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Welcome to the RaidZ playerguide.


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If you're new, go and meet Alyx, she has a tutorial questline for you to complete to get you started!

Getting Started

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When you are doing certain actions you gain XP towards a skill level depending on what action you're doing.
There are 5 skill level sets that you can level up, these are: Combat, Survival, Gathering, Crafting and Fishing.

Combat increases by killing NPCs, Survival is gained by completing quests as well as staying alive on server (afk also increases this), Gathering XP is gained by picking items dropped from NPCs and Crafting XP is gained by crafting and repairing items. No guesses for fishing.
Skills are also unlocked for when you reach certain levels on each skill set. You can equip these skills to help you with a boost in combat or gathering items.


There are a couple of different classes to pick from, whom all have their respective uses.
All the classes gain EXP from kills during raids, with the exception of fisher and farmer, they only gain EXP from their respective tasks.

Has the ability to equip TWO primary weapons
+XX% ammo dispenser rate

Has the ability to dash for x2 longer invincibility time
+XX% shield recharge rate

Has the ability to revive other players
+XX% healing bonus to healing allies

Has the ability to transfer shield power
+XX% shield regen rate bonus to allies & self

Has the ability to deny the passage of time
+XX% bonus to bein useless

Has the ability to watch plants grow
+XX% skin hardening from being outside for too long

XX% bonus XP will be effected by your level of your class as you level up.



This menu tab is where you craft items using resources in your inventory. Simply click on the items you need to craft and it will show you the material needed at the bottom right of the window to craft the item.
Each item is sorted in its own category and you can click these categories to find the item you need to craft much quicker.

Once you find the item you need to craft and got the resources in your inventory, click on the craft button.
You can also find information on what items you can get other items from when scrapping/recycling them by clicking the small recycle button on the thumbnail of the item you clicked on.

Please note that some items will not be craftable unless you found one in a raid and recycled it to get the blueprint for it. You may also stumble across books to learn from.


At the back of the lobby there is a fishing area which is the only place you can use a fishing rod at. Once you equip a fishing rod you can go next to the lake and dip the hook underwater by holding left click.

After a while you will feel a fish biting your hook and can now reel your catch in by holding right click and press E to put the catch in your inventory.

Rarity of rod will increase the depth of how far your hook can go down, the deeper it goes the higher chance at finding higher rarity fish or items becomes.

Don't forget to swicth to fisherman class before you fish to gain xp for that class and perhaps catch a nice surpsie.


You can always visit the farm at the lobby to grow plants and get certain ingredients or just to feed your pet. You can travel to the farm by typing /farm in the chat.

Food is used to gain XP to your pets and level them up to get more perks.

Don't forget to switch to your farmer skill while farming to level it up!


There are many ways to upgrade your weapon! The simplest way is to use them so they gain XP and level up during raids!
Leveling your weapon increases Handling, Mobility and the kicker... Damage!

Raid Keys

Raid keys automatically upgrade as your DPS increases, up to Epic! At Epic, you will (once winning) get a key for the next tier!
Progressing key tiers not only makes it more challenging, but also drops much better loot!
Replaying Epic+ raids will drop you key-shards, which you can use to upgrade your key higher than Epic, to Legendary or Mythic!
Higher raids means higher chances, more xp and phatter loot!

Below is the DPS recommendation for each key type. Please note that hellish keys do not scale with your gun's DPS and requires key shards to upgrade rarity.

Key / Rarity

Common Uncommon Rare Super Rare Epic Legendary Mythic
Normal 300 390 480 570 660 750 840
Advanced 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200
Elite 900 1010 1120 1230 1340 1450 1560
Expert 1300 1420 1540 1660 1780 1900 2020
Hellish 2800 2920 3040 3160 3280 3400 3520

Stat Mutators

These are used to reroll the stats on your weapon. Think of it like a diceroll where anything is possible. Consumed by right clicking on your gun and selecting [Reroll Stats] under the upgrade menu.
It is important to keep in mind that using these, it does not guarantee an upgrade of the weapon.
The recommended way to use them, if you've already got a gun with good stats, is to have a "secondary" weapon you reroll until it is better than your current one.


To upgrade a weapons' rarity, you must use Dust. The Dust cost changes as you upgrade, higher rarity = higher cost.
When a weapons' rarity is upgraded, the damage increases by a set percentage.

