Blessings, Sigils & Socketed Weapons

Throughout raids Hellish raids you may encounter champion enemies that drop blessings or sigils.    
These can be applied to socketed weapons to give an array of effects including (but not limited to) attribute switching and chaining damage.    
You can upgrade your blessings, similar to usual upgrading, turning them into more powerful versions of themselves.    
Sockets + Socketed weapons drop in Hellish difficulty. Although, that's not the only way to get your hands on sockets.    
Scrapping socketed weapons will yield socket scrap - save up enough to craft a socket punch which'll allow you to add sockets to non socketed loot!

Below is a table that gives you an idea of the afflictions applied by blessings:

Attribute TypeEffect
Burn (Deals 20 damage per second on target)
Thunder (Hit 2 random enemies each for some damage every second)
Affliction (Deals 1% damage to nearby enemy every time target is hit.)
Rust (Decrease target damage output by 5%)
Thorns (Deal 5 damage per second around target)
Divinity (Adds 2% Chaos attribute weakness)
Cursed (Adds 2% Holy attribute weakness)

There are over 70 Blessings & Sigils with endless combinations which makes it impossible for them all to be listed here so best get raiding to explore them yourself!