Pets are helpful little critters that give you bonuses! Pets can also breed and produce eggs, which can be incubated by running around with them equipped.
The bonuses are float based, so have a chance to upgrade each time the pet evolves (every 10 levels). A Pet will learn a bonus/skill every 10 levels until it has 4.
On breeding your pet, your new egg will inherit the parents bonuses at their current level, giving them the ability to improve further.
Any matching bonuses are guaranteed to inherit (the higher one) to the child egg.

Note that Males can breed infinitely while Females can only breed 3 times.

Pet Feeder

The Pet Feeder is where you will be leveling up your pets! You can find this feeder located in the farm.
Make sure to have the food you'd like to use in your inventory and the pet you'd like to feed equipped when using the feeder.
The max level for a pet is 70. At levels 50/60/70 your pet has a high chance to evolve a skill!

Pet Storage

The pet storage is simple, its a place to store your pets you aren't actively using.
The pets you store will gain a moderate amount of xp while they are in here.


Pet Breeder

The Legendary Pet Breeder can be bought from the black market dealer Tyron or from Eli on the auction house.
This item can reset timer on breeding, instantly allowing your pet to breed again!