion Making

As you are raiding you will come across berry bushes. Collecting the Berries off these bushes will allow you to craft Potions. These will be key to your survival in higher tier raids.                           
When you begin drinking these potions, you can swap off to your weapon and continue the slaughter.


At the back of the lobby there is a fishing area which is the only place you can use a fishing rod at. Once you equip a fishing rod you can go next to the lake and dip the hook underwater by holding left click.

After a while you will feel a fish biting your hook and can now reel your catch in by holding right click and press E to put the catch in your inventory.

Rarity of rod will increase the depth of how far your hook can go down, the deeper it goes the higher chance at finding higher rarity fish or items becomes.

You have a rare chance of finding mystery bait which can be combined with a mystery skull for a special boss skull.

Don't forget to switch to the fisherman class before you fish to gain xp for that class and perhaps catch a nice surprise!


You can always visit the farm at the lobby to grow plants and get certain ingredients or just to feed your pet. You can travel to the farm by typing /farm in the chat.

Food is used to gain XP to your pets and level them up to get more perks.

Don't forget to switch to your farmer skill while farming to level it up!


There are many ways to upgrade your weapon! The simplest way is to use them so they gain XP and level up during raids!                          
Leveling your weapon increases Handling, Mobility and the kicker... Damage!

Stat Mutators

These are used to reroll the stats on your weapon. Think of it like a diceroll where anything is possible. Consumed by right clicking on your gun and selecting [Reroll Stats] under the upgrade menu.                           
It is important to keep in mind that using these, it does not guarantee an upgrade of the weapon.                           
The recommended way to use them, if you've already got a gun with good stats, is to have a "secondary" weapon you reroll until it is better than your current one.                 
The best roll is a supreme which gives stat 10 on everything, rolling supreme is a 1/500 chance!


To upgrade a weapons' rarity, you must use Dust. The Dust cost changes as you upgrade, higher rarity = higher cost.                           
When a weapons' rarity is upgraded, the damage increases by a set percentage.                           

You can also upgrade items, and armor. Most items and armor are upgraded by fusing three of the same rarity together to get a higher rarity.                           
Armor works this way until it hits Unobtainium, then you need to start using Dust.

Rarity of WeaponsCost of Upgrade
Common to Uncommon12 Dust
Uncommon to Rare24 Dust
Rare to Super Rare48 Dust
Super Rare to Epic96 Dust
Epic to Legendary192 Dust
Legendary to Mythic384 Dust
Mythic to Unobtainium768 Dust
Unobtainium to Ascended1536 Dust
Ascended to Abyssal3072 Dust

Gem Fragments

Gem Fragments can be found while playing raids, every enemy has a chance to drop them.                           
Optional Objectives are tasked at the start of raids and completing these will reward you with Gem Fragments!                           
Fragments come from doing raids and grinding gems, these fragments can be used to upgrade armored chest pieces and purchase items during raid from the Wandering Merchant.

You can fuse Gem Fragments together to create gems, and they are used to upgrade a gem to a higher rarity. You can also reverse this process, at a high loss.


Gems are used for applying an attribute to your weapon. Keep in mind that You cannot apply a gem to a gun if it is a lower rarity than it.                           
This means, if you want to put a gem on a RARE gun, you need a RARE OR ABOVE gem.                      
Gems of MYTHIC+ rarity can be applied on ANY RARITY gun.                      
To upgrade gems, you use Gem Fragments.

Weapon Mods

Weapon mods can be obtained through the auction, crates that can drop them(these mention on highlight), the "Mod Hunt" quest, or beating bosses in Epic Elite and higher!         
The mod you get is random with a random %, once you have the mod you want you can use more weapon mods to upgrade your current weapon mod by 0.5% until 15%.

Weight StabilizerIncreases your handling on your weapon.    
Precision PinIncreases the fire rate of the weapon.
Magnetized MagazineIncreases reload speed.
Plastic ReplicaIncreases movement speed.


Vorpal shards

If you happen to fall over a Vorpal Shard, well, then you're in luck, as these give a substantial upgrade to the performance of your weapon. These can be found in Advanced or higher raid caches!                           
The way they work is by adding a flat +5% to Damage, Recoil, Spread, and Reload speed.                           
A single weapon can be starred 5 times, the first star costs 1 Vorpal Shard, while the next costs 2 etc.                      
Once a Weapon has hit 3 stars, it can only be upgraded further with Xen Crystals, the same above applies!


