The Combine

 These bad boys are the most Advanced Enemy type you will face in your ventures into the Infested Zones of RaidZ.
 Able to bear any Attribute they are good at being a jack of all trades and often stay in sterilization Teams, with their main weakness being the head.

Combine Soldier

These bastards are Equipped with an AR2 and MK3A2 Grenades.
They will prefer long to mid range engagements, attempting to gun you down from a distance while using the grenade to force you out of cover or use your stamina.
Be cautious of their grenades when dealing with them and aim for the head


Combine Shotgunner

The Deadly Shotgunners are Equipped with a Modified Spas -12  Shotgun and MK3A2 Grenades.
As you will find out they will attempt to charge the player, preferring to get as close and they can to you before shooting for devastating effect if your aren't careful and able to keep your distances.
Try to keep these units at long range, making sure to be wary of Grenades as they have a tendency to make it rain them.
Focus on these units first, as they will deal the most damage in the shortest time.


Combine Elite

Combine Elites are seasoned units that will use more tactics in order to gain the advantage.
Sporting an AR2, lots of MK3A2 Grenades, a heavier full white armour and better tactical understanding of combat, these units would normally move to cover before shooting to push the fight into their favour.
Be more aware of your surroundings as they will commonly be found behind cover, using walls to block lines of sight  to then bounce grenades off your head.
These units were previously known to use the alt-fire mode of the AR2, they seem to have forgotten how- for now anyways.


Combine Metrocop

Your Grade C Beat cop, these units are rationed either a Stun-baton, USP Match Pistol or the MP7 and have significantly less armour but are many in number.
Previously tasked with patrolling the streets, now on security while the Citadel is stuck in a time loop- they are found only in the bowel of the large structure. 
These units can be dealt with by volley of fire due to their lack of heath however they can chip away at you if left alone.