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If an update isn't listed here, it hasn't changed! Check discord for timestamps!

- Fishing can no longer drop advanced gear.
- Potential clientside crash fix on other player spawn.
- More FPS optimisations, caching of GetConVarString etc.
- Loot tiers have been redesigned, Tier 1/2/3 loot are now respective to their keys!
- Fixed errors with cw2.0 (spy_bad_update)
- Wandering merchant no longer stocks currencies.
- Cleaned up item display UI, removed multiple shop prices on items as it was un-necessary clutter, now only shows once.

- Extended mag/Damage attachments have been removed. Those weapons that relied on them now have a higher new base.
- Weapon stats now properly re-calculate when they level up (instead of just on switch)
- Wandering shop now warns you when you attack him, instead of instantly nuking you.
- Modded weapons have suddenly started dropping! These have been modified by an unknown force to increase their Fire Rate!

- Wandering shop merchant now kills you for attacking him and refuses sale.
- All audiocues have been removed from the start of a raid. Play the raid, not quit because it doesnt have a shrine.

- Cleaned up download system, you shouldn't see random stuff in download queue from next restart.
- Updated lighting, not so over-bright now!
- Wandering merchant is no longer interested in buying your items~ he has... other interests.
- Wandering merchant visuals updated!

[NEW 2.0!] [03/05/21]
- Exclusive category items that are craftable have been moved to Boss Sets (as parts are dropped by bosses)
- Uncraftable weaponry has now been moved to the exclusive category
- Snipers now x2 multiply to the head and have been buffed. Shotguns have also been DPS balanced.
- Some weapons may have had their base damage lowered, these are now more accurate to compensate.
- Star shards now properly increase by 5% instead of 2% (visual issue)!
- Certain weapons have had buffs to bring them up to the same spec as the rest! New DPS Limits are over 1300!!!
- Damage and tech stats now increase the weapon's base further!
- Many backend optimisations and FPS cleanups! Drag/drop in menus is now fully supported!
- Advanced keys are now Level 0! Elite is now Lv 20! DPS Limit for Normal is now 700!
- Crafting Level requirements for certain gear has been updated.
- Community server list has been fixed!
- Tech is now removable, the same way you equip it!
- Keys are now refunded even in the event of crash/logoff.
- Wandering shop merchant has landed! Buy items with gem fragments at a lower cost! Find him in raids!

- Updated chatbox locales, now shows what type of chat you are using before you send your message.
- Items found now accurately show their origin in chat.
- Reduced boss hp in multiplayer raids (2.0 upcoming!)
- Increased defib time by 30 seconds. The player's soul must be nearby(spectating the raid) to be resurrected.

- Optimised clientside inventory models to not draw twice
- Fixed issue with icon generation causing fps drop on first load.

- Ammo has been removed from trading menu as it's freely available.

- Hitboxes have been redesigned, you'll notice this one. This is rather CPU hungry so is a work in progress.
- Aessidhe can no longer be damaged during second phase skill.
- Reaper has decided to move to advanced raids+ only. He is a little aggressive when shy.

- Perks now auto-use on purchase and you cannot buy them multiple times if they do not support it.

- Increased shop sell percentage based on statistics (earned money was too low!)
- More crash debug changes, visuals may change while this is being found!

- Daily reward time to claim is now half (15 mins), however AFK time lengthens this by x2 (30 mins)

- Disabled precaching of non-essential models (crash fix?)
- Defaulted items dropped on the floor to class specific models (lowering models loaded)

- FIX: Armor durability exploit exposed in banned ticket.
- FIX: Optimised quests networking to stack instead of spam delivering (on quests like damage numbers)
- FIX: Elite Mythic+Legendary are fixed, now default to dropping equivalent gear+increased rate multipliers until new content is finished.

- FIX: Leaderboards have been re-added without the issue leaderboards. (Levels only!)
- UPG: Website/infrastructure has been heavily reworked, it should be a lot faster now!

- FIX: Leaderboards have been removed due to the negativity they generate.
- FIX: FREE 30 day VIP has been removed due to exploitation, you can still upgrade on our website.
- FIX: Reaper lightball now auto-destroys after 20 seconds as the original developer can't clean-up.
- BAL: Star shards now only drop in legendary+ (Advanced or higher)
- ADD: Privacy setting on profiles are now finished properly. Default PRIVATE. You can change this to expose your bank/inventory/equipment if you wish.

- Infrastructure updates have been finished, all servers are now back online!
- Perks are no longer visually upgradable- they did nothing.

- Raid group requirements for 2,3,4,5,6 player limits now take active raiders into account.
- Chatbox got a re-design/update. Should be snappier/more self-explanatory now!

- Bosses have scaled health in higher raids, but now do less damage to the player to compensate.
- Rollwind (siren skill) antlions are now visibile, so they have a little more health now you know what to shoot at
- Exclusive parts are now easier to find in harder difficulty raids!

- Updated a lot of internal weapon spread values, they should be tighter now.

