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- You can now see your trade history in the trading tab. History before today is not available.
- More bugfixes for NPC collisions.
- Hotkey slot 1 can now be used to quick-close the F4/inventory menus (as it's your primary slot)!
- Fixed "Leave (ESC)" button not closing UI when clicked (99% of people pressed ESC)
- Battlepass claim sound is now played clientside, instead of serverside.
- Raid extension timer now also resets the Raid UI for maximum visibility!
- Updates are now shown in discord too! Hot out of the oven~ right as they're pushed live!

- Due to advancements in flight tech, holo grigori now takes 25% less time to repair!
- Potion slot now selects next potion when final is drunk (instead of being blank!)
- Fixed NPC Menu closing if you hold E for too long (gimonfix)
- Fixed cutscenes and NPC interaction collisions.
- Updated laser visuals to be much more optimised (and draw outside vision)
- Updated inventory slots to be more self-explanatory & added new slot for limited cosmetics.

- zoom_sensitivity_ratio is now a command that controls the scope sensitivity (settings soon)
- Updated and fixed laser visuals.

- Quest UI has been updated again. Quest chains now point you at the next part properly!
- Quest UI will no longer display quests when they are immediately cancelled.
- Updated Auctions UI to be faster opening/updating.
- Many Quest updates, but no new ones yet!
- Supporter roles now lower the session time required to claim daily rewards!

- Updated store, new packages have been added! Our March Madness x2 sale has been extended til the end of the month too!
- New benefits for Lifetime VIPs and Supporter! Lifetime VIP is now grandfathered! New Supporter Micro package has been added for 5gbp p/m!
- Updated HUD/UI, caching color objects etc. More FPS!
- New Quest UI! Heavily updated and now much more fluid!
- Medic kit now much less damage when healing with the correct class!

- Updated potion controller. It should be much easier to organize them on your hotbar now!
- Updated local data storage (hotbar, cutscenes) to be MUCH faster. You may need to re-equip/see these once again!

- Auctions amount can now be edited, instead of removing the menu due to textentry focus loss.
- Fixed clientside molotov error when thrown.
- Wandering merchant decided he needed an upgrade, so he got one!
- Fixed custom player model loader not unallocating if you hotswap custom models (more than one).
- Shops now restock for half of the money they did previously and no longer buy high valued items. This WILL combat making 300k+ a day as they just do not have the money!
- You can no longer crouch to move your position UP in midair. This is an engine issue that was fixed in other games since 2016/7!!!
- You are now shown a visual of the dead players ghost, you can revive them while it's visible!
- Keys now show their survival level requirements and you now cannot open the door beforehand.

- Redesigned raid entry to prevent peeps from missing out when joining at 1s left!
- Updated Raid Entry UI so the progress bar is accurate at all sizes.
- Added elevator transition to raid entry rooms.
- Raid entry teleport/rejection timer has been reduced to 5s
- Build number now added to UI, so we know what version and if it's already fixed!
- Fixed tertiaries showing stats when they do nothing outside of visuals
- Fixed wandering shop becoming empty until menu is re-opened when other player purchase.
- Auctions amount can now be edited, instead of removing the menu due to textentry focus loss.

- New events! You'll see these on rotation!
- Updated Item UI on ground to be easier to see/know what is yours to pick up!
- Hellish Keys now require 3 key-shards per rarity to upgrade instead of 4!
- Game background notifications are now disabled by default (Turn them back on in F4 settings)!

- Refactored content pack into smaller packs < 500mb each, this should help with the corrupted downloads some have been facing!
- Drops limit on keys has been removed/Item dropchance increased further based on key tier (Elite, Expert, Hellish)
- Background notification has been added! You can disable this in your F4 settings!

- Optimized weaponry backend.
- Supporters now get a 15% bonus on ALL GC purchases @
- You can no longer enter a raid when overweight, you'll now be prompted to bank before you enter!
- Raid Keys have been updated and should now be much easier to understand! You no longer upgrade your progression keys with key shards! Craft a new one! 
- Fixed dust requirement not showing the correct price on upgrade.
- You can now stack non-soulbound items with soulbounds. The result is soulbound, there is a confirmation option!

- New item loot beams! (they are no longer beams)
- Optimized item drawing.
- Star Shards have been renamed to Vorpal Shards (new icon!) to be in Half-life canon.
- Starter Loot is now soulbound. Family Shared accounts are no longer restricted.
- We now offer Battlepass xp boosters on our store (+100k xp) for those that just want those rewards ASAP!
- More FPS optimisations! Small stuff. It adds up though!
- New icons! F4 → Reset icon cache to see changes! (It now updates live when you reload them! Woohoo!)
- Raid key difficulty descriptions have been updated!

- Vendors now have a limited amount of money(per player). You can earn up to 100k per Vendor. (for now)
- Vendors can be re-sold to every time they restock. They restock 15k money each time.
- Vendor sale price per item has been reduced as it replaced grinding into dust (For “meta” value. Not any more!)
- Tyrone the BlackMarket dealer no longer purchases legitimate items. (Only items he is interested in)
- Updated/Optimised UI Healthbars, added FPS settings to F4. Lags less in the lobby at higher player counts!
- Optimising/Caching engine functions, FPS+! With more coming soon~

- Fixed gmod_hand error while disconnecting in chairs (gmod wow)
- Dropchute now requires 10+ to start, instead of 8. You must put an item in it above this threshold to activate.
- Slot 9 on hotbar no longer saves because shit pcs freeze.
- Hopefully fixed the error with fishing rods for GOOD this time.
- Fixed item value being inaccurate above unobtanium rarity.
- It now costs less dust to upgrade each rarity.

- Difficulty has been reduced in preparation for new mechanics!
- Money from item sale has been increased further for balance.
- Custom player models now stop loading (new connections) when un-equipped.
- World boss price is no longer auto-managed aka static.
- Wandering shop no longer tries to unbank if you do not have the amount.
- Hotbar now remembers where you put items on server swap/disconnect. You may need to re-equip to set it up!
- Hotbar now smartly picks the correct type when using an item (Equip, etc).
- Multiple optimizations in the lobby.
- Decompiling higher rarity items with repair kits now costs less.

[*1.0 LAUNCH* 01/03/22]
- It's launch day! We're leaving beta! 🎉🎉🎉
- New battlepass is up!
- Updated raid text door to show DPS Limits above loot.
- Added ambient sounds for train area/Modified lighting in some rooms.
- Fixed cutscene showing localplayer in intro cutscenes.

- All BETA tags have been dropped in preparation for our OFFICIAL 1.0 launch tomorrow!
- Third person is now disabled by default for everyone.
- Reputation bonuses have now been released! Check your favorite NPC for more!
- Gift price/value has dropped by 30% already (availability from caches).
- Updated/Optimized all shop NPCs to not do a lookup each time you sell.
- Fixed Reputation NPCs disappearing on specific sequences (giving gifts)
- Amount panels will now autodelete if they don't have focus, and wont close when you press 3 in an NPC Menu.
- Shop menus now auto-request focus, as for some reason they do not have it when created. (GMOD GAY)
- Removed "bullshit" accuracy override from cw2.0 MGs.
- Added setting to show other players on cutscenes (where normally hidden).
- Updated Name item UI/now supports numbers in item names.
- Stat mutators/Dropped weapons no longer roll negative stats.
- Updated cow for multiples. Now also returns rarity-1.
- Gift Boxes have appeared! Find these if you are lucky and you can pick your own reputation gift!

- Money no longer drops on NPC Kill. Item prices are inflating to compensate.
- Some items value has dropped by 5%, item sale price has increased by 10%. Vendors still do not care about rarity.
- Increased gift drop-rate artificially during their first week.

- Gifts are now in! Find your favorite vendor a gift and they'll give you bonuses!

- Reputation system menu now in! You can now gain rep with vendors for bonuses in their shops etc!
- Super speed is now a much rarer powerup to get from PropDash.
- Decomposer/Cow now deposit their items directly into your inventory.
- Decomposer now supports adding multiples.
- Increased planting rarity rates.

- NPCs now have a new interaction menu with new features coming soon!
- You can now close menus with ESC (it will hide the gmod ui)
- TAB now closes the player interaction menu quickly.
- Hold E logic has been sped up by 0.2s.

- Plants now prevent fertilizing past 75% so you don't waste it!
- Higher rarity seeds now increase yield chances properly.
- Fixed small lua errors with new hold E system.
- Fixed scoreboard layout, active raids are now shown at the top.
- Updated zone entry UI.
- Removed unused addons/content from raid servers. You load into those faster now too!
- Updated gamemode content, compiling smaller addons into one pack to save on loading time further.
- World boss skulls are now cheaper.

- BETA is ending soon! Nearly everything “just works”! 
- The casino has been moved and is now a games room! Tyrone now controls this area! 
- Ban list has been cleaned! Repeat offenders will not have another chance! 
- Lobby Map has been updated, new rooms :) 
- Poker table seats now apply afk/survival bonus too. 
- Interaction menu now covers NPCs and Vehicles (Hold E to interact)

- Updated backend, replaced with sockets. Raid setup is now faster, among other internal things! 
- Guide now supports merging multiple editors changes at once! 
- Website backend has been updated/optimised. 

- Updated site/editor. Player guide now has multiple editor support. 

- Fixes for menu ordering on join, incase the menu gets stuck after you get the model selector screen again. 

