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If an update isn't listed here, Phoenix hasn't changed it! Check discord for discussions!

- Fishing has been updated... cast your rod to find out!
- Gigabreen now only arrives on the lobby (as he has issues elsewhere)
- Void Skull price has been statbalanced (cheaper!)
- Pets will also now sit with you in your sled!
- Items that are worthy now alert across ALL servers!
- Fixed missing visual drop chance rates on legendary+ caches.
- Blackmarket prices have been adjusted and resources are now cheaper!
- Fixed fox egg hatching into fresh air.
- Guild storage no longer stack items with different attributes (and resets them).
- A new setting has been added to turn off the new cool item alerts if you want to :(
- Tyrone the Black Market dealer has decided to start offering more items at once to entice more sales!

- Fixed more small bugs/issues.
- Boxing gloves now show in third person to other players.
- Dr. Hax has found a way to use the workshop and has upgraded himself!
- More FPS bonuses!
- More networking updates! No compression used for <65535 to save clientside FPS unpacking too!
- Fixed cutscenes not playing when in vehicle+preventing leaving chair/vehicle.
- Updated text on interactables like chairs (Sit/XP Bonus now explained)

- Pets will now sit in your lap while you are sat in a chair :)

- Potions have been re-balanced. Regen/Stamina potions nerfed.
- Solo no longer has an enemy de-buff in hellish.

- Solo now reduces boss max health by 20%.
- Updated world-boss/items description to include item drops.
- World boss health is now set for 10 players minimum, instead of being sneaky when nobody is online.
- Flood powerup has been removed :D
- Removed custom taunts as it causes too many issues across different servers/gamemodes.
- Flashlight has returned! You do not need the item to use it!
- Movement speed mod (plastic replica) percentage fixed, it's now an active (hold the weapon to gain the bonus!
- New World Boss intro cutscenes and arena! Woohoo!

- Fixed tierifying quest not progressing if other story quests were active.
- Updated /stuck to work midraid if you are not teleported!
- Lending now has a menu to show you what you've lent/been lent!
- Updated item icons, added blueprint missing onto icon and pixel perfected them.
- An hourglass has been added to lent items, so you know they have been lent.

[**NEW** v3.1] [17/01/22]
- Void items now rainbow in chat.
- Soulbound can now be searched for/prepends linked items in chat
- Updated colors for itemtypes in chat.
- Fixed shotguns/shotgun DPS calculations. (ammotype now registers as buckshot/hacky fix for engine ignoring damage from >8 shot weapons)
- Soulbound items now have a green halo around them.
- Updated/Increased droprates for hellish to entice you to play it more :) these rates increase/appear the higher you go
- Battery charger has been fixed for the poor among us (it checked for $500 when it only needed $100)
- Batteries can now be upgraded!
- Lending mode now in! You can now lend equipment to other players for a time you set!

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