- HMG's got a slight buff, depending on the weapon.
- Adding to your steam name now gets you double xp (stacks!) while playing!
- Phoenix "claims" higher keys drop better resources. Yes- they do. Visuals added.
- Raid keys now show "Suggested DPS", to show what is harder.
- Bunny ears defense has been reduced.
- Keys now drop at uncommon, instead of common. Fixed boss keys not dropping.
- Elite Legendary+ is now disabled while balance is added.
- Fast zombies / combine shotgunners / multi-element enemies are now more common in higher rarities.

- Killstreaks have been removed. They serve no purpose other than bragging/rubbing it in. Ciao!
- Being Top-Damage in your raid no longer weighs into loot-drops. Now it's balanced within your team.
- UI has been redesigned! Many changes and optimisations to bring you a better experience with menus/HUD!
- Third person now allows you to use ADS properly (CW2.0 overrides)
- Health has been removed. Blood is now Health. Simples. No overcomplication!
- Elements on HUD now flash when they are warning you.
- Weapon stat damage has been increased slightly to compensate for different weapon types.
- Chat now shows raid key and rarity.

- Reload view-bob / view-bob when sprinting has been removed for motion sickness players.
- Updated NPC hitbox system hacks, feedback should be more reactive now.
- Added FOV slider control. Unified all weapons under this in your settings!
- Rewrote weapon internals and visuals. Save some FPS from weapon base!
- Ammo dispenser output has been doubled for upcoming changes~
- Damage balances have started to be added. Most weapons will be boosted to the SAME as everything else.
- Lightball (reaper boss skill) damage has been reduced.
- Scoreboard can now be used to close end raid menus.

- Star shard prices have been balanced to prevent scamming each other with them. Nice.
- Cutscenes are now skippable.
- Banned players can no longer even authorise, let alone take a slot.

- Bunny ears are now categorised as seasonal, and have a passive bonus! Can be worn all year round.
- X2 Easter XP finale now on! This expires Sunday so get it while it's hot!
- More optimisations with higher player counts, make way for more features!
- Hopefully fixed cw visual issues (ghosting weaponry in the air)
- Cutscenes are now available! More will be added as this system is developed further!

- Increased drop-rates further for easter gear/event (expires 11th!). We do want you to have them!!

- Star shards and other super-rare items no longer drop in raids below epic. No forcing because it's easy.

- Reaper blue AOE damage reduced by 25%
- Enemy routines slowed slightly, as it's OP to be spammed.
- Grenades can no longer be recycled
- Eggs now rain from the sky in the safezone during easter!
- Fixed "crow" sound being heard randomly.

- Solo gameplay has been removed from server #2.
- Scoreboard has been updated to show raid info + organised for higher player counts.
- AFK players above 31 (at max capacity) are disconnected at random to open an extra slot. This will likely be tweaked further to not impede gameplay.
- Easter uniques have landed! Get gear you can't find any other time of year this week only!!

- Guilds have been updated, networking only applies when it needs to. Multi-server guild support now finished.
- You can no longer recycle/throw/drop/craft/lose tutorial items. If you still manage, congrats, enjoy your softlock, don't ask an admin.
- Shopkeeper now no longer interacts with you if you haven't finished the tutorial.
- More easter content pre-load!

- Shotgun DPS has been re-balanced.
- Our guide is moving to our website. Steam has let us down too many times.
- Quickbank menu updated to show while sending request to join raid.

[1.9] [31/03/21]
- Grenade damage to shield -50%.
- Dash cost has been reduced to 15 stamina from 25.
- Fixed NPCs not aggroing properly and zombies being very squishy.
- Spectate system updated, you can now spectate each raid from their door.
- Havan has been boosted by 5k health per player.
- Fixed restriction on sewer door only preventing repeat runs.
- New element icons, updated UI and streamlined slow clientside logic. FPS+!
- Fixed bullet tracer issue in first person.
- Solo difficulty has been reduced, enemy count is now lower.
- Key progression is now easier, mythic now guarantee's the key for the next tier. Elite mythic always drops Mythic weaponry, unlike lower key tiers!

- Difficulty of enemy (based on level) has been heavily changed. Lower tier raid enemies are now easier!
- Gun rarity damage has been increased to 10% from 5%!
- Boss health has been increased in higher difficulty raids.
- Tech slot is now visible on equipment, so you don't need to remember what is in each slot.
- Upgrade cost for weapons has been increased!

- New element icons! Resized and redesigned ui to fit. @Eagle
- Updated loadingscreen, boss models now pre-cache on join!
- Pre-loaded easter content.
- Bullet tracers have returned!
- Locked items can be banked again, crap suggestion as you now accidentally forget to lock them again, defeating the purpose.
- Account Locked items have been renamed to Soulbound items.

- Quickbank menu has been added to raid doors, to streamline entry requirements (max potion limit etc)
- Stattrax have been added. You can find these and attach them to your weapon to log statistics!

- x4 XP/Dropchance event has started as our new Trailer is live! See our homepage/discord for more info!
- Locked items can no longer be banked/auto-banked.