[**NEW** BETA v3.2][11/02/22] 
- Guild member max payout is now 100k per day. 
- Guild XP has been reduced under 1k per raid- again. 
- Guild XPis no longer tradable/droppable/sellable/bankable, period. Use it! 
- Fixed more bugs- npc sequences crash the server if played/removed the same frame. THANK YOU GARRYSMOD! 
- Grigori (the flying part)now has godmode to prevent server crashes due to parented npcs dying. 
- Fixed changing guild name/added cooldown (it doesn't cost anything yet) 
- Guilds now cost 30k to make, and start with 5k in their coffers! (so really, its 25k!) 
- Fixed guild player cache not invalidating on new member/kick member. (scoreboard etc) 
- Fixed guild button positioning. 
- Guild/Team color is now used in many different places! 
- Radial has again been updated! 
- Updated Interaction menu for the final time (we like the design now!) 

- More bug fixes! With less description this time!  
- Networking updates! Ping optimisations- dumping that shitty NAT!  
- Guild XP earned per raid has been increased!  
- Fixed custom player models becoming errors if multiple people equip the same model.  
- Fixed potion selector misbehaving and not being helpful. You can now multi-slot potions properly.  
- Hotbar is now much more reactive when changing the active slot (potions etc).  
- Slot 3 and 4 have been swapped (Tertiary > Melee), slot 5 now has a nice potion background!  
- Guild ownership now has a confirmation window.  
- Fixed chatsounds error while using the menu.  
- Text on Radial now automatically resizes to the menu.  
- Grigori's holo(the shooty part) can no longer take damage (crash fix?)  

- Fixed visual issues with radial menu, also redesigned it already!  

- All non-linked playermodels (old system, error models) have been breenified.  
- Custom player models now have an indicator on the item to show that they are custom (and setup properly)!  
- Rage mod no longer gives loot bonus as it makes the raid a lot easier/chaotic now picks a random player to be the explosion attacker so they drop loot.  
- Fixed more bugs/small visual issues/guild xp bar.  
- Updated fishing area. It's easier to walk around on the docks now! Among other things...  
- Grigori no longer hates you for hurting him, he forgives you as he now realizes running into your grenade is a bad idea.  
- Raid keys no longer show "Soulbound" in their name as it's useless info!  
- Void Stone now requires 8 Void Shards instead of 10!  
- Updated Guild Bank UI! Now has 18 slots minimum instead of 12!  
- Radial Menu has been added! Hold E to open a quickmenu on other players!  
- Grigori's corpse will now teleport with you mid-wave if he is not resurrected.  
- Fixed Grigori being instantly killed by damagetypes DISSOLVE/PLASMA.  
- Grigori now takes damage when things hit him (hard). He's not clumsy enough to stick around!  
- Grigori can no longer catch fire from molotovs.  
- Molotov physbox fixed, no longer collides with npcs.  
- Bosses can now use other skills in harder raids (player count vs raid tier)  
- Fixed FPS lag on mid-wave teleport when playing in a large group.  
- Shield kits no longer require batteries to repair!  
- Repair kit requirement reduced by 1 rarity tier (Void repairs with Epic+!)  
- Repairing your gear is now more speedy/efficient.  
- Recycling Mythic items now returns Legendary parts, instead of being clamped to Epic!   
- You can now repair your gear higher than the previous maximum(1100>1000)! Higher Crafting level allows you to repair even further! (Repairomatic limit is 1000)  
- Condition is now shown as a number, as it is much more informatory!  
- Fixed fishing rod needing to be re-equipped when you leave the fishing area.  
- Fishing rod depth now increases catch chances! Go deeper!  
- You can now buy multiples from Odessa's farm shop!  
- Buying from bank (not having money in inventory) now works properly!  
- Updated icons+borders+fonts to be more visually appealing!  

- Fixed Grigori turning bosses into statues when he kills them.  
- Guild system revamp! Guilds now track XP per member and more!  
- Guilds can now be levelled to 60 and have more bonuses!  
- Guild XP is now earned as an item and can only be used on the lobby!  
- NPCs now kill themselves faster if they get stuck so you can continue your raid!  
- Void rarity now gives a bigger bonus to DPS/etc, relative to their difficulty to get.  
- Grigori now appreciates being beaten with shield kits as it recharges his armor.  

- Boss/Endless keys now require the same amount of keyshards to upgrade past epic (like other keys).  
- Fixed more AI pathing/bugs.  
- Grigori now has the ability to talk/shoot through his projection.  
- Holo Grigori now comes with you on raids as your new companion!!!  
- NPCs no longer aggro on AFK players (they get kicked midraid!)  

- Grigori has upgraded himself with a new 3D holographic projector.  

- With the recent tech advancements, less batteries are now required to craft them!  

- Personal Quest rewards for Tierifier/Modkit/Starshard are no longer soulbound (at all).  
- Mod Hunt Quest-line is now lvl90 to start, instead of lvl120.  
- Soulbound item shroud now shown in Quests menu/reward UI.  
- All soulbound items are now pre-pended with "Soulbound" in their name, incase you somehow miss the "soulbound" text and item color.  
- Battlepass has reset/changed! February is now live!  
- Updated perk visuals.  
- Re-organised quest menu for QOL. Completed quests now appear at the bottom.  
- World Boss portal updated, now negates fall damage on entry.  

- Tech can now be added/removed without unlocking the item first!  
- Shops now have a buyback mode! You can now buy back sold items within 30 minutes!  

- Breeders have been added! These can be used to reset the breed time and immediately breed your pet again!  
- Breeders have been sourced by the black market dealer, you'll now start finding them here.  
- Female Pets can now breed a maximum of 3 times (instead of 2). This also applies to existing pets!  
- Pet XP/Breeder packages are now available on our store if you wish to skip ahead!  
- Medkit/Shieldkit now warn you that you aren't the right class (as they take way more damage).  
- Slowmo has been updated, it no longer relies on headshots (for npcs without them).  

- Fixed bullet damage force not working on grenades (you can shoot them away again)  
- More fixes for rare cases mid-raid that slow gameplay.  
- Max players in raid is now 12 :)  

- Potion recipes have been revamped, Medium/Small potions have been retired (You can still use/sell them). Large potions are now the only potions!  
- You can now sell potions/mythics to the vendors!  
- Vendor item value is now shown on the item!  
- Vendor now buy items at a 30% higher value than previously!  
- Vendor now shows/calculates the bonus you earn from vip/hbn tag.  
- Vendors have now expanded their wares and have more things for sale!  
- Fixed unique items not alerting with new item popup.  
- Fixed extra sale slots in auctions.  
- Unique/Spooky/Snowy/Antique items can no longer autosell in case you retardmoment.  
- Lending menu now warns you to empty menu before you enter lending mode.  

- New visuals/portals have arrived for the worldboss!  
- More refactoring entities to save FPS.  
- Fixed batteries losing rarity when banked.  
​​​​​​- Battlepass essence is now soulbound, normal essence can be traded!  

- Recoded a lot of entities in the lobby to save FPS.  
- Re-added culling to map, max distance drawing to save FPS.  
- Fishing bobbers got a physics fix/update so they float on water.  
- Fishing area is now much bigger, with a purpose!  

- Updated item right click menus, added different colors/restructured menu.  
- Essence is now apply-able to your gear. You cannot wear more than two sets...  
- All right click menus now have a confirm (bar tech) or a warning if they are potentially self-harming.  
- Popup item selector now warns you if you select a soulbound item. (It is their fault anyways as it's explained everywhere)  

- Fishing has been updated... cast your rod to find out!  
- Gigabreen now only arrives on the lobby (as he has issues elsewhere)  
- Void Skull price has been statbalanced (cheaper!)  
- Pets will also now sit with you in your sled!  
- Items that are worthy now alert across ALL servers!  
- Fixed missing visual drop chance rates on legendary+ caches.  
- Blackmarket prices have been adjusted and resources are now cheaper!  
- Fixed fox egg hatching into fresh air.  
- Guild storage no longer stack items with different attributes (and resets them).  
- A new setting has been added to turn off the new cool item alerts if you want to :(  
- Tyrone the Black Market dealer has decided to start offering more items at once to entice more sales!  

- Fixed more small bugs/issues.  
- Boxing gloves now show in third person to other players.  
- Dr. Hax has found a way to use the workshop and has upgraded himself!  
- More FPS bonuses!  
- More networking updates! No compression used for <65535 to save clientside FPS unpacking too!  
- Fixed cutscenes not playing when in vehicle+preventing leaving chair/vehicle.  
- Updated text on interactables like chairs (Sit/XP Bonus now explained)  
- Pets will now sit in your lap while you are sat in a chair :)  

- Potions have been re-balanced. Regen/Stamina potions nerfed.  
- Solo no longer has an enemy de-buff in hellish.  
- Solo now reduces boss max health by 20%.  
- Updated world-boss/items description to include item drops.  
- World boss health is now set for 10 players minimum, instead of being sneaky when nobody is online.  
- Flood powerup has been removed :D  
- Removed custom taunts as it causes too many issues across different servers/gamemodes.  
- Flashlight has returned! You do not need the item to use it!  
- Movement speed mod (plastic replica) percentage fixed, it's now an active (hold the weapon to gain the bonus!  
- New World Boss intro cutscenes and arena! Woohoo!  

- Fixed tierifying quest not progressing if other story quests were active.  
- Updated /stuck to work midraid if you are not teleported!  
- Lending now has a menu to show you what you've lent/been lent!  
- Updated item icons, added blueprint missing onto icon and pixel perfected them.  
- An hourglass has been added to lent items, so you know they have been lent.  

[v3.1] [17/01/22]  
- Void items now rainbow in chat.  
- Soulbound can now be searched for/prepends linked items in chat  
- Updated colors for itemtypes in chat.  
- Fixed shotguns/shotgun DPS calculations. (ammotype now registers as buckshot/hacky fix for engine ignoring damage from >8 shot weapons)  
- Soulbound items now have a green halo around them.  
- Updated/Increased droprates for hellish to entice you to play it more :) these rates increase/appear the higher you go  
- Battery charger has been fixed for the poor among us (it checked for $500 when it only needed $100)  
- Batteries can now be upgraded!  
- Lending mode now in! You can now lend equipment to other players for a time you set!  