There are many different unique weapon/equipment variants, these may give bonuses to the item, so pay attention to those!                           
Antique boosts the weapon stats by 1%. All items before May have been made Antique.                           
Spooky, Easter and Snowy attributes also boost the weapon stats by 1% (this is currently invisible). These can be gained during their respective time of year events!                  


 Tier 2, 3, 4 boost the weapon stats by 1, 2 and 3% respectively! If you're lucky enough you can find a Tierifier. These can be found in Epic Expert or higher!                           
Boss weaponry boost the weapon stats by a significant amount too and come with their own tech! These can be found in Elite raids or higher


Below is a table that breaks down techs and their effects:

Overdrive+Damage, -Recoil
Rapid+Reloadspeed, -Recoil
Stabilizer+Recoil, -Spread
Ventilation+Spread, -Noise
Augment+Movespeed, -Reloadspeed
Localising+Spread, -Penetration

Keep in mind that +Spread doesn't mean that the spread gets worse, the same way that -recoil does not mean that the recoil gets more manageable.                           
These +'s and -'s just refer to the way it affects the stat readout.                           

The rarity of the tech DOES impact the stats it will impart.                           
Common will be +1 or -1, Mythic will be +7 or -7, respectively.                           
Techs can also be upgraded by fusing 3 of the same rarity together until mythic, similar to items and armors. 

From mythic you need a tech upgrade kit to upgrade tech further!             
(Tech upgrade kit can be crafted with oil from the geoff worldboss, diamond and a stat mutator)             
Tech upgrade kit upgrades are 100% unobtainium, 50% ascended, 25% abyssal and 10% void.             
This means once it's unobtainium it will fail several times before getting to the higher tier.

You can upgrade easily by going to the modify tech and clicking the arrow in the corner of the tech.



Attributes are elemental strengths and weaknesses that help or hinder you depending on the environment; these are changed with a Gem of the same(or higher) rarity.

AttributeStrong against (+25% damage)Weak against (-25% damage)
NatureWaterFire, Poison
FirePoison, NatureWater
WaterPoison, FireLightning
PoisonNatureFire, Water
MagicChanges element each reload-

Blessings, Sigils & Socketted Weapons

Throughout raids Hellish raids you may encounter champion enemies that drop blessings or sigils.                
These can be applied to socketted weapons to give an array of effects including (but not limited to) attribute switching and chaining damage.                
You can upgrade your blessings, similar to usual upgrading, turning them into more powerful versions of themselves.               
Socketted weapons drop in difficulties: Legendary+ Expert and Hellish. Although, that's not the only way to get your hands on sockets.               
Scrapping socketted weapons will yield socket scrap - save up enough to craft a socket punch which'll allow you to add sockets to non socketted loot!


Below is a table that gives you an idea of the afflictions applied by blessings:

Attribute TypeEffect
FireBurn (Deals 20 damage per second on target)
LightningThunder (Hit 2 random enemies each for some damage every second)
PoisonAffliction (Deals 1% damage to nearby enemy every time target is hit.)
WaterRust (Decrease target damage output by 5%)
NatureThorns (Deal 5 damage per second around target)
HolyDivinity (Adds 2% Chaos attribute weakness)
ChaosCursed (Adds 2% Holy attribute weakness)

There are over 70 Blessings & Sigils with endless combinations which makes it impossible for them all to be listed here so best get raiding to explore them yourself!        

Boss Essence

Boss Essence can be found during world bosses. The essence dropped will match the boss encountered during the world boss event.     
Boss Essence can be applied to equipment to add the corresponding boss set modifier.      
You can Condense boss set items into boss tears which can then be fused into Boss Essence. 

Void Stone

Beginning from Uncommon Hellish, you have the ability to stumble across a fractured piece of the void.                           
These Void Shards appeared after the Loot Goblins got ahold of a supply of Void Stones. Kill those bastards and complete raids                           
qualifying to have a chance to obtain these shards. Combining 8 of these shards will grant you a Void Stone. You can use this stone on your                           
Abyssal weapons/gear to upgrade it to the final tier. Void Stones can be found starting at Epic Hellish. After further research into the origins of these stones, it has                           
been determined that completing a Hellish raid of -REDACTED- difficulty will grant the owner of the key a Void Shard, and increased chances to those who lived to the end!


You will find several items in the server that can be equipped.                      
Hats, chest pieces, pants, shoes, and rings can provide bonus defense to your characters total armor value.                      
Backpacks can increase the amount of weight you may carry around.                      
Your primary, secondary, & melee slots let you kill things... Duh.                      
Your tertiary slot can be used for grenades, molotovs, a medkit, a portable shield kit, a pickaxe, or a fishing rod.                      
The ring slot is used for providing your character with bonus not found on other equipment slots. These can be used to alter movement speed, luck, and armor.                      
You can also obtain pets. These little fellas provide you with slight buffs and bonuses, so don't forget to equip one and feed it.