- Higher rarity bosses now have extra health.
- DPM has been updated to DPS, including the math.
- Elite has been made harder slightly, as it was pretty easy with the new armor.
- AA12 has been balanced to the same range as other weapons.
- New Raid UI, shows players + loot bonuses!
- Raids can now have bonuses for constant failure! The hardest raids will setup bonuses to win them!

- Fixed rare crash issue with fishing rods.

- Higher rarity raids now have higher key dropchances for the next tier difficulty. (Advanced+)
- Normal, Advanced and Elite raids now drop their own exclusive upgrade materials
- Advanced/Elite raid keys are now cheaper to upgrade (as they have their own exclusive materials now)
- A few more boss re-balances, damage/skill orientation!
- NPC pathing has been updated to be more pushy when your armor is low :)
- Keys and key-types were renamed to be more organised with multiple different types.
- XP gains are now higher in higher-rarity / difficulty raids! XP gains are penalised heavily in solo.

- New armor has landed! These can be found in advanced+ raids! Their shields are limited in normal raids, but are not restricted in harder raids!
- Complete damage overhaul for enemies as shields required balances! This is still to be tweaked further!!

- Armor has been redesigned! It's now a shield that recharges! Armor only takes condition when the shield is broken. Higher rarity = Better shield and base armor!
- Damage indicator has been added for shields.
- Many damage balances have been re-done. This should make things more regular in future (no random x2/3 damage shit)
- FPS optimisations on entities in the safezone.
- Mining nodes farmed are now shared to team.
- XP is now shared across entire raid group. Top damage is counted.
- Rendering hacks are now in place. Health bars should no longer be invisible against certain backdrops. 
- Shield is now shown above friendly team-mates heads, like health!

[1.8] [20/03/21]
- Prestiged weapons have been reset due to exploitation. These now require STAR SHARDS to upgrade and you can ONLY get those in advanced+ raids. Higher rarity, higher chance.
- Level maximum for weaponry has been re-balanced to 30 from 40, making the time to prestige less.
- Visuals have been updated on Starred weapons to show their stat increases. These are ALWAYS worth upgrading.
- Solo raids now spawn the same amount of enemies as 2player+
- BIG LOOT has been renamed to PARTY LOOT and is only active 100% in 2+ player mode.
- Solo raids have had their drop rate DECREASED. Play together.
- Droprate has been increased in advanced/elite raids.
- Starred weapon visuals have been updated so you ask less questions about them.
- Advanced/Elite raid bosses now have chances to drop higher tier weaponry/items. You cannot get these in lower raids.
- Armor no longer allows you to take any health damage. Certain enemies have been re-balanced to do less armor damage.
- NPC AI has been redesigned and they should now play more uniquely based on the situation.
- Entering Raids with repair kits is now limited to 1 (any rarity/repair kit type)
- Multicore rendering is now disabled by default, you can turn this on manually on the join screen.

- Decals are now limited to 1, as this engine likes to fuck up blood decals on high poly models.
- Sewing kits are no longer farmable / recyclable (exploit, +1 banned)
- Shop prices for items has been nerfed, they are now worth 50% of their last value to trader shops.
- Global item value has been reduced by 25% to prevent money generation.
- Crossbow has been rewritten. Big damage+reload boost for single shot weapon.
- Practice arena now shows damage amounts, additive and resets after 2 seconds.

- Fixed networking events for entities that do not need them. (BIG networking/lag save)
- Repair kits can no longer be recycled for resources.
- Repairing items no longer increases their value, they are worth what they are worth.

- Gold ring exploit has been patched. They no longer give ANY additional damage, they now increase your luck/loot chance only.
- Basic optimisation and bug fixes (again)
- Loot bonuses now in effect for larger groups. More players = more multipliers! Visuals will be added soon!
- Solo is now the same difficulty as 2 player, so has no loss bringing an extra with you.
- Common raids are no longer 1/2 difficulty, as they used to be free.
- Level caps have been lowered slightly for wave enemies.
- You can no longer kill other players with burn damage.
- Tutorial has been updated. Iron armor recipe has been changed to no longer require copper. Copper armor has been removed.

- Friendly raiders are now GREEN on their health bar, enemies are RED.
- Combat/Gun XP has been increased by 50% (at least).
- Quests now auto-delete on failure/death before wave 6 (First boss).
- Cosmetic items should no longer be randomly floating, thank garry's mod for unparenting randomly.
- Invisible bosses no longer take damage while they are doing their skills.
- Some bosses now do less damage. Some bosses now do more. Don't get hit!
- Raid max limit is increased to 8, from 6. Groups are increased to this limit.
- HMG/LMGs have been balanced, they all have the same clipsize, and negligible damage differences.
- Saiga and other high-rate-of-fire shotguns have been re-balanced to acceptable damage margins.
- /sz and /lobby have been removed due to quick-quitting to abuse farming quests. Finish your raids or lose your quests.
- Certain weapons have been nerfed within acceptable Damage-Per-Magazine limits. Looking at the LMG/HMGs.
- Due to constant repetitive questions, repair-kits can no longer be used in a stack. (APRIL FOOLS)

- Guild minimum is now 6, maximum is now 12, adds 1 guild member every 5 levels.
- Dev server is now setup again.
- IKEA has been retired, more balances coming soon to other raids!
- Practice area has appeared in the fishing area! You can now use your guns and test them in there!