- Faster loading times/more fixes :)
- UI updates for soulbound, as any item can now be soulbound. More coming for this later!
​​​​​​- Tech no longer requires gems to craft, instead it now uses batteries!
- Star Shards can now be applied at any weapon level! 
- Updated crafting menu, optimised menus+fixed small UI issues.
- New Questline "Where the good guns at?" now available designed to fast-track/explain first weapon upgrades for newer players (available to everyone)! Soulbound rewards available every 10 levels up to 60!

- Bugfixes, optimisations and general framerate improvements merged from openworld (new server in heavy development)
- Crafting XP (on cook) reduced to relative levels.
- Melon Bomber event no longer guarantees +1 with spice/berries.
​​​​​​- Rebalanced extra plant return for berries/spice (down by 5%)
- Battlepass xp per kill increased, this looks to be the happy middleground.
- New global events have been added to rotation.
- Global Survival xp bonus increased by 10%.

- Quests with the same type (fighting etc) will no longer stack progression, they expect you to finish them separately or are not visible to start at the same time!
- Auctions can now be clicked to collect, instead of just dragging, simplified!
- Fixed more random errors/bugs.

- Battlepass has been updated for January!
- Essence has arrived! Find these by killing the relevant boss if you are lucky in Epic+ Hellish raids!
- DPS Limits are now visible on Expert keys. Being heavily under the suggestion also restricts you.
- DPS Suggestion has been adjusted on Hellish keys.
- Locked items no longer withdraw when using Withdraw All/Categories etc.

- VIP/ tag now gives x2 Battlepass XP!
- Cardinal now manages base weapon damage (experimental)
- Boosters/Potions are now shown when active to other players.
- "Feed All" option has been added for Pet Food/"Plant All" option has been added for Farming!
- New Potion effects have been added!

- Boss Weapons/Armor/Void Shards have been moved into hellish tier. Mythic guarantees something good.
- Lootgoblins no longer drop void-shards on random (christmas event)
- Weapon RNG max tier drop is now 1 in Expert and 2 in Hellish.
- Leaderboard for wealth and /worth commands have been removed as it promotes people spamming junk in their bank to "be the best"
- Shields are now maxed when the raid begins, or if you join late!
- Scoreboard now shows current wave / raid key!
- Raids now reset after 10 mins (instead of 5) if nobody connects.
- Food and Planting have been redesigned! Food now requires Spice to upgrade, which is upgradable by combining them! 
- Spices can be planted, plants now have a higher rate to return more than one when grown
- A menu has been added to the cow/decomposer for your convenience.
- New daily quests have been added for farming/fishing!

- Updated battlepass visuals/added new animations!
- Pets now have a 50% chance to evolve their skills every 10th level past 40!
- Pets now guarantee the highest available skill float when bred if duplicated!

- Because some weapons do not have it- and it is unfair, tactical reload (bullet left in chamber) has been removed across the board.
- Fixed small errors/errors while item searching etc

- Altar has been updated- less reward for higher rarities, larger reward from base rarity. (common+ fills faster)
- Auctions now removes item panel when final item is purchased/refresh listings now reloads the ui when updates are received.

- Dust grinder return reduced by 50% to combat no lifers earning 1k+ a day.
- Player shop system has been removed. We have enough trading systems that this is not required and has done nothing but invalidate item prices and enable overcharging.
- Trading system has been updated, you now have tools to value your items more efficiently. Items have also been categorised.
- Dividers now save their position and have a drag option when available (resizing your ui) 
- Auctions has been updated to 20 sale slots (instead of 10), VIP now unlocks the last 25% (5).
- Updated Trading right click menu, now shows updated QOL amounts and detects if it's a currency!

- Items sold in player shops are now locked to within 20% of the economy value, we do not want to enable overchargers/scalpers.
- Menus are now resizable if they have a divider, just grab it!
- Seed category has been added and berries have been reduced to 0.1 weight!
- Scratchcard system has been updated, dummy generated prizes are now replaced with real prizes!
- Being severly under DPS limits in expert/hellish now restricts you from getting XP. You /need/ to pull your weight in hellish!

- Fixed scrollbars not having an arrow/being offset.
- All UI's are now preset to 1024 resolution by default, anyone under this resolution (800x600) is no longer supported.
- More FPS bonuses!
- Item categories have been re-vamped!
- You can now Favourite in your Bank and they'll appear at the top, check it out!
- Pet upgrading/breeding evolution base float has been increased!
- Supporter/Custom name tags are now shown across servers!

- Battlepass has arrived! Check your Reward menu to take part! Our battlepass resets every month, so you have an xp multiplier for the rest of the month!
- Redesigned Daily rewards to be easier to claim! You now also have a UI element, incase you forget!
- Various bug fixes, alerts are now only visible while you are alive.

- Fixed cosmetics sometimes disappearing for local player in third person.
- Particle effects on hats etc are now copied to your corpse on death!

- Item panels will now self-update if updated while you are looking at them.
- Unique/Boss weapons now have a fancy border!
- Weapons now autocalculate properly clientside when you level up midraid.
- Re-equipping older-generation boss weaponry will now link them to the new ones (boss set bonuses)!
- You can now search for spoiled/broken itemtypes too!
- Updated Bank UI, added withdraw all for category!
- Fishing now gives XP relevant to rarity gained, rod depth (+1,+2 etc) now increases rarity chances further! Increasing rod rarity increases depth.
- Weapon mods can now be used to enhance an existing weapon mod by 0.25%! Max 15% upgrade!
- Lockboxes can now drop from World Bosses... and other places!
- Weapon switching now ignores holster/deploy times to keep things snappy. (Experimental)
- Controller support added for launching via big picture mode.

- Cardinal now watches for items overcharged for, and reduces their maximum in future.
- Tier/Star/Rarity/Stats/Unique/Antique/Spooky/Snowy now all increase the item worth/value too, if you add Dust/Gem Fragments/upgrade, these are valued in the item!
- Reduced prop dash prop velocity, RED cargo container has been retired.
- Fixed boss helmet value being higher then others, even though it has the same upgrade cost.
- New boss weapons that drop now have the Set Bonus applied when equipped!
- Hax's boss weapon has been added!
- Boss Armor has arrived! Each boss now has their own armor set they can drop too!
- Item names have been updated for new content.
- Leaderboard for Richest has been updated to Wealth (Total Item Value). You can type /worth ingame to display this too!

- Resolution scaling has been added for shops/menu, certain elements will now resize depending on your resolution!
- Updated Trader UI, scaling, icons now appear behind buttons and optimised stock changing.
- Updated Auctions UI, scaling, removed unused categories, added seasonal/event categories.
- Potions now require 2 to upgrade, instead of 3!
- Raid mods now log inside #ingame-chat!

- Prop dash has been updated and difficulty adjusted based on winstreaks.
- Synergy has been updated
- "Simple entities" fps option will now skip building bones for hats etc
- Void shards are now a guaranteed drop on boss kill in hellish mythic for the raid leader.
- Updated and increased droprates in specific caches depending on rarity / tier.
- Experimental: Stat mutators are now a guaranteed drop from boss kill on wave 5.
- Black market shop prices are now also micromanaged by Cardinal.
- Drilling tech has been removed as it was useless.
- Droprates for tech have been increased.

- Solo now gives resources relevant for 1 player instead of 2 players.
- Item prices are now handled by Cardinal. This system is designed to deflate the economy slowly.

- Worship altar now saves across rejoins/restarts.
- Menus are now closed properly on death.
- Chatsounds menu is now minimisable on C menu.
- Various unspecified bug fixes.

- You can now search for broken items.
- Optimised item name lookups.
- Items now have their own page on the site.

- Void Shards no longer drop in Epic Expert Caches or lower.
- play2win entry/dailies etc now all require 15 mins playtime to enter/claim!

- Cracker chances to not spawn from lootgoblins are now 20%, the event is here for the entire month
- Being over DPS limits will now not longer affect expert epic+, but affects **everything** below it
- Items found / raids opened now appear in discord 🦜ingame-chat too!
- Fixed being unable to extend raid by changing wonky model
- You can now extend a raid up to 10 times (instead of 3)
- Increased base active quest limit to 4 for everyone
- AUG has been nerfed by 1 point, RPD/HMG's have been rebalanced and increased.
- Redesigned movement speed + bonuses. It should now be much easier to understand.
- Movement speed debuff with weapon in hand has been removed.
- Tierifier quest has been moved down to level 120.
- Raid start now maxes shield (if equipped), late joiners also join with full shield.

[v3.0] [01/12/21]
- HBN Christmas has started! Collect crackers for limited time exclusives!
- Lootgoblins have returned! These little shits have stolen Santas presents! Beat em up!
- These little goblins do some damage! Void Stones have been stolen and broken into pieces!
-- You can now find Void Shards along your journeys! Check your caches too!
- You can now press E on the tree to deposit crackers, instead of throwing them.
- Preparing for HBN Christmas, our map has been updated!
- Daily rewards menu has been revamped/redesigned. It's now way easier to claim your dailies!
- Battlepass menu position added to daily menu, however it is not finished yet.
- Black Friday extended to the 2nd! Get some awesome deals while they last!
- Dump clip has been added. Right click your equipped weapon to dump ammo.
- Updated cache visuals to include weapon mod drop chances in elite epic+
- Max level 60 skills have landed for classes! Blazing, Reflector, Lazarus and Bottomless! Check them out in your classes menu!
- Fixed more small bugs, intro cutscene, ui errors and more.
- Decreased max pet xp requirement! Breeding menu coming soon~
- Rebalanced and increased Dodge/Block Iframe lengths by 15%.