There are many different types of armor, the armor most widely-recognized as "the best" is Kinetic or Quick Charge armor, depending on personal choice. 


Pets are helpful little critters that give you bonuses! Pets can also breed and produce eggs, which can be incubated by running around with them equipped.                      
The bonuses are float based, so have a chance to upgrade each time the pet evolves (every 10 levels). A Pet will learn a bonus/skill every 10 levels until it has 4.                      
On breeding your pet, your new egg will inherit the parents bonuses at their current level, giving them the ability to improve further.                      
Note that Males can breed infinitely while Females can only breed 3 times.

Hats & Boss Sets

You can get boss set gear! When you have at least 3 pieces equipped, you get a set bonus! You can find these in Advanced or higher raid caches!                      
Boss sets also include Boss Weapons and Armor, of which can be found in Hellish raid caches! These are listed below:

Boss SetEffect
Dr.HaxIncreases Movement Speed by 20%
ArcanaIncreases Attribute Damage by 25%
ReaperReduces Fire Damage by 50%
DullahanReduces Blunt/Slash Damage by 50%
AessidheElemental Fury; All attributes are weak
LughPoison, Bleeding & Sickness Immune
SirenReduces Magic Damage by 50%
HavanIncreases Total Defense by 25%
NULL50% for No Equipment damage/50% Knockback reduction


To repair your gear you have two options, either you use a repair kit, or you use the Repair-o-matic in the lobby.                      
The difference between the two is where to place the cost of repair, the kits costs materials to craft, while the repair-o-matic costs cash to use.                      
Do keep in mind that the repair-o-matic will only repair gear which you have equipped.                      

The following is a table showing at which rarity your kit needs to be, to fix gear.                      

Repair TableCommon KitUncommon KitRare KitSuper Rare KitEpic KitLegendary KitMythic Kit
Super RareYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

So you've broken your gear past the point where it can be repaired using the usual manner?                      
In that case we have just the right consumable for you, it is called a Recombulator, and can be bought from the shops in the lobby.



When you interact with the door, a UI will pop up and have you select which difficulty you can play,  select a key to use  then you can add a raidmod if you want and open the portal.                      
As you enter the door, you'll be teleported to the waiting area, giving other people a chance to join your raid, which will also increase your chances for loot by a set percentage.                      
Loot that has a beam of light above it is owned by you, if it doesn't have a beam of light, then it isn't yours.                      
There are several different resources you can collect in-raid. You can collect Copper, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Berries. Here's an example of an ore node, and a berry bush.                      
Killing the Boss(es) on Wave 5 drops you Stat Mutators. Killing the Boss(es) on Wave 10 drops you a key shard respective to the tier of raid.                      
Both Bosses will drop you a potion and possibly more when you kill them!       

You can take 10 medical items and 10 potions with you in a raid.               

The type of loot which you earn is based on the difficulty of the raid, see the table below, regarding at which difficulty you need to play, to have a chance of getting higher grade weapons.

NormalTier 1
AdvancedTier 2
EliteTier 3
ExpertTier 4

Raid Keys

Your progression keys auto-upgrade, when the DPS of your equipped gun gets higher, up to Epic.                      
Completing a raid tier on Epic for the first time will drop a progression key for the next tier. (Normal Epic drops an Advanced Key)                      
Progressing key tiers not only makes it more challenging, but also drops much better loot!

Replaying Epic+ raids will drop you key-shards, which you can use to craft Legendary and Mythic challenge keys.                      
Challenge keys are single use. You can use Raid Mods to add special gameplay modifiers to challenge keys.

Boss keys are a hybrid of the above. They are single use but scale with your DPS up to Epic and can also be upgraded to Legendary and Mythic using key-shards.

Higher raids means higher chances, more xp, and phatter loot!

Key / RarityCommonUncommonRareSuper Rare7EpicLegendaryMythic

Raid Mods

There are a few different modifiers for raids that can be found. These are dropped from boss kill, or caches that mention them!                           
These increase the reward, but also the risk- so be ready for them!

