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- All of our updates are now listed on discord as they happen, i'll write a system to automatically update them here soon too!
- For now, see our latest changes on our discord @!

- Trading system now has a 5 minute cooldown per success/per person and 14 items per trade maximum.
- 20% less damage from combine shotgunners. (Excluding hellish)
- Fixed damage scaling for generic (broken) player hitboxes.
- Increased survival XP per min/AFK XP bonus.
- Updated trading menu visuals!
- More HUD FPS optimisations!
- Optimise networking, derender on PVS exit.
- Optimise teleporter drawing (FPS).
- Fixed site permissions preventing you from seeing your own inventory.

- Updated daily login time from 15m to 10m (chad get 5m / 1m)

- Supporter time bonus applies to sacks too (time to open)
- Fixed hawaii quest not completing
- Velocity inverse on hit in propdash/Remove coolingtank from propdash/Fixed bullrush, no longer sends you flying (newtons law)
- Change vip text on vip shop to chads.

v1.1 [24/03/22]
- Mining/Chopping now takes 3s in the lobby.
- Lobby resource nodes timer reduced to 45s/30s per ore/tree
- Mining ores now defaults to iron ore, with a 25% chance of copper.
- Updated hotbar, faster logic to detect changes/Item equip now waits for previous item unequip.
- Updated mining nodes in lobby to require pickaxe, not in hand, only equipped!
- Grinding food will now sometimes give Fiber (25%) & >100 quality/not spoiled food gives 75% fiber chance.
- Alyx now shows quest change timer / reduced quests change to 20m
- 7 new crafting quests to pick from!
- Item alerts now only show mythic+ or special so they don't spam in chat
- Update stattrax rarity/category, they're now epic and in the upgrades category.
- Boss Quests now reward the relevant boss key. These no longer drop from boss kill (Endless still drops)

- Boss Quests + More Quests to select from!
- Increased shop money pool by extra 5k every restock.
- Forced CTRL to unstuck if stuck in something small!
- NEW: Crafting Quest Type!
- Added support for quests to take multiple items if they are not stacked.
- Quests are now marked with Deliver if they take items from you to complete!
- Empty batteries can now also be made out of iron!
- Updated medkit to state it requires 3 hands to use/Mention self-regeneration on medic skill.

- Propdash lowered superspeed rarity/rarer rocketman.
- Add weightlimit to starter quest description
- Added backpack description to backpack tutorial quest reward.
- Updated Status Effects. Added 70% weight warning!
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