- Fishing area is now a zone, you cannot equip a fishing rod outside of this area.
- Networking changes to help users on limited bandwidth not rubberband.
- Weapons no longer show to spectators as this is very resource hungry with many players online.

- BETA3 Has launched! Sorry for your losses, an event has started designed to get you back up to scratch!

- On this eventful day, our server burned in a fire at OVH's datacenter. It was then rebuilt quickly.

- GUILDS HAVE LANDED! Starts at 4 players, max level 30 with 16 people! 
- Shotguns and Snipers now have a larger exponential base for growth as you level them up. (They get A LOT BETTER)
- Weapon/item max level is now 40.

- Max levelling a weapon now allows you to upgrade it to the next star (FREE for now).

- Having too many items in your inventory will no longer overflow and make them not visible. (looking at you Flevken)
- /r now autoreplies to last PM. /block and /unblock can be used to control the peace.
- Epic+ keys now guarantee key-shards on every boss kill.

- Keys are now refunded differently to prevent item loss (downgrade on timer expiring)
-- You'll now get these back when you start the raid instead, or it times out.
- Raid HUD updated and now shows pre-raid time on UI.
- Raid entry healing item restriction now increased to 10 and includes potions.
- Potions are now quicker to use, but now also take different time depending on their size.
- Shop restock timer has been fixed on joining.
- Advanced entry is now level 20, Elite is now 40, good luck!
- Scrolling has been added to the shop for lower resolutions.

- Movement debuffs have been removed from weaponry.
- Armor now requires Gem Fragments to upgrade, instead of x3 of the same rarity.
- VIP XP is now calculated properly.
- 10% of non-survival xp is now added to survival xp
- Dash has been moved to directional key + spacebar (+jump)
- Keys no longer drop from common raids. (at all, period)
- Key materials are now a lot rarer in lower rarity raids as you don't need many to upgrade.
- Common FREE raids are no longer (unless you have a common key). As keys are not consumed.
- Advanced now requires lv30+ to enter and Elite now requires lv60+ to enter as you are not powerful/experienced enough.
- Group XP bonus has been removed. Stop you AFKing while your friends do all the work.
- Survival XP is now gained upon winning/beating bosses (on top of combat)
- Player Auction sale-mode has been removed due to exploitation. It may return in the future.
- Missions can no longer fail/delete if you die while they are marked as finished/done.

- 1star and 2star weapons will now announce in chat when found!
- Networking has been updated. Scoreboard now shows other players stats!
- Damage buffs are now in effect for star weaponry, some weapons have been balanced!
- Shotguns and Snipers have had a long overdue buff!
- Reaper max health down 1000 and removed shield ability.
- Personal banks are now available somehow....
- Identical gear can no longer be equipped (Accessory loss prevention)

- Keys are no longer lost on death, instead they are no longer spent, and downgraded if a higher key is used than epic.

[NEW 1.6] [27/02/21]
- Droprates for 2star/1star items will be balanced over the next few days.
- Elite and Advanced raids now drop 2star/1star gear, better than gear that proceeds it!
- Raidkeys now require Key Shards to upgrade, instead of Gem Fragments
- Raidkeys are now 100% refunded on first boss kill and bosses drop materials to upgrade your key with. These are downgraded to epic if higher.
- Elite / Advanced raids have had their difficulty increased for waves, no boss changes.
-- Star gear has arrived! All star items are better than any previous! These have visuals that you won't notice until you pick them up!
- Caves have been modified again, it may fix the raid ending in solo.
- Shop keeper now responds that he cannot afford it if you try to sell rediculously expensive items.

- Some Boss attacks have been moved to within 1/3rd or 2/3rds max health, so they don't spam them.
- Name tags can now be used to rename any item, but stacking will reset it
- Sickness can now spread, and bandana's have returned to prevent this
- Glitch name is now available on weapons with higher than 11 in any stat
- Weapons with higher maximum stat caps are now possible to find in higher tier raids.
- Advanced and Elite raid difficulty has been tweaked.

- Prices of certain items no longer value for more than the currencies used to upgrade them. Some of these items will have increased in price!
- Dash IFrame should now be easier to use as it has been extended slightly.

- Admin drop-parties of rare items will no longer happen and have been removed from inventories- earn the right to brag.
- Shop rarities no longer invalidates the rarity (or appearance) of items that are super-hard to find.
- NPC amounts/health has been rebalanced for new raids + new advanced key types!
- Fixed double boss spawn issue.
- All map updates are now moved to dev server ONLY.
- Boss doors now spawn bosses after 13 seconds. On the 10th second you are teleported in, as a group, play fair!
- Fixed more out of sequence issues with raids
- Trader Shops now restrict purchase from multiple servers.
- Advanced / Elite keys are now available for harder/better loot raids!
- Bosses have been balanced and no longer do as much damage on normal raids, advanced is now normal, and elite does more damage.

- Repair items now auto-delete when broken with a notification.
- Updated lighting, disable shadows or set to low for best visuals.