Raid ModBonusRisk
RageEnemies take 5x damageEnemies deal 10x damage
Medicine MadnessMedics heal 200% extraShields do not recharge
Chaotic EmbraceEnemies are Chaos onlyEnemies explode on death

World Bosses

It appears that a portal has been discovered that breaches the realms of raiding and the safezone!                           
Mystery Skulls are the broker to this madness but also the map to fortune.                           
These can be obtained through raiding or from Dodgy Tyrone and his black market. (How he got his hands on these, we don't know!)                           
Upon use of the skull, a portal will open at your feet and the boss will announce itself and that it will arrive in 5 minutes!                           
Make sure you are prepared because these guys brought their A-game this time.                           
Their attacks seem to have broken the limiters in the safe zone and will dispose of you if you give them the chance.                           
Dying in the arena will deduct score from you and influence the loot you receive after the boss has been defeated.           
Mystery Skulls can be combined with mystery bait for a special boss skull..


Starting every month a new battlepass will be unlocked. You can find this by navigating in your menu to the 'Rewards' tab, where you would collect your Loyalty Rewards.                           
You obtain XP by playing the game! This includes killing enemies and bosses in raids and completing missions from Alyx. The world bosses even chip in on your progression.                           
After completing each tier you will unlock a reward, as seen below, where you will be able to clicky-clicky the box and your character will collect the item. There are 50 tiers in                           
total to each pass and you will have the whole month to reach it. Not everyone will, but it is worth it to those that do. Don't worry though, next month the tier 50 reward will be back                           
for you to try again! Good luck and hopefully you get something that kicks ass!


Q: Hey, I played here before! Where is my stuff?!                           
A: If you played during our early betas (march 2021 or beforehand) then unfortunately your gear is gone. Our server burned down in an OVH datacenter fire! Please don't ask for your gear, we are salty too.                           
A2: We do not Wipe, or ever intend to have this mechanic in our game. Everything you own is now backed up offsite (burned backups, yum!) autonomously every hour via Phoenix's own homebrew.                           

Q: Help I have error!                           
A: Restarting your game(not rejoining) normally works as everything is auto-downloaded. If this issue persists, subscribe to our content here                           

Q: Help I lost my item!                           
A: Remember to always lock your items that you do not want to lose. It prevents you from selling, dropping, grinding or otherwise losing them!                           

Q: Do you have settings for the gamemode?                           
A: Here you will find how to change settings relating to RaidZ. You may change everything from your HUD size to hiding certain aspects of the HUD.             

Q: How do I use slots 7 through 9 without scrolling?                           
A: Open your console and paste this:                           
bind 7 slot7; bind 8 slot8; bind 9 slot9             

Q: How do I load attachments automatically?                           
A: Save your attachment prefix as “auto” and it will load when you equip the weapon!             

Q: Where can I make a ticket?                           
A: Here you can open a ticket about important bugs. Please do not open a ticket for small issues, use our Discord support channel.

Lobby Utilities

There are many utilities available in the lobby which you can use to process one item into another, give you ammo and more!                           

The Shop. You can buy / sell goods to the Traders here.                           
The Dust grinder which you can throw weapons into to obtain a certain currency known as dust.                           
The Condenser where you can condense boss sets into tears to craft a boss essence (via the right click menu to fuse).                           
The Fireplace can be used to cook certain items that requires fire to be processed in the crafting/cooking menu.                           
Add equipment to the Statue's sink until it's full and you get a chance to obtain a higher rarity equipment item!                           
The Dropchute can be filled with items. When it reaches certain weight limit it will trigger a drop party in the lobby.                           
The Auctions. Eli can place items up for sale for a price that other players can browse and buy even while you're offline.                           
The Ammo dispenser. You can get free ammo from these for the gun currently in hand. These can be also found throughout raids.                           
The Repair-o-matic is used to repair your equipped items using cash. The higher the rarity of an item, the more pricey it is to repair.                           
The Benches are used to gain more XP while away from keyboard, has a bonus effect while sitting down.        
The Black Market. Tyrone is ready to take your cold hard cash in return for rare and unique items.


The enemies you fight in raids may drop some items you won't find a use for. The residents of City 17 are very interested in these items.

Increasing your reputations with the various residents will reward you with extra bonuses such as increased sell prices and additional end raid loot.

You can increase the reputation you have with them by giving them gifts (It states it on the item who it is meant for) or emoting.


Eli auction:

Reduces auction tax by 3% per level


Kleiner raid end loot:

Increases raid end loot by 2 per level


Nick's shop:

Increases sale return by 2% per level


Mike's shop:

Increases sale return by 2.1% per level


Cheaple perks shop:

Decreases price by 2% per level


Tyrone black market:

Decreases price by 1% per level


Odessa farm:

Increases plant growth speed by 2% per level



**This is still a WIP and will be updated as more info is added**