You can also upgrade items, and armor. Most items and armor are upgraded by fusing three of the same rarity together to get a higher rarity.
Armor works this way until it hits Unobtainium, then you need to start using Dust.
Rarity of Weapons Cost of Upgrade
Common to Uncommon 24 Dust
Uncommon to Rare 48 Dust
Rare to Super Rare 96 Dust
Super Rare to Epic 192 Dust
Epic to Legendary 384 Dust
Legendary to Mythic 768 Dust
Mythic to Unobtainium 1500 Dust
Unobtainium to Ascended 3000 Dust
Ascended to Abyssal 5000 Dust

Star shards

If you happen to fall over a star shard, well, then you're in luck, as these give a substantial upgrade to the performance of your weapon. These can be found in Advanced or higher raids/caches!
The way they work is by adding a flat +5% to Damage, Recoil, Spread, and Reload speed.
A single weapon can be starred three times, once when it reaches level 30 and again at level 40, the first starring costs 1 star, while the next costs 2 etc.

Gem Fragments

Gem Fragments can be found while playing raids, every enemy has a chance to drop them.
Fragments come from doing raids and grinding gems, these fragments can be used to upgrade armored chest pieces, purchase items during raid from the Wandering Merchant.

You can fuse Gem Fragments together to create gems, and they are used to upgrade a gem to a higher rarity. You can also reverse this process, at a high loss.

Weapon Mods

Weapon mods can be obtained through the auction, crates that can drop them(these mention on highlight), the "Mod Hunt" quest, or beating bosses in Epic Elite and higher!

Weight Stabilizer - Increases your handling on your weapon.
Precision Pin - Increases the fire rate of the weapon.
Magnetized Magazine - Increases reload speed.
Plastic Replica - Increases movement speed.


There are many different unique weapon/equipment variants, these may give bonuses to the item, so pay attention to those!
Antique boosts the weapon stats by 1%. All items before May have been made Antique.
Spooky, Easter and Snowy attributes also boost the weapon stats by 1% (this is currently invisible). These can be gained during their respective time of year events!
Tier 2, 3, 4 boost the weapon stats by 1, 2 and 3% respectively! If you're lucky enough you can find a Tierifier
Boss weaponry boost the weapon stats by a significant amount too and come with their own tech!


Attributes are elemental strengths and weaknesses that help or hinder you depending on the environment; these are changed with a Gem of the same(or higher) rarity.
Attribute Str/Weak
Holy +Chaos, -Chaos
Chaos +Holy, -Holy
Nature +Water, -Fire, -Poison
Fire +Poison, +Nature, -Water
Water +Poison, +Fire, -Lightning
Poison +Nature, -Fire, -Water
Lightning +Water, -Nature
Magic +???, -???


Gems are used for two things. Both are equally important. One use for the gems, is in crafting of techs. Techs are used to upgrade guns' stats, but do have drawbacks when installed on your weapon.

Another use for gems is to apply attributes to your weapon. Keep in mind that You cannot apply a gem to a gun if it is a lower rarity than it.
This means, if you want to put a gem on a RARE gun, you need a RARE OR ABOVE gem.
To upgrade gems, you use Gem Fragments.


Below is a table that breaks down techs and their effects:
Tech Effect
Overdrive +Damage, -Recoil
Rapid +Reloadspeed, -Recoil
Stabilizer +Recoil, -Spread
Ventilation +Spread, -Noise
Drilling +Penetration, -Movespeed
Augment +Movespeed, -Reloadspeed
Localising +Spread, -Penetration
Keep in mind that +Spread doesn't mean that the spread gets worse, the same way that -recoil does not mean that the recoil gets more manageable.
These +'s and -'s just refer to the way it affects the stat readout.

The rarity of the tech DOES impact the stats it will impart.
Common will be +1 or -1, Mythic will be +7 or -7, respectively.
Techs can also be upgraded by fusing 3 of the same rarity together, similar to items and armors.



You will find several items in the server that can be equipped.
Hats, chest pieces, pants, shoes, and rings can provide bonus defense to your characters total armor value.
Backpacks can increase the amount of weight you may carry around.
Your primary, secondary, & melee slots serve purpose to weapons you may find around the server.
Your tertiary slot can be filled mainly with grenades, molotovs, a medkit, a portable shield kit, a pickaxe, and a fishing rod.
Your skin slot serves purpose to the different skins you find around the server to fit your style, these skins have a weight carrying bonus.
Your ring slots can be filled with several different rings you’ll find around the server, from boss set rings to copper rings, these provide several different bonuses.
Your pet slot will be used for eggs that you are training or pets you want to equip.


There are many different types of armor, the armor most widely-recognized as "the best" is Kinetic or Quick Charge armor, depending on personal choice.


Pets are helpful little critters that give you bonuses! Pets can also breed and produce eggs, which can be incubated by running around with them equipped.
The bonuses are float based, so have a chance to upgrade each time the pet evolves (every 10 levels). A Pet will learn a bonus/skill every 10 levels until it has 4.
On breeding your pet, your new egg will inherit the parents bonuses at their current level, giving them the ability to improve further.
Note that Males can breed infinitely while Females can only breed twice.