- Mythic+ can no longer be sold to the shop due to abuse/generating money.
- Dust, Gem Fragments etc can no longer be sold to the NEW shop to duplicate money.
- Trader amounts have been modified. You get less money per sale to the Traders.
- Fixed issue with caves resetting raid rarely.
- Temple is now open! New Raid!
- Stamina potions have landed! Glug!
- Stamina bar now updates a lot faster.
- Shop now sells more uncommon items than junk.
- Base level raids are now easier with less players.
- Modified player rates to network less when more players are online.

- Shop has been completely rewritten! Rotates 15 items, bundles, specials and more every 30 minutes! You can only buy one of each for a fair economy!
- Stacking in inventory no longer cares about who owned the item previously, it will now stack and become yours if a duplicate is found. (Excluding weapons)
- Balanced economy prices for certain items, they are now an accurate price to their creation requirements.
- Berries and potions are now a lot cheaper.
- Custom player model gear now scales (if first setup is completed by me)
- Gem fragments are now valued properly.
- Fixed visual issues with stats not being the same once picked up.
- Gem grinding is now right-click only to prevent futher accidents.

- Minigun reload-speed has been fixed.
- Equipping multiple Accessories visual issues have now been fixed.
- Drop-rates up for super-rare items- meaning they are now more common.
- Super-rare items can no longer be recycled, on purpose or by accident.

[1.5] [17/02/21]
- Shop no longer sells repair kits, weapon parts etc as they have been abuse-camped. CYA.
- Repair-o-matic has been made more obvious and placed elsewhere.
- Recycling Unusual hats now gives Unusual parts! 3 parts to make a Unusual Modifier!
- Unusual Modifiers have landed! These apply their unusual effect to other items!
- Shop no longer sells ANY items (other than a set few) that haven't been sold to him. No more abusive economy.
- Party Hats have landed in many different colors! Be the runescape-rich guy you wanted to be!
- Repairing items now selects the repair-kit by it's rarity requirement, instead of the first one it finds and telling you to upgrade it.
- Gems now require Gem Fragments to upgrade, instead of duplicates of themselves!
Dashing now has an IFrame and is a more effective way of avoiding damage from repetitive attacks! 25(from 20) Stamina for an I(nvulnerability)Frame.
- Repair-o-matic no longer has RNG pricing (min/max) it now has a set cost.
- Dashing has now got a UI element.

- Infrastructure rewrite! Our entire backend has been invested into and upgraded heavily!
- Items can no longer be broken by shooting them.

- Facial flex scales no longer change on respawn, you can change them manually.
- Spectators can no longer talk to players in a raid.
- Repair-O-Matic has landed! Press E to repair your equipped gear for $$$!
- Repair kits must now be within 5 rarities of the item that is being repaired!
- Shop now shows relevant prices, more updates to this coming soon!
- AFKing in a raid will now kick you back to safezone!
- AEK has been fixed.

- Stamina cost has been reduced to 20 for dashing!
- Jumping has been removed entirely this time, to prevent people from climbing into inaccessible areas.
- Stamina now no longer instantly starts recharging when used!
- Tightened double-press to 0.2 seconds from 0.3 to prevent accidental dashes.
- Increased certain boss damage > players in armor
- Boss health now increases in groups, removed damage-reduction.

- Jumping inside raids is no longer required. A dash/dodge mechanic has been added in place. Double press a direction!
- Fixed issues with movement-speed resetting values on death.
- Speed potions nerfed from 25% to 10% movement bonus (on top of your gear).
- Deploy/Holster time has been re-added due to hot-swapping abuse for instant-reload etc.
- Stacking potions and getting potion sickness now kills you if you over-do it.
- Fixed raid loot menu appearing on death (while spectating). You can use the button next to spawn to display it at any time.
- Account value is now calculated based on currencies (money, dust, fragments)
- Endless mode enemies now scale much more aggressively as you progress to higher levels.
- Caves now extend your raid timer by 2 minutes when entered, and kick you out and close when times up.

- Player shops now save&load across restarts/disconnects (if your shop is open)
- Ammo is no longer available in player shops!
- Gold and Diamond nodes are now easier to find!
- Items/Players are now carryable with your hands.
- Tranquiliser has been renamed to Nerf gun and no longer spawns as commonly <3

- Fixed issues with website not displaying certain items.
- Discord bot now auto-auths you if it missed you before.
- Discord activity is now managed by our website. Viewing our site also increases your activity.
- The AEK remains broken. I can see how many times you check this update log for it.
- Active role now lasts for 7 days before being auto-stripped, regardless of "staying offline to get free rewards". We now punish for attempted bypasses.

- Boss sets are now repairable.

- Worship altar now also drops hats. With high chance to be unusual / attributed.
- Unusual Effects have landed! Find your favourite shiny hat now!
- Tickrate increased from 22 -> 33 and all networking rates increased.
- Hats now require dust to upgrade instead of combinations
- Nerfed AEK to be in line with other weapons. It is now intentionally broken until i can be bothered to fix it.