- Autoreloader perk has been modified to smooth up to 250ms ping.
- Updated server rates. Doing this live crashes your game, typical.
- Weapon events are now correctly predicted/ignored when they should be.
- Added new FPS option: Simplify Entities (removes 3d text and shows basic models)
- Reloading UI now also forcibly re-hotloads custom player models/materials.
- Updated cosmetics- they should hopefully not glitch in thirdperson any more.
- Map updates... Christmas coming soon~

- Optimised player quest delivery to only send on change.
- Hopefully fixed the longstanding player teleporting issue.
- Fixed players spawning twice on loading character.

- The dead can now speak to the living (voice)
- Reworked Dr. Hax monitor spam (networking lag)
- Red screendamage flash has been removed.

- More bugfixes for new features!
- More Optional Objectives have been added to the raids!

- Optional Objectives have been added to every raid! These are as named- completely optional, however give bonuses when completed!

- New pets have been added!
- Spoilers are no longer available in your console for future updates as they happen!
- More bugfixes!
- Breeding Frequency has been reduced from 50% extra males, to 25% extra males. (For every 1 female there are 1.25 males) (edited)
- Pet Bonus Floats have been modified to be a 50% chance (instead of 10%) to evolve on breeding!
- Automated unboxing events that modified chances have been retired/removed. Less box stacking all round if the chances do not change. These have been replaced with other new events.

- Removed luapack, now users from anywhere can join (as certain regions had issues)
- Fixed visual with hax ring.
- Updated custom playermodel hotloader to attempt to reload if load-failed.
- Provisioning for 3.0, coming soon!

- Raid Mods now do not work in Hellish difficulty.
- DPS Entry cap for Hellish has been raised to level 80.
- Increased Hellish difficulty further!
- Keyshards are now a guaranteed drop on wave 10 boss death for everyone!
- Rage mod has been balanced.

- Medkit recipe is now easier to craft- incase you are special and sold the one the tutorial gave you.
- Balm has been re-added to the drop-pool after complaints of it being useless had it disabled. Turns out it's not useless...
- Potions now accurately show what they do on the label.
- Potions are now upgradable to the max rarity!
- NEW RARITY VOID HAS BEEN ADDED! Requires a Void Stone to evolve your weapons/armor! Hellish Epic+!
- Tierifiers can now be found in Epic and higher Expert!
- ​​Make way for a new difficulty! Hellish has landed! Beat this and you'll be rewarded!
- Hellish Raid Keys are not auto-progressed! You will need your keyshards for each rarity!
- Keyshards are now global! You'll always earn a keyshard for completing someone elses raid, so you progress too!
- Unboxed items will now accurately show what they were unboxed from.
- Updated DPS on items, now shows to equip if it hasn't been used yet.
- Scrubbers can now be used to remove Glitch status (pre-tier bonuses)
- Scrubbers now have a cancellable process to prevent autistic screeching.
- Star, Tech, Tier etc are now counted towards the weapon stat visuals.
- DPS is now predicted- Weapons/items will now always show their DPS values, regardless if they have been used or not.
- Weapon calculations are now pre-processed, instead of being live updated!
- Gun XP per kill has been boosted further (as it was lower than expected)
- Weapons are now generated with a random amount of XP.
- Equipment can now be repaired with a repairkit when broken. Everything else requires a recombob.
- Updated Inspect panel, now shorter and more compressed.

- Updated tech descriptions/tech on weapon to be more self explanatory.
- DPS upgrades have been restructured, more damage is now in the base of the weapon as it levels up, instead of major bonuses from the items you apply.
- Increased base Gun XP per kill from Normal+
- Reduced base Combat XP per kill from Normal+
- Fixed raid end loot missing item if the raid resets as it was removed.
- Enemy spawn player min distance reduced.
- Fixed quick withdraw/deposit only working once til reconnect in rare cases.
- Uniques now show their item name, instead of "Unique VSS"
- Fishing level bonus now applies to Luck.
- Condition is now displayed on the item to be more self-explanatory.

- Fixed raid end screen sometimes not being accessible in rare cases
- Fixed being unable to take end-raid-loot until respawn in solo (10s later)
- Fixed chatbox lag with emoji selector.
- Moved chatbox autofill to TAB instead of ENTER.
- Chatbox is now resizable. Saves position/size automagically!
- Fixed teleporting sometimes causing a full snapshot update.
- Fixed spawning with a weapon not calling weaponswitch hooks (nice gmod)
- UI has been sleekified. You can now also change the color scheme in settings!
- A new route has been discovered in the Underground!
- Weapons can now be ✪✪✪.

- Chatbox now supports opening in menus, and you can move it around!
- Settings have been revamped! Check out your F4 menu!
- You can now link multiple items and format your message in chat! Go wild!
- Killstreaks/sounds have been added/re-added, as a visual indicator only!
- Player shop menu has had a lick of paint/updated!
- F4 can now be opened/closed while in a HTML panel (keyboard focus issues)
- Store has been updated, new subscription packages and a double gc sale til the 19th!

- Brand new chatbox! Supports Emojis, URLs and hotlinking items directly!
- You can now click to open/close items in chat!

- Events no longer happen at 5+ Players, they happen at 10+ if no event has started recently. This will also @council on discord now too (as it's no longer spammy).
- Daily quests have been updated.
- Iron/Kevlar Armor now charge shield faster. Iron Armor's base shield has been increased.
- Kinetic/Freeman Armor sets now have the same bonuses.
- Quickcharge armor etc are now blueprintable, relevant cost.
- Freeman Armor category has been updated to BodyArmor (instead of special).
- Menus now remember last mouse position properly.
- Dashing/Blocking is now predicted client-side (visuals) and iframe length has been increased by 10% to compensate for ping.
- Thirdperson shoulderview is back in (FPS issues fixed)
- Traces now use masks instead of entity filters (FPS bonus)

- Discord and ingame chat are now linked! Global chat using //! Check #ingame-chat for more information!

- You can now buy/sell halloween parts (as they do not drop anymore), but not the finished cosmetics
- Boss leggings that were missing armor now have it. Stop dming me about it.
- Armor max shield has been rebalanced across the tiers. (Freeman 260, Kevlar 250, Quickcharge 240)
- Dr Hax can no longer use multiple bosses godmode skills.
- Disabled decals on player models as they /still/ cause crashes!
- Dropchute can now only be used after tutorial.
- Updated particle effects for healing, added iframe particle effect and reroll effects.

- Fixed quickcharge armor. You won't be using it at all if you aren't support now. Learn to read.

- Updated items/item descriptions to support newlines/extra information.
- Raid Mods now show their bonus/negative/loot bonus on the item.
- Raid Mods can now be sold by the black market dealer from time to time.
- Mystery Skull price in black market has been reduced.
- Star Power / Mod Hunt quest requirements reduced from 20 to 5.
- Joining our discord voice channels now earns you $$$!
- Chatbox no longer activates microphone when bind is pressed.

- Fixed issues with gun stats not loading in specific cases (spawning multiple times)
- Updated Playerguide/backend, no visual changes yet!
- VIPs can now taunt/select using their flashlight key
- Taunt/dances can now be copied/joined by pressing E on another player.

- We now offer PayPal AND Xsolla on our store, covering all options while xsolla delays payments by a month.
- PayPal incentive on our store now gives 10% bonus. This bonus stacks with our x2 sale.
- Halloween decorations are slowly being removed over the next 24 hours.

- Black market shop has arrived! This guy sells things he thinks you need at a premium! Find him in the Lobby!
- The Scrubber has been found! It clears the Antique effects on items, for various reasons (crafting etc)!
- General bugfixes

- New Daily Quests! 
- Rewards have been updated for existing daily quests!
- SLEDBUILD has arrived as a minigame! Make and race your own bob sleds! Prepping for Christmas!
- Weapons are now force updated when they are created clientside, as the engine likes to miss them.
- Spooky/Snowy stat bonuses/items are now visualised- the same as Antique.

- Fixed anim desync/delay between reload/firing on P90/M249/M60/RPD/M4A4/AUG/SAIGA/AA12/VERESK/CROSSBOW/HCAR/MP40/FNFAL/AK103/STERLING/VECTOR/AEK/UMP/CZ858.
- Locked weapons to their absolute firerate, so they cannot be macroed/cheated.
- New Perk has been added! Bullet Bill! Reloads weapons automatically when empty (if you have ammo).
- Items now accurately show in chat where they were unboxed from.
- /fish is now available in the lobby to quick teleport.
- /lobby now teleports you to the lobby, instead of brazil
- Logging out inside a chair now places you infront of it, instead of stuck in it.

- FPS Bonuses across the board. Refactor of draw/clientside portals, etc.
- Thirdperson has been rewritten (more optimised), you can no longer change settings either.
​​​​​- Cached convar objects, instead of doing a lookup every frame (workshop addon devs huh)

- Potions now drop from bosses on death!
- New Potions have been added!
- Boss now appears in the lobby sky pre-event to warn everyone of his arrival.
- Prop Dash now switches off if there are no players.
- Propdash daily cache is now a quest, so you can see when you can repeat it.
- Mystery Skulls have appeared that seem to open a portal to the future...
- ALERT! The World Boss has arrived! Fight this guy when he attacks the lobby for some epic loot!

- Propdash has arrived! Get to the end for repeatable rewards! Daily rewards and more!
- Leaderboard has been added for Propdash.
- More networking optimisations and culling outside of zone.