Hats & Boss Sets

You can get boss set gear! When you have at least 3 pieces equipped, you get a set bonus! These are listed below:
Boss Set Effect
Dr.Hax Increases Movement Speed by 20%
Arcana Increases Attribute Damage by 25%
Reaper Reduces Fire Damage by 50%
Dullahan Reduces Blunt/Slash Damage by 50%
Aessidhe Elemental Fury; All attributes are weak
Lugh Poison, Bleeding & Sickness Immune
Siren Reduces Magic Damage by 50%
Havan Increases Total Defense by 25%


To repair your gear you have two options, either you use a repair kit, or you use the Repair-o-matic in the lobby.
The difference between the two is where to place the cost of repair, the kits costs materials to craft, while the repair-o-matic costs cash to use.
Do keep in mind that the repair-o-matic will only repair gear which you have equipped.

The following is a table showing at which rarity your kit needs to be, to fix gear.

Repair Table Common Kit Uncommon Kit Rare Kit Super Rare Kit Epic Kit Legendary Kit Mythic Kit
Common Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uncommon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rare Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Super Rare Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Epic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Legendary Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mythic No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unobtanium No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ascended No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Abyssal No No No No Yes Yes Yes

So you've broken your gear past the point where it can be repaired using the usual manner?
In that case we have just the right consumable for you, it is called a Recombulator, and can be bought from the shops in the lobby.



When you interact with the door, a UI will pop up and have you select a key to use.
As you enter the door, you'll be teleported to the waiting area, giving other people a chance to join your raid, which will also increase your chances for loot by a set percentage.
Loot that has a beam of light above it is owned by you, if it doesn't have a beam of light, then it isn't yours.
There are several different resources you can collect in-raid. You can collect Copper, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Berries. Here's an example of an ore node, and a berry bush.
After you kill the boss(es) which you fight every 5 waves, it will drop loot, however only the second boss is guaranteed to drop loot.

The type of loot which you earn is based on the difficulty of the raid, see the table below, regarding at which difficulty you need to play, to have a chance of getting higher grade weapons.
Difficulty Tier
Normal Tier 1
Advanced Tier 2
Elite Tier 3
Expert Tier 4

Raid Mods

There are a few different modifiers for raids that can be found. These are dropped from boss kill, or caches that mention them!
These increase the reward, but also the risk- so be ready for them!
Raid Mod Effect
Rage Enemies take 10x damage / Enemies deal 10x damage
Medicine Madness Medics heal 200% extra / Shields do not recharge
Chaotic Embrace Enemies are Chaos only / Enemies explode on death



Q: Hey, I played here before! Where is my stuff?!
A: If you played during our early betas (march or beforehand) then unfortunately your gear is gone. Our server burned down in an OVH datacenter fire! Please don't ask for your gear, we are salty too.
A2: We do not Wipe, or ever intend to have this mechanic in our game. Everything you own is now backed up offsite (burned backups, yum!) autonomously every hour via Phoenix's own homebrew.

Q: Help I have error!
A: Restarting your game(not rejoining) normally works as everything is auto-downloaded. If this issue persists, subscribe to our content here

Q: Help I lost my item!
A: Remember to always lock your items that you do not want to lose. It prevents you from selling, dropping, grinding or otherwise losing them!

Q: Do you have settings for the gamemode?
A: Here you will find how to change settings relating to RaidZ. You may change everything from your HUD size to hiding certain aspects of the HUD.

Q: How can I purchase gold coins?
A: We have several different payment options through our payment processor, ranging from using your card to trading in your Steam items for gold coins. We have an option for everyone.

Q: Where can I make a ticket?
A: Here you can open a ticket about important bugs. Please do not open a ticket for small issues, use our Discord support channel.

Lobby Utilities

There are many utilities available in the lobby which you can use to process one item into another, give you ammo and more!

The Shop. You can buy / sell goods to the Traders here.
The Dust grinder which you can throw weapons into to obtain a certain currency known as dust.
The Fireplace can be used to cook certain items that requires fire to be processed in the crafting/cooking menu.
Add equipment to the Statue's sink until it's full and you get a chance to obtain a higher rarity equipment item!
The Dropchute can be filled with items. When it reaches certain weight limit it will trigger a drop party in the lobby.
The Auctions. Eli can place items up for sale for a price that other players can browse and buy even while you're offline.
The Ammo dispenser. You can get free ammo from these for the gun currently in hand. These can be also found throughout raids.
The Repair-o-matic is used to repair your equipped items using cash. The higher the rarity of an item, the more pricey it is to repair.
The Benches is used to gain more XP while away from keyboard, has a bonus effect while sitting down.