Equips and shields

You will find several items in the server that can be equipped.     
Skins, Hats, Pants, Shoes, and Rings can provide bonus defence to your characters total armour value.     
Backpacks can increase the amount of weight you may carry around so you can carry more loot.

Your Body Armour, ranging from Iron to Kraken, Projects a shield around you letting you tank even more damage.  

Weapons and kits

Your primary, secondary, & melee slots let you kill things... Duh. 
Ranging from Pistols, Pocket Shotguns and SMG's to LMG's and Rifles, there's a vast variety to pick from for all your killing needs.
Your tertiary slot is used for grenades, the medkit, the shield kit, a pickaxe, or a fishing rod letting you interact with the world and players around you.     

You can also obtain Pets. These little fellas provide you with buffs and bonuses that let you push the limits of what you can do, so don't forget to equip one and feed it.   

Limited Cosmetics

This slot is used for Rare and Flashy Items such as Boss Pets, Smaller portable versions of their larger tyrannical counter parts for display and
Seasonal Pets from the holidays festivities such as the Snowman  

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