- Gun XP requirement per level has been reduced by 20%.
- Pet XP requirement per level has been reduced by 15%.
- VIP tab now supports ingame browsing/purchases. You WILL need to change beta to x86-64 to use this!
- Updated menusystem to load faster (if resources are available)
- Potions / Healing limit is now seperate (Healing/Medical and Potion)
- The player guide has been released! Integrated directly into your menu!
- Preselected events will now happen every 2 hours, as long as there are more than 5 online. This may be changed in future if it unbalances things. 
- Tierifiers can now drop in Legendary Expert too (at a lower chance!)
- Grinder now puts dust straight into your inventory!

- Split maps into individual workshop files, possible fix for "your map differs from the servers", when it does not differ.
- Reduced NPC health per level in normal.
- Recycling without tools has been added- At a higher break chance/lower xp gain than repair kits etc.

- Tierrifying quest completion requirement reduced to 5.
- Body armor now is affected in the practice arena
- Preliminary setup for new boss ;)
- Epic and under can now be repaired by common repair kits (at a higher cost)
- Dr. Hax has teleported in! You'll only find him in experts! As he is the end-game boss, he has a chance to drop special items if you can beat him!

- Recycling items now drops their rarity by 1 (instead of 2) tier up to Epic.
- Rebalanced Combat XP again to prevent ridiculous farming.
​​​​​​- Increased base NPC level from normal+ (drops/xp/difficulty+)
- Solo Combat XP capped, 2 players or more for no cap.
- Added new crates (Unob item crate / boss lockbox).
- Fixed vehicles not calling xp functions.
- Store now supports multiple amounts on order.
- Increased bonuses towards Survival XP
- Fixed UI displaying 199->200 again above level 200

- Updated Perk menu to correctly show price instead of half
- Fixed being unable to invite until reconnect when guild is brand new
- You can now right click on a guild member and view their profile
- You can now see when someone last connected on their site profile, useful for guilds

- Rebalanced enemy level to be relevant to the raid.
- Base XP per kill has been increased by 10.

- Fixed ammo exploit.
- XP Amounts are now clamped. You will not earn more than a limit per kill, as there are more enemies in higher raids.
- Playing a raid with a gun over DPS will now restrict your XP too.
- @Moon updated underground boss arena, bigger! Updated npc pathing too.
- Being underlevel(20,40,60 requirements) for the next raid tier now nets you an xp bonus (combat/gun) in the previous one
- Rejecting players from joining your raid (if under dps) is now optional. However you cannot reject the first person to join you.
- Raid mod is now shown on global raid invite

- Cleaned up content, removed old content we do not use anymore

- HBN Halloween has landed! Beat those ghosts for souls and get exclusive loot! (See event on discord for more info)
- AFK XP Bonus applied while sitting in a chair (lobby)
- Loot goblins have appeared, chase these bastards down and steal their gear!

- Map updates, blocking specific areas from being reached as they break gameplay.
- Stacking is now fixed with spoiled items.
- Optimised itemdata.

- NEW RAID! A new teleporter has magically appeared!
- Raid Mods have appeared! These mods can be used to modify a current raid to add difficulty/bonuses!
- NEW Raid entry systems+menu!
- Event quest has been added for Raid mods!
- Raid mods are now shown on raid ui.

- UI/Visual updates- tidying up menus and 3d visuals.
- Backend support for some big upcoming changes!
- Stats now show history, and you can see your previous month/s data on your profile.

- Fixed issues with raid end screen on lower resolutions.
- Optimised raid end loot delivery while raid is still ongoing.

- Medic no longer has bonus survivability/health regen. Less medics who do not heal.
- Support Quickcharge armor now only works for Support class, acts like normal body armor otherwise.

- New Raid end screen! With a few secrets~

- All underperforming weapons have been rebalanced so breaking that 2k DPS roof is possible with every-single-one!
- Removed ALL damage modifiers on weapon attachments. They have no place here.
- Dash has been rewritten, again. Less distance travelled for 10% longer iframe. No more abuse by climbing out of the map with it.
- Dodge/Dash direction is now universal, depending on your current velocity.
- You can now Dodge/Dash while standing still. Spamming it will empty your stamina, so be careful!
- ADS can now be performed while in the air (why cw2.0?!)
- Dash now has a visual/audio cue when up.
- Noisy bugger mod has been retired.
- New stattrax have been added.
- New item found types, store (website purchase), casino, hatched etc were added.

- Keyshards now remove antique status on bank/unbank so you can use/stack them
- Pet Event quest was added for level 30+

- Repair kit cost (to guarantee item return) has been reduced.
- Stats have been updated on your profiles (latest changes)
- New boss lockboxes have landed! These have a guaranteed boss piece inside!

- Framework updates. Boring high-level fixes :(
- Fixed slotmachines being errors at random times.

- Disabled scrolling on lootbox menu
- Fixed restart issues/curtime desync (automation)

- More fixes for stupid shit.
- Fisher/Farmer can no longer raid at all. Change your class!
- Bonuses have been removed from the doors to not promote repetitive running the same raid. They will return on auto-rotation another time.

- Lobby AFK XP bonus has been increased.
- Survival Play Bonus has been increased.

- Inventory weight cap increased from 800 > 1000
- Backpack weight bonuses have been increased to compensate for new weights!
- Updated Item caches to show dropchances for new items!
- Boss keys can now drop from item caches! Same tier as the box!

- Updated stats (check your profile for 15+ trackers!)
- Weight limit is no longer visible in the lobby at all (ignored until in raid)
- Updated food to have a weight value.

- Cooldown for leaving pre-raid has been lifted.
- Recycling now reduces the rarity by 2, instead of 3.
- NPCs will no longer spawn directly around you, if you decide to rush forward into their nest.
- A new story quest has been added! "Tierrifying Quest"!

- Recycling for free by hand is no longer possible ( use a repair kit )
- Recycling an item now returns it's parts ( guaranteed with a repair kit ) at 3 rarity levels lower than the item recycled.
- Sewing kit has been removed, simplify. Repair kits are the only item you need.
- Antique Eggs always have guaranteed bonuses.
- Moved collection UI to the right side/made it show correct amounts when you collect a new item that is autostacked with an item you have.
- Redesigned/minified collection UI to just show icons.
- Process bar (top of screen action) now moves onto/off screen faster.
- Fixed personal bank appearing in two rollers (item cache unboxing)
- Fixed Tiered boss weapon drops not having correct stats.
- Max food you can take into raids is now 5.
- Fixed Headhunter achievement/achievement sounds.
- New potions added, unknown effects! Lady luck is now legendary always and will upgrade automatically.
- Fixed scratchcard exploiting for mythic keys and removed keys from those that exploited it.
- Stats have landed on your user profile! Check out your account for some nice graphs!

- Repair kits now require within 3 rarities of the item you are recycling (same as repairing)
- Enemies now autoremove between waves if the engine is being weird.
- Fixed issue with money not unbanking quick enough if you're american.
- Changed price value of supreme to 5%, instead of flat increase of 50k.
- Antique now increases value by 10%/Tiered by 5% each Tier/Unique by 5% (stacks).
- More debug text for random predicted failures (detecting sequence breaks)
- Repair kits now require x3 of the same item to upgrade, removing the exploitation
- Repair kit recycle cost has been increased.
- Fixed star increasing item value way more than it was worth.

- Fertilized eggs can no longer be fed- it did nothing, it's an egg dude.
- Money can now be spent from bank directly in shops/auctions.
- Mouse4/5 can now be used to switch tabs while menu is open 🧻
- Pets are now ignored by the repairomatic
- Added debug text to console when enemies don't spawn.
- Reaper/Siren no longer appear in normal (any rarity)
- Pets no longer collide with players, or block planting
- Clothing item recipes have been updated to be the same as the items give the same bonus.

- Rejoining the lobby if you crash etc now redirects you back to the raid server.
- Cooldown/Penalty has been added for refusing redirect/not playing after raid setup (as the server is waiting 5 minutes for you)
- Pet eggs are now available from item caches/timecapsules too!
- Keyshard upgrade cost is now linked to difficulty, each difficulty rises the amount by 1.

- Increased Pet chance to evolve a random bonus float at levels 50/60/70
- Decreased pet maximum xp requirements
- Pets will now evolve properly if they skip a level by being overfed.
- Survival XP is now granted PRIOR to any bonuses/event bonuses.
- Repairing/Recycling no longer gives cyclic crafting XP, abusive.
- Gathering XP from your own crops has been reduced.
- You can no longer reject other players from joining you. They have the requirements.
- You can no longer votekick, at all. No more control for you. 
- Teleporting into raid rooms/requests are now instant, as there is now no waiting.
- Breeding is now live! Pets of the same class/opposite gender can now be slammed together

- Portals now prevent accidental teleport (5s cooldown when teleported)
- Scoreboard will now show player avatar (for people NOT on the same server)
- Boss cache droprate for tiered weaponry has been increased to 5/100 (1 in 20)
- Weapons now show their tier in their name, when linked etc. Should also fix visual issues.
- You can now search for these tiers too- T1, T2, T3 respectively.
- Fixed Tier not showing correctly when item is linked in chat.
- Raid start timer can now be extended by the raid leader.
- Teleporting out of the raid (pre-start) now takes 1s, instead of 3s.
- You can no longer play the same raid over and over. Pick a different one and blame the "meta speedrunners".
- Farming now gives a relative amount of XP, instead of a bullshit amount.

- Pets have arrived! Buy or find a furry friend from your local shop or midraid!
- Non cosmetic pet Bonuses have been added! Every 10 levels they evolve and gain a bonus, up to 4!
- Bonuses can evolve when the pet evolves! Float based and can level up too!
- Fixed joining overnetworking and improved loading times.
- Raid UI has been made smaller for larger player counts.

