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Upgrades for Phoenix
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RaidZ - Packages

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Unobtainium Sack [RaidZ]

Any* Equippable you choose as Unobtainium!
Unobtainium cannot drop on death!

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2000 Dust (+500 Free) [RaidZ]

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Starter Pack [RaidZ]

Max x3 per account!

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Stat Mutator x5 [RaidZ]

Rerolls all stats on a weapon/item

Hot Deals to help you on your journey

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Unlock All Perks [RaidZ]

Permanent + All Future Perks

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1,000,000 Cash [RaidZ]

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Dusty Sack [RaidZ]

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Repair Booster Pack [RaidZ]

Saving over 50% on *item-shop value

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Fragment Pack [RaidZ]

Ingame Cash Packages tradable and spendable at any ingame shop

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Infinite Moneybag [RaidZ]

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100,000 Cash [RaidZ]

Product Image

250,000 Cash [RaidZ]

Product Image

500,000 Cash [RaidZ]

Item Packages upgrades & events

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Unlock all Blueprints [RaidZ]

Character Upgrade

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Max Bank Weight [RaidZ]


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Player Title & Color [RaidZ]

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Mythical Sack [RaidZ]

Any* Equippable you choose as Mythic!

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Custom Player Model [RaidZ]

Removed after 3 months of inactivity*

*item-shop or any sub-definitions are in-game trader shop, not this store. Any reference to "cash value" means ingame value. We do not real-world trade.
*gameseason means the start of every new season. These happen every 3 months (seasonals). The next season start is indicated on our Discord.