[24/01/21] 1.4
- Boss Sets have landed! Each boss has their own boss-set! See discord for each set bonus!
- Body armor break godmode extended to two seconds from one.
- Statue worship cost reduced by 10%.
- Added startup ascii art and locked certain convars. You don't need to fuck with your console and fakelag yourself.
- Repair kits now also require copper.
- Pickaxes no longer give better quality materials every time. Now they are worse and you are expected to repair your tools.
- The amount of iron mined from nodes has been reduced due to repetitive abuse farming.
- Authing on the site is now fluid single step process.
- Recycling now gives way less XP and Crafting gives more. Cooking potions now also gains XP.
- Upgrading no longer gives XP due to abuse.
- Rates are now locked and control is taken away from your client.

[23/01/21] 1.3
- Fixed error spam with certain actions in crafting UI.
- Fixed respawn issue when spamming right click when dead.
- You can now deposit directly into the statue to prevent theft of items if you miss.
- Fixed aimvector velocity when throwing objects.
- Basic optimisations and delay added to repetitive menu functionality (if you spam, you no longer lag)
- Lootbox shop has been removed. A better alternative will be available in the future.
- Increased NPC difficulty globally by 5% (HP+Dmg up)

- Added Secondary Accessory slot! You can equip two.
- Rings have been added that give buffs. Upgrade them for better buffs!
- Ammo dispenser amount has been increased for VIPs

- Fixed weapon stats sometimes de-linking when you did dumb stuff.
- Weapon level has been nerfed, no longer gives damage. Instead gives a lot of mobility/handling.
- Repairkits are now for sale in the shop, and they drop very rarely in the raids!
- Streaker quest updated, 50-40 and it now rewards a stat mutator.
- Fixed micro-lag when raids are running. Zone loot no longer saves over restart, this table gets very big.
- Mining nodes, ores and pickaxes have been added to Raids! Diggy diggy hole!
- Diamond/Gold are now currencies and can be traded out for the same value.
- Current Elemental Attribute is now shown on HUD.
- The Combine have gotten angry and called the elite!
- Higher rarity potions now last longer!

- Fixed particles appearing infront of you when a player dies.
- Fixed endless raid breaking on lv35+
- Rewrote weapon recoil/spread. It's also no longer predicted and will be changed further when i have time :)
- Alternate recipes have landed! Swap wood for plastic with certain recipes!

- Fixed useless items linking in chat.
- Only the Raid owner (who spent the key) can now start or progress the raid. Learn to ask instead of spamming E guys.
- Reload speed tech has landed!
- You can now grind gems into fragments.
- Gem Fragments are now used to upgrade Raid Keys (a lot cheaper than dust!)
- Tech now requires gems to craft (instead of circuitboards), and recycling may give you a gem.

- Fixed daily rewards not being accessible since last nights changes.
- Raid loot saving no longer causes lag when zone closes.
- Fixed error in right click UI if you close your menu too fast.
- Backend improvements/FPS improvements across the board.
- Fixed perk shop complaining about non-vip when vip shop was used prior.
- Gun levels have landed! Progress with your weapon to gain extra damage/handling!
- Reload speed tech has been added! Find it first to own the monopoly!
- Zone loot saving now doesn't cause lag on raid end.
- Fixed errors in right click menu when closing UI.
- Dust costs for upgrading past mythic have been lowered by nearly 50%!
- Blueprinting new items no longer costs the resources
- "Super Rare" items like the minigun now auto-link to chat, regardless of rarity.

- Fixed issue with stacking reverting rarity after upgrading past unobtainium.
- Items now auto-link to chat when obtained if they are rare.
- Gathering XP has now been increased. Get gathering xp by collecting items.
- Invincibility frame was added when your armor breaks
- Raids are now 2man, 3man, 4man requirements at 12, 20, 32 player counts! Play together!
- Anyone can now enter a raid that has no group. Up to 6 max!

- Removed all death-animations and replaced with death particles, so boss attacks get removed instantly on death.
- Fixed spider queen having no collisions therefore being invincible at some points.
- Chests and Cave areas have been added to the dungeons! Get exploring to find out more!
- Repair base is now 1000 instead of 850, armor will now last longer!
- Rebalanced damage to non-armor from bosses.
- Small potions now have x3 drop-rate.
- Lower rarity key bosses now have scaled defense, easier on earlier levels.
- Enemies can now only do maximum 50% health damage, no more instant-kill one-shots~
- Fixed some bosses logic breaking in certain situations.
- Bosses now have a single attribute, and rng rolls for more.
- Speed potions no longer give jump power

- DPS is now renamed to DPM (Damage per Magazine)
- DPS is now shown individually when you change weaponry. Includes attachments.
- Arcana now has 18k health instead of 20k
- Rescaled weapon damage to be multiplicative on rarity upgrade, instead of additive; MOAR DAMAGE!
- Shoes now drop loot from breen's altar.
- Enemies are now godmoded for the first few frames of existance as the engine requires a frame or so to setup.
- Updated gmod steamclient, we can now connect to workshop again.
- Fixed issues with unfinishable/sequence broken raids.
- Fixed being unable to move when you join the server at points.
- Bank/Inventory is now accessible on our website.
- Right click menu now stays on screen, if resolution is too small.
- Bosses like reaper etc can no longer damage you while they have 0 health.
- Bosses like reaper etc can no longer range attack you prior to entering the arena.
- Weapons now drop with proper attributes. Some still drop without.
- All boss attributes are now set, considering randomising for difficulty later.