- Weapon tiers have been rewritten entirely! All weapons tiers are now dependant on where they drop from. Advanced weapon drops have a 1% base increase, elite 2%, expert 3%.
- These Weapon tiers drop in their relevant difficulty raid tier.
- Glitched weapon stats no longer drop as it was not explanatory / confusing - replaced by the above!

- Daily Rewards updated, new items! Fixed data sometimes not being visible and future proofed with changes every month!
- All oldschool lootbox mechanics have been replaced with newer boss caches.
- Fixed certain items not being usable as their spoil data was incorrect.
- Reconnection screen now redirects to the lobby, not the same server.
- Lowered Minigun/Laser/etc droprate from altar.
- Scoreboard now counts players on other servers (lobby)
- BIG UI optimisations.
- DPS Limit has been renamed to Drops Limit, as it limits your drops, not your DPS.
- Keyshards have returned! These can be used to upgrade keys higher than Epic. If that key was a progression key, it will return as Epic when used.
- Players that have not yet loaded in are now shown in a different category on the scoreboard.

- More optimising! 
- Rewrote server redirection backend (no more sendlua)
- Attacks no longer cancel processes, chug during that fire burn!
- Potions no longer work in the boxing arena.
- Boss health has been scaled down in Normal, and scaled higher in Expert.

- Guild cleanup automation now in effect. Officers can claim leadership if the leader is offline for more than a week.
- Guilds will now slowly autodelete after 1 month of non-login from the leader to save the data from becoming huge.
- Guild setup price is now 50k, instead of 100k.
- XP is now networked in chunks, instead of spamming you while in raid.
- Guild networking has also been updated to not network the entire guild when it changes.
- Dash is now omnidirectional, it no longer dashes in WASD direction.
- Dash is now predicted clientside, so should be smoother also!
- Doubled stamina potion regen duration.

- Rewrote guild networking, now networks data and shows guilds on scoreboard without desync.
- Rewrote player indexing, shitty NWInts do not work properly.
- Removed team logic entirely, no more groups (as they reset when you switched servers), guilds only now
- Added /ball teleport command, renamed /boxing to /box (/farm exists for farming area)
- Deathball now recreates itself if the ball is destroyed somehow
- Fixed berries not autocollecting properly if you were picking up another berry at the same time

- Group UI has been removed and replaced with Raid UI when running raids.
- Plants now autoharvest after 60 seconds and put themselves in your inventory (minus the xp for collecting), to prevent retardation on server restart with AFKs.
- Gunner no longer has the skill "Stamina for Health" as it resulted in mostly death, now they can equip two primaries instead!
- Map updated. Deathball minigame room added. Shoot the ball into your friends for glory.
- Hotbar now only generates once on connect, instead of each time you die/respawn.
- Removed buggy shotguns. They no longer have a place here.
- Removed buckshot damage modifier. (Why was it a thing?)
- Buckshot damage multiplier against bosses (AA12/Saiga) has been removed.
- Serbu (shotgun *3) is now a secondary.
- Fixed secondary Accessory slot not showing equipped item on join until you unequip something.
- Fixed shopkeeper sometimes selling disabled/old items that were removed.
- Updated Perish time, its now visible properly on items on the floor. 10 mins for raid dropped items.
- Fixed hotbar items somtimes bugging out on death / recovery.
- Added intro skip, teleports you to lobby when used.
- Updated scoreboard, Guilds are now shown next to name, instead of a separate block, saving confusion with zones

- Fixed more bugs when steam is dead.
- Fixed loading order bug due to steam, server will now not reboot if detected to save issues.

- Redesigned character creation screen to be easier to use.
- Updated join screen to be more optimised/cleaner.
- Fixed Farming/Fishing class xp being obtainable from combat.
- Play2win giveaways should now be automatic to start (admins still end them)

- Updated map, fixed looping sounds.
- Regen potion got a boost.
- Locked resources can no longer be used to upgrade etc.
- Potions no longer drop in raids (only from caches or farming), promoting crafting/sale of these. 
- Since potions no longer drop en-masse in raids, this means they no longer spoil too.

- Updated XP UI element to animate and move out of the way when you sprint :)
- Updated planting visuals! ~It looks much nicer now.
- Party hats now display text above your head. You can change this by setting your shop name.
- Boxing arena/cage fight arena has been discovered! Boxing gloves are now craftable, if you have the recipe~
- Added /boxing as a shortcut teleporter.

- Berry seeds have been replaced with planting the berries directly. These are harder to grow than vegetables.
- New Farming questline has been added. Includes repeatable quests.
- Fixed long-deleted items appearing in crafting menu
- Fixed item highlight in crafting menu
- Added Autofill for crafting/cooking.
- Every 6 farming levels is an extra +1 plant at once!
- You can now fertilise other players crops with E (requires poop), granting you a small amount of farming XP

- Poop can now be used to fertilise and speed up planting.
- XP is now visualised and now appears as a HUD element.
- A farming class has been added for the lobby!
- A well has been added to the farming area!
- Crosshair is now visible on hands at all times (helper)
- Notifications are now available on discord when events start ingame.
- New events have landed, and events are now replicated across all servers.

- Barn area has been remade entirely! 
- Mining area has arrived in lobby, go wild!
- Trees can now be farmed for wood in the lobby!
- Plants can now be farmed, seeds can be made.
- Lots of food recipes have landed! (over 100 new items) (more on their usage later)

- Fixed healing (self) only going to 100 max, now caps at your max health (Depending on level).
- Potions now have a cool effect. They have also been updated visually to be much cooler.
- New (uncraftable) potions have been added. Check them out!
- Potions can now drop from boss caches, 10% chance!
- Slot 5 is now properly automanaged for potions. 
- Raid starting time has been increased from 5mins to 15mins. Each wave now gives you 1 minute less (3>2), and Endless is handled differently.
- Content has been updated. All visual errors have been fixed (you may need to restart your game once)
- Reroller got a visual/sound upgrade and stat mutators are now more common/cheaper!
- Solo now detects whitelist properly and starts raid when you connect.
- New boss gear in the form of accessories!
- Updated icons / content. Reload your icons (F4 settings) for best result!

- Rerolling got an overhaul! It now has a menu and you can now spam to your hearts content! It'll lock when you hit something good too!
- Potions got a much needed buff! They now last much shorter times, but are much stronger. You can use them on the move. But they expire after a week.
- Custom player model loader now supports dependancies, if the model creator is stupid enough to split them.

- Unob+ can no longer be grinded or shrined, as locking your items wasn't enough to prevent you from being stupid.
- Antiques have been released! You may find some of your weapons got an upgrade! You cannot make these as they are items from before may! +1% stat bonus on weapons!

- Fixed Guild issue not updating members on server switch
- Custom player models now support up to 3 per person (different items/can buy multiple)
- Servers page on the site now shows wave number etc
- Global chat added! // before your message to send to all servers!

- Updated caches, now shows chances as % in item description!
- Boss weapon drops now drop the same rarity as the cache. Unique drops are now easier to find!
- Server redirecting now closes your inventory to let you know you are being moved.

- Fixed trading items in raid (banned exploiters abusing DPS limits)
- Removed ability to withdraw weaponry mid-raid with a personal bank.
- Fixed tactical reload emptying magazine.
- Weapon DPS is now saved on the item when you have equipped them once!

- Fishing rod durability hit reduced by 90%, higher rarity rod reduces damage further
- Warning added to low durability rod on catch, before it breaks
- Ammo now refunds across servers (joining/leaving raids)
- Leader of raid is now correctly setup when he joins.
- Updated laser to not spam bullet impact decals.
- Updated boss cache loot tables (added more gear drops/rarity is now box related)
- Batteries now only require 1 copper bar to make (Disposable)
- Battery charger reduced from 500$ to 200$ and time to charge reduced by 50%
- NPCs now nocollide with each other.

- Minigun/Laser value has gone down as they use less items in their recipes (uncraftable)
- Minigun dropchance+ 3->5/100 + local checks.
- Amount of dust required to upgrade is now less. But those weapons that use it are ALSO lower value now.

- Fixed certain weapons like the minigun being un-selectable when they hit 0 ammo and are holstered.

- Updated custom player model handler.
- Updated store (new packages)
- Integrated antique weaponry. Coming soon™

- GloryTime has been added! You'll find out what this does pretty quickly!
- Many optimisations/bug fixes.
- Fixed issues with sounds not playing properly in certain scenarios.
- Fixed tracers not working at all.
- Map updates, optimisations/fixes.
- Fixed play2win role not clearing after event finishes.
- Some weapons have been re-balanced (speed+ for damage- etc)
- Unique boss weapon drops have arrived! Available in boss caches/on boss kill!
- Fixed issues with boss not spawning on canals
- Added support for non-linear dungeons, coming soon~

- Removed language switching from F4 settings as we only support/only intend to support English.

- Rebalanced HMG damages(up) VS their reload speed.
- Rollwind/Magic abilities -50% damage to player in elite and under!

- Map has been split! Loading times got a mega upgrade!
- Custom Player Models are now hotloaded on demand! Only loads what is needed auto-magically!
- Ctrl+Clicking items has been added! Drops the item.
- Shift+Clicking items has been added! Adds the item to any available hotbar slot (or removes it).
- Alt+Clicking items has been added! Recycles ONE of that item (detects best mode).
- Added help menu when holding Ctrl/Shift/Alt in inventory

- Removed 1.5gb of custom player model content from downloading!
- Removed redundant content not required, saving another 300mb of downloading!
- New potion models! Reload your icons to see changes!

- Raids now autostart after a few seconds once all players have loaded their characters.

