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Lobby Utilities

There are many utilities available in the lobby which you can use to process one item into another, give you ammo and more!      

The Ammo dispenser. You can get free ammo from these for the gun currently in hand. These can be also found throughout raids.      

The Dust grinder which you can throw weapons into to obtain a certain currency known as dust used for📄Rarity.      
The Condenser where you can condense boss sets into tears to craft a boss essence (via the right click menu to fuse).      

The Fireplace can be used to cook certain items that requires fire to be processed in the crafting/cooking menu.      
The Cauldron can be used to brew potions, incorporating a bit of magic and ‘spice’ to make it all nice.    
Add equipment to the Statue's sink until it's full and you get a chance to obtain a higher rarity equipment item!       
The Benches are used to gain more XP while away from keyboard, has a bonus effect while sitting down.      

The Vending machine is used to buy repair kits and energy weapon ammo.      

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