- Gem fragments can be Fused from your inventory at any time. Makes a random gem.
- Gem fragments are now dropped from most enemies, droprate increases with higher level raids.
- Gems drop from the raids, can be found at higher rarities and can be combined to upgrade them!
- Gems have landed! These fella's hold the power of elements and can apply it to your weapon!

- Ammo is now hidden in inventory etc as it is free
- Berries are now classed as healing items
- Deployables like the campfire / stove have been removed. You can ignite items like wood to cook on instead if required.
- Leaning has been removed as it caused players to lag. 2kb each time you lean was too much.
- Ammo drops have been removed entirely, they should no longer drop from bosses.
- Weapon attributes have landed! Certain enemies have elements that are stronger/weaker against specific attributes! Lightning > Water etc. 
Water, Fire, Magic, Lightning, Nature, Holy, Chaos, Poison
- Attribute strengh -25% damage, attribute weakness +25% damage
- Enemies can now have random extra attributes that buff both their health and loot drops.
- Attributes are now shown as a visual on both the weapon you have, and the enemy you are facing.

- Solo gameplay is not as rewarding as group gameplay. Everything is fair.
- Groups now gain 10-20% XP bonus from their team-mates. Up to 6 man!
- Recycling no longer gives ANY xp, upgrading/crafting now give crafting XP x2
- Items can now be linked to chat in their right click menu.
- Dialogues can now be multi-line, and are now streamlined to be easily closed.
- Raid cooldown has been added, so everyone has a fair chance! Group up if you're missing out!
- You can now recycle by hand without having to drop your repair kits. Check your UI!
- Cook books have returned, in the new form of Alchemy books! These will get you recipes for potions- if you can't find them!
- Potions have been revamped completely! They are now timed boosters, with larger potions being craftable. Many new types of potions have landed!
- Removed skills that have no purpose and were leftovers from DayZ.
- A mysterious statue has appeared in the lobby and promises to be a good "benefactor"!

- Raidloot menu button added to lobby, incase you close it or misclick. Still shows on rejoin, however this streamlines that.
- Cosmetics and VIP purchases are now transferrable from dayz! Make sure they are in your bank first.
- New dailies have arrived, check your login bonuses!
- Fixed errors in clientside inventory ui.
- Added Dropbox to lobby. You can now host drop parties!
- Fixed errors with UI with items that no longer exist.
- Common items can now be again upgraded! WOOHOO!
- Optimised a lot of serverside functionality. Expect some FPS boosts soon!
- Berry perish time increased to 20 minutes, instead of 5.
- BETA2 has begun! Item transferring will be available soon.

- Raid loot / Raid key menu is now available/auto-refunded over crashes/restarts. 
- Menu now resizes based on your resolution. Potato has small menu, Widescreen should now be 1080p
- Raid keys, repair kits and sewing kits are now classed as Currency. Should be easier to find too!
- Key is now choosable on raid-entry with UI.
- Dust price for keys is now scaled on rarity, cheaper at lower key rarity!
- Safezone has been redesigned!
- Leaning is in, bind keys to +alt1 and +alt2

- Hats can now be recycled into dust 
- Decreased break chance on base recycles without repair-kits, however those grinding with this method for dust, now have an alternative;
- Epic+ raids are now always uncommon+
- Boss drops are now always uncommon+
- Common items can no longer be upgraded with x3 (if they do not need dust)
- Health station has been nerfed to be 50% of it's current fill rate.
- Updated wearables, fixed invisible glitching while in thirdperson.
- /sz is now /lobby or /exit
- Updated locales, Safezone is now renamed to Lobby.
- Common items are now less common (lol) in higher raids.
- Quests now auto-start their next chain if there is one. Should streamline tutorial etc.
- More potions have been added. More coming soon!
- Tech Slot 3 is now restricted to Unobtainium or higher weaponry.
- Quests can now be cancelled properly
- Season 1 has now started! Claim 50-500k by logging in!
- Possibly fixed sounds playing in the wrong areas.
- Added lag prediction to melee
- Challenge Missions have landed! These change every 30 minutes!
- Added Killstreak sound settings to F4
- Fixed spider miniboss spawning instead of spider queen
- Fixed thirdperson tracers being visible in firstperson.
- Wave npc spawn limit is now increased with more players.
- Spider is now fightable in the dungeons.
- Grenades now drop in the dungeons.
- Damage Player > Player is now disabled entirely.
- Ammo dispenser no longer has a cooldown.

- Double XP / Loot now on til after Christmas!