- Crafting/Cooking no longer takes time*amount in lobby
- Upgrading items no longer prevents you from moving while they are upgrading
- Star shards are now easier to find in advanced+ (1/100)
- Weapon mods are now expert only, and easier to find (1/500)

[2.6 *NEW*] [23/07/21]
- Realms have landed! We've had a complete restructure, with a common lobby server! Realms now open when you use a portal, and a server is reserved for you/your team! (x2 capacity!)
- - This splits each of our raids into its own dedicated server, keeping lobby logic and raid logic seperate, as this was both a strain on your end, and ours to run!
- Optimised joining. Precaching is no longer required.
- Network optimised, only loading the areas of the raid you are in!
- BIG FPS IMPROVEMENTS due to Realms! 
- Characters now auto-load if you have one when you join!
- A x2 credit event/discount updates have been launched on our store for realms launch! 
- Weight limit speed debuff has been removed from the lobby.

- Weight bonuses from clothes has been removed. They are now the same.

- Hoarder perk is now default if you are wearing a backpack (Picking up items less than 10 weight automatically until near capacity)
- Ammo Master has been added, replacing hoarder that increases ammo from dispensers by 50%.
- Updated raid entry to only check for healing/potions, no longer restricts bodyarmor/repair kits.
- Quick Deposit All has been added to raid quickbank menu. Items that are limited are now the only items shown in the menu too.
- Tutorial quest now gives small backpack as part of the completion rewards
- Fixed keys saying they were upgradable when they autoupgrade

- Price to upgrade with dust at unob+ has been increased as it is MUCH easier to farm than it used to be.
- Level max is now uncapped. Bonuses apply up to level 200. Leaderboards now has a purpose again!
- Fixed UI visual health being capped at 100 and serverside resetting max health to 100 randomly.
- Bank search has had an overhaul, you can now search for any custom item name too!
- Gathering XP / Crafting XP has been boosted as it was lacking in comparison.
- Fixed being able to recharge shield/heal others at stupid distances.
- Dropped Items are now put in boxes, to save hitting that gmod 4k model limit and crashing.
- Berries are now categorised with potions, as they are used in their recipe. AND you no longer take them into raid to bypass crafting limits.
- More FPS optimising rewrites! Networking updates too!

- Fixed exploit using teleporter functionality while in a cutscene. If you somehow manage to do it now, enjoy the auto ban.
- Restructured discord rooms. You now only have #chat. We do not want suggestions thrown at us all the time...
- Removed player guide as it causes more hassle than it solved (outdated, made in 1.5 era). Go experiment.

- Removed bullshit crutch "mechanics" such as scratch cards dropping sought after items (boss caches still drop). No more exploiting by spam farming...
- Boss keys no longer drop from scratch cards too. As you guys have been telling everyone to farm scratch cards for them.
- AFK checker fixed, now picks non-vip afk first to drop, in the event the server being full.
- Increased price of currency scratch cards to stop you thinking it's a core mechanic. Entertainment value ONLY.
- More optimisations from dev, pre-unique updates.
- Removed scratch cards from boss item caches, these now drop statmutators instead.

- More optimisations, whee!
- Fixed cosmetics not updating in ui properly if you hid/showed them quickly.

- Keys are again no longer tradable, as every time a method like this exists, it is abused.
- More optimisation than you can shake a stick at! FPS++ again!
- Updated poker, card sizing and optimisations for drawing at longer distances.
- Optimised quests delivery, stacks updates instead of spamming updates.
- Cosmetics can now be hidden, right click them when they are equipped to toggle their visibility!

- Raised shield kit buffer to 5 from 1 to save it breaking on being shot at the best moment.
- Heal cooldown debuff has been added, preventing you from being healed again while it is active (5s).
- Optimised shield kit/health kit internals to not do item lookups every time they are used.
- Revive cooldowns are now persistent across reconnect, 20 minutes - Resets when you start a raid.
- Shield Kit / Med Kit no longer break at all, but will not be usable at 100 quality (you can now equip and repairomatic them)
- Shield kit shield recharge time reduced from 5s to 2s
- Settings have been added to disable other players cosmetics, or all cosmetics clientside
- Optimised hooks, removed sandbox stuff that isn't required. Extra FPS!
- Optimised FireBullets, no longer calls any unnecessary functionality clientside.
- Updated chatbox, it now sizes based on your resolution!
- Optimised many backend functions.. PVS networking updates etc (lobby no longer networks while in raid)

- Fixed chairs bugging view permanently when pressing Ctrl+exiting vehicle.
- Fixed auctions not showing expired items in collection slots. They are now shown as expired and can be taken down.
- Star fish can now be used like other fish.
- Added more items to the boss drop pool, like unusual modifiers etc!
- Boss caches now drop the relevant boss item cache.
- Items found in boss caches now show their item properly on highlight.
- Ratelimit has been added to linking items to chat.
- Fixed arcana key showing the same DPS limit as normal.
- Optimised guild networking, rewritten backend (this was networking A LOT).
- Culled item drawing to within 4000 units, as they also network info when drawn.
- Legendary/Mythic items no longer alert in chat as they are not as rare as they used to be.

[*NEW* 2.5] [07/07/21]
- Icons now support custom materials via pre-render. (Delete your icons in F4 settings!)
- Updated all item displays to show an accurate version (if it is custom)
- Amount is now shown when items are linked. Custom item materials are now also shown in popups.
- Fixed scratchcard system breaking on server restart (lua file loadorder)
- Bosses now drop Item Caches (that drop their items) instead of the items directly, saving pickup time! Also Tradable. A UI for this will arrive soon!
- Scratchcards now also drop boss item caches.
- Boss caches now visualise your loot as you get it!
- Optimised auctions networking when opening menu.
- Boss keys now auto-grade as they are single use.

- Item attributes are now networked when they are dropped, so they are shown directly on the floor too!
- Scratch cards now go into your inventory on purchase.
- Actions are now shown in helper text to other players above your head.
- Scratch card machine has been added to lobby, with a sign direction for the casino.
- Fixed lag when gaining Gun XP very quickly.
- Fixed playermodel drawing over scratch card in inventory UI.
- Meteor Shower dust scratchcard has landed! (excuse the pun)

- Fixed money dupe exploit with poker and reset everyones chips. (Rollback 12hrs)
- Added a coin pusher / pachenko machine to casino area.
- Repairing can now be done on the move. (no longer locks you in place)
- Fists have returned, press R to bring up your hands and a crosshair!
- Boxing gloves have returned! Melee is still not a viable strategy!
- Unique Scratchcards are now available in the arcade/casino! With 1/500 chances to drop boss loot!
- Items that are carryable now highlight when you look at them to assist in picking up

- Penetration stat has been removed entirely, no more bickering if it works or not as it's gone!
- The casino has landed! Play poker, chess and slot machines with friends to fill your spare time!
- Tutorial final step has been updated to be more self-explanatory.
- Propspam binds and mingebag scripts for darkrp no longer kill you, they do nothing at all here.
- Redesigned above head UI angle as it was broken while sat in a vehicle (gmod eyeangle mismatch)

- Key shards are no more! Keys now automatically grade themselves based on YOUR dps! (Up to epic, legendary/mythic keys now have a chance to drop directly in epic+!)
- Level limit has been removed... entirely!
- Keys are now tradable and have economy value! (this value will likely change, it's a placeholder for now)
- Fixed a lot of visual issues/inconsistencies!

- Final optimisations and fixes pre-pets!
- Raid difficulty has been reduced by 10% (may reduce further)
- Added voice scaling/mute saving on scoreboard. Click the mute icon!

- Crash catcher is now implemented. The gods now restore you into the raid if you are not alone and unfortunately crash!
- You can now modify individual voice volumes through the scoreboard.

- Guild xp has been HEAVILY nerfed (as it was bragged to be finished in a day) and partially reset. Exponential now instead of same amount per level.
- Fixed visual issues with xp showing max, instead of next level cap in different places.
- Menu systems now load as soon as they can, instead of waiting for you to finish loading.

- Removed crafting autofill logic as some people are too stupid to understand how it works without arguing. Do it yourself.
- Updated join screen again, fade in / out + much faster player loading. (May also fix getting stuck in the camera again)
- Fixed menu not loading guild tab as it was loaded before the data was sent.
- Fixed joinscreen breaking for good (if you disconnected in raid, on rejoin, your menu broke)
- Updated map file/content.

- Power armor has been removed entirely, 90% of players reconnected after equipping it or asked for help on why they were slow.
- A notification has been added on the doors for server 2+ (non solo mode)
- Possible fix for menu not loading on join (when game is not in focus)
- Updated all inventory/menu icons (smoother)
- Redesigned quest ui accepting / removing.
- Redesigned starter tutorial quests to be smarter/more self explanatory.
- Big FPS optimisations for icon drawing on older pcs!
- Class items are now always repairable and do not require a recombob if they break.