- Helmets now should be effective in raids.
- Food / Drink no longer drop in raids. It had no purpose. Instead you now get money directly, saving you selling it anyway!
- Melee has been buffed. It's now effective, if you can dodge.
- Raid end log now available. Sexy statistics!
- Base weight increased from 200-300 for newer players that do not have backpacks yet.
- Characters now auto-load if they are alive.
- Items can now be locked/unlocked so you do not lose them (cannot be sold, dropped or lost).
- New Right click menu! Lookin sexy!
- Thirdperson can now be used in raids (F2)
- Effects added to teleporting in/out of raids.
- Raid area's now have proper names! Check out the new Secret Lab Raid!
- Raid Doors now refund keys if you don't activate the raid.
- Enemies killed no longer give goodwill.
- Armor now acts like additional health, negating majority damage unless you are shot in the head. Keep it repaired!
- Raids now have different enemies (or in different orders). Unique enemies are planned, but will be RNG based on your run.
- A new raid has arrived... check it out!
- Killstreaks have landed! Blast those enemies and raise your score!
- Fixed another bunch of bugs that prevented progression during a raid.


- Lootboxes are now given to new players, and a constant popup about the tutorial that won't be ignored :')
- Zone door time is down from 5 minutes to 2 minutes, so "accidental" openings don't delay gameplay.
- Repairing items is now cheaper and body armor can now always be repaired, regardless of it's damage.
- Updated Tutorial mission line. Now automatically given to new players with a prompt to learn how to play/get required gear.
- Dust now drops in the raids again, after previous fixed issues with physics.
- Health bar is now visible above allies while in a raid.
- Berries 
can now be found/crafted. More potions/boosts coming soon!
- Added NPC dialogues. Bosses and other NPCs will now talk to you during your travels!
- Fixed a plethora of bugs that prevented raids from starting.
- Armor has been rebalanced. Bosses will now hurt your armor, but your health will be fine.
- Bosses have been fixed so they no longer deal 0.1L of damage to unarmored opponents.
- Enemies now have a health bar that shows through walls!

- Weapon stat names have been added!
- Item UI has been completely revamped, check it out!

- Shop restock timer has been reduced to 10 minutes (from 20)
- Stat mutators are now available to buy in the shop.
- Perks have been updated. DayZ perks have been removed, RaidZ perks are being developed.
- Siren rollwind attack is now avoidable.
- Battery charger has been added to safezone. Costs $500 to fill empty batteries.
- Items left behind are limited to 1 pickup per wave (a stack is still a single item)
- "Heroes never die", all items are now autocollected for you to pick through when you finish raid (if you didn't pick them up live) due to weight constraints.
- Raids 3/4 are fixed (yet still unfinished second floors)
- Health machine was removed from Arena.
- DPS, Melee and Armor stats have landed! Now you'll always know what's better than your gear!
- Raid 3/4 are now closed until they are finished as you guys are too dumb to realise they were unfinished with half a raid.
- Combine now have bad aim (as opposed to being headshot machines)
- Loot drops have been rebalanced to drop more useful items like medicals/potions
- Balanced some boss damages to player. There are more changes to come. Armor shouldn't ouch so much when the siren screams.
- HUD visuals updated for waves, now shows keytype used, rarity and more!
- Rewrote networking for spectating/HUD. Now supports realtime updates!
- Bosses now drop their Keytype and endless keys instead of generic keys.
- Challenge Keys/Boss keys have been added! Fight your favourite boss, or harder endless mode!

- Loot is now randomly distributed to team, instead of top damage. This excludes bosses, which drop items for everyone.
- Health chargers have been added before each boss arena. You'll need them!
- Added new category "Account Boosts" which are booster-items that you can use across any of our servers.
- Dust and other Currencies now have a rarity.
- Stat mutators are now Epic, you cannot upgrade them. They now have a 1/200 chance to proc and max your weapon.
- Increased movementspeed for new larger bosses, have fun dodging!
- 9 New Bosses have landed! These will be balanced soon, they're currently in testing and may be buggy!
- "Reroll Stats" no longer uses money. It now uses Stat Mutators, which have a higher chance to give you what you want, without spending all your money on RNG.

- Players now nocollide in safezone.
- RaidZ now launched! XPx2 and Lootx2 until Sunday!
- /stuck has been added. Type this to go back to the start of the area. /sz will take you to safezone.
- Items now freeze after a few seconds to prevent physics collision spam.
- Weight max increased from 400 (dayz max) to 800 (new raidz max)
- Added win screen. Plays sound effects too!
- RaidZ keys can now be upgraded using dust. Higher rarity keys makes raids difficult but gives more rare loot.
- Added daily missions and tutorials.
- Increased amount of clips you get each time you press E on ammo dispenser.
- Raids no longer need a key to enter the first rarity (common), you can now buy uncommons in the shop for 496$ each.
- You no longer need to wait to equip items.
- Equipped items are no longer unequipped on death.
- Item quality is no longer lost on death.
- Items you enter raids with are no longer lost on death.
Items that are rare to find now hype in chat
- Fixed boss sounds playing in safezone, they are now zone specific
- Clips are no longer emptied across teleports
- Scoreboard now shows what each player is doing
- Ammo no longer drops as it is freely available.
- Spectating has been added, and now works properly.
- 1 HP no longer kills you by bleed out.