- Ingame trader shops no longer sell items that were heavily camped.
- A notification has been added when you join a raid under DPS, as your drops are limited.
- Boss drops (weapon of the same rarity) is now classed as progression loot and will always drop on final wave under dps suggestions.
- Fixed certain quests being progressable at the same time.
- Lowered default background volume for new players.
- Key shards can now be combined at a 1:10 ratio to the next difficulty tier.
- Crafting menu now shows rarity color on required items / selected item.
- DPS Suggestions are now also visible on key shards as you can now combine them.
- Items are no longer marked as "Upgraded" or time reset on modification, "Found" has been renamed to "Raid Dropped".
- A new achievement 'Facetime with Grigori' has been added.
- Loot tiers now increase as your weapon does.
- Updated party hat visuals/item description.
- Unique weapons are now a higher base loot tier, more on those later

- Solo penalty has been re-added. Play with others, do not reject them, this is now forced.
- Boss drops are now limited to ONE GOOD ITEM per player (minus progression loot which is guaranteed).
- Global cooldown is now gone entirely, as we did not realise it was still in effect.
- Decreased aura damage from reaper/siren skills in expert.
- Increased non skill boss melee damage.
- Lootables from inside the raid are now visable/interactable in the safezone.
- Having in your username now gives you x2 ammo (does not stack with vip)

- Exclusive weaponry is now normal weaponry (can be found/crafted). Exclusive category has been updated and split between seasonal and exclusive.
- Repair-o-matic cost has been reduced by 50%
- New cosmetic exclusives have arrived to replace the recipes for non completes. Your crafting menu has been updated.
- Removed items that are not being used (saving networking)
- Weapon XP is now an exponent on each level instead of an easy base increase. This also makes it easier to extend in future without progression being lost (as XP now generates the level directly).
- Weapons Levels will automatically re-calculate based on current level/xp the next time they are equipped.
- Star shards can only be used at lv30 weaponry, however they no longer reset the weapon level/xp.
- Fixed bosses killed stat trax being invisible.

- M60/RPD/M249 are now the exact same- reskins of each other. Higher clipsize means less damage per bullet.
- FPS Optimisations, networking changes for less messages while in raid.
- Gun/Class XP is now reduced in raids you are over DPS for, no longer 0.

[2.4] [21/06/21]
- Normal raid difficulty reduced by 25% (health limits/damage to player) for newer players.
- Havan set renamed to "damage reduction" as that is what it does. It does not give you any extra armor.
- An event handler system has been added! BIG FARMA has begun! We will be adding automated events soon!
- Enemy level is now shown above their health bar.
- Key Rarity now increases boss damage to player.
- Expert difficulty has been added! No DPS Limit! These have a very low chance to drop prestiged weapons!
- DPS Limits now apply to elite, however Epic/Legendary/Mythic will remain playable for a long time.
- Weapons can now be leveled to 99!
- Medkit has been rebalanced.
- Being under DPS limit no longer penalises drops (fragments, money, dust). You will only get basic drops for that loot tier instead.
- Weapon degration has been re-added. No longer on bullet firing, when you get ammo instead to save server fps.
- New quests have been added. New tutorial quest too. Basic story quest rewards start at lvl 60 / 120.
- New max raid player count is 12, 50% more!
- Ricochet has been removed/disabled as it hurts both server/client fps for minimal gain.

- Item Pickup UI has been minimalised, no longer shows descriptions as they can be huuuuuuuuge.
- Raid end win screen has been updated/fixed.
- Updated wave end visual HUD / fixed endless visual issues.
- Updated raid doors to show wave number.
- Updated weapon base HUD visuals. Added support for custom visuals on 3d2d in future.
- Heads up display redesigned in safezone. Bleeding is now shown as a health pulse.
- Moved automatic update system to elsewhere, as it caused delays of up to 30 minutes on update, which pissed me off daily :(
- Networking optimisations, should be loading in much faster now!
- Optimised chatbox. It now hides when offscreen (no difference to you, but less thinking in the background!)
- Solo debuff has been removed as you can't reject people from joining you solo.
- Global chat idea reverted, cleaned chat layout instead!

- Higher difficulty keys (boss/endless) can now be found/drop from their relevent difficulty raids!
- Current key rating is now shown under DPS, so you know what raid you are rated for!
- Item pickup UI has been updated, resizes and no longer misses items if you pick them up too quickly!
- HeadsUp display for other players got a redesign. Now shows status effect bleeding+health is easier to see.
- Boss collision overrides added. (preventing collision groups from changing while on func_brush/breakable as they fall through the world)
- Raid door early opening re-enabled (time between waves extended to 60 seconds)

- Fixed lock status being irrelevant on reroll (one of you had to fuck up to find this out)
- Fixed admins causing config desync on a daily basis. (Only I can edit live servers now)
- Next tier raid key now alerts you when it drops for you.
- Fixed Boss gear set drops being droppable over dps/level limits.
- Updated UI. Removed "melee" dps as it was/is useless.
- Weapons that have no point in being levelled now no longer show it.
- Time between waves has been reduced to 30 seconds/opening early disabled while I debug what breaks the raid.
- Loot droprate increased by 15% across advanced and elite.

- Votekicking is now available! Options are added to the scoreboard for the raid leader! Votekicks can only be started in setup or wave 1!
- Updated fishing ui. Now shows the rarity before you fish it out (and fixes errors)!
- Updated Inventory tab / Bank tab to be the same (sorting etc)
- Auctions got a mega update. Now only shows cheapest (search shows all). You can now search for supremes etc!

[2.3] [15/06/21]
- Multiple *NEW* stat-trax have been added, rerolls and more! (And the menu has been updated to be easier to use!)
- MANY backend optimisations/bug fixes.
- Auctions networking update / optimisations. Now 10% auction fee.
- Auctions activity no longer slows connecting players from joining (whoops)
- Medkit and Shieldkit durability loss fixed and reduced.
- Raid end teleport increased to 15 seconds from 5.

- Stat mutators no longer RNG drop on wave 5. They are now guaranteed (minimum 1 per player) to drop on wave 10 completion instead, x1/2/3 RNG depending on key tier.
- Berries no longer count as a medical item (as they no longer give blood), they won't cause raid entry confusion any more.
- Fish can now be used as an alternative recipe for Fabric (plant fibre). They are no longer base priced on plant fibre, price jumped 300%.

- Shop traders now value oversold items less.
- Raid players are now auto-calculated on leave, join, death etc.
- Item global worth multiplier is now controlled by economy activity (and is increasing!).
- All players are now teleported instantly on teleporter use (instead of leaving the person who used it behind!)
- Fixed sell-all trying to sell mythic (these now don't show a sell option at all, as you couldn't sell them anyway!)
- Level limits for loot are now in place for raids. This is designed to prevent you from equipping starter gear and going backwards.
- Updated Intro Cutscene.
- Fixed Auction breaking when someone thinks they are funny with a LARGE item name.
- Fixed Auctions not being sent if there are too many.
- Raid join request now shows DPS (red if under suggested)

- Map updates, fixes to areas etc. Fixes broken gmod collision for func_brush
- Fixed Bleeding health regen at the same time.
- Weapon mod min increased to 5% from 1% for default mods.
- Supremes now notify in chat (as they should have) when found.
- Phone is now quieter, so you can track the sound to the device.
- Sickness now makes you sick once (costing health), and then disappears (instead of being a constant debuff)

- Gmod Update has been launched. We have also updated our map at the same time!
- /stuck is now wave agnostic. It will now teleport you to the most appropriate place based on the current wave.
- GMan damage return has been removed, however he will still get angry with you so i'd avoid shooting him.

- Classes now save their latest data on shutdown/restart, instead of just on disconnect. There was no rollback -__-
- M3super90 now does the same damage as an AA12, instead of DOUBLE. Trying to keep them quiet makes me nerf them harder.
- UI no longer shows ANY "limit" in Elite as you do not have one.
- Raid key user (owner) now has the highest chance out of everyone to get rare boss drops. If he does, you will not.

- Workshop content is now locally cached
- Weapon Mod Kits have landed! Appears in Elite! These are kits that will allow you to change/add a weapon mod!
- Multiple different weapon mods have been added! Try them out!
- Weapon mods now only appear in the Wandering Merchant or in Raids!
- Penetration stat now also affects "Effective Range" damage falloff.
- Right click menus have been updated so it only shows what you can do with that item (instead of all options)
- More secret quests have been added :)

- Server player max now 42, 2 slots are now used as connecting slots that replace afk players!
- Remember server 2 is available if you can't get a raid! Use the realm teleporter!
- Fixed visual issues with trading/player shops.
- Mysterious phones have been added to the lobby.

- Server 2 has returned! 2 player plus!
- Shop now restricts you properly on different servers.
- Realm portal to switch servers has been added in the lobby.
- Sounds now properly follow the player.
- Raid win has been increased to 30s reset timer, from 10s.
- Fixed errors with caves for good this time.
- Fixed issue with players not being teleported after being revived.
- Auctions now only allows you to unlist an item after an hour of it being listed.
- Updated missing content warning on join.
- VIP advertisement has been removed from load character menu, it was tacky!
- Eli now mentions good / fair price items in discord #raidz-market when they are listed!
- Basic intro cutscene has been added!

- AFK system now activates at 40 players, instead of 32. 
- Auctions now has a refresh listings option
- New menu camera that moves! (fixes old one getting stuck too)
- Auctions UI has been rewritten.
- More bugfixes
- Medkits now stop bleeding (costs 5 extra on bleeding target)
- Tutorial quest now gives medkit / shieldkit on completion.
- Increased DPS Limit for normal raid difficulty keys.
- Gem fragments/Dust are now auctionable.
- Armor fragment upgrade cost has been rebalanced (cheaper).

- Supreme weaponry is now valued differently.
- Items sold in player shops / auctions are now limited to 2.5x their max price.
- Items under 50% economy value are marked as "DEALS" and items over the max price are now marked "SCAM" (these won't appear in future)

- More bugfixes :)
- Raid start menu now shows until the raid starts, and shows how many players are inside.
- Class Tutorial has been added, you can complete this if you've already finished the tutorial seperately for rewards.
- Elite damage has been reduced by 15% (based on rarity)
- Grenade damage has been reduced.
- Eli's Auctions now has a search bar!

- Antlions etc no longer walk through breakable doors etc
- Clip areas were added to certain parts of raids
- Bosses now disable their godmode immediately on attacking a player (instead of it sometimes bugging out during their ultimates)
- NPCs should no longer get stuck in the floor
- Dust Grinder now has a menu (to save your items being pinched!)
- Gun levels now increase damage as they level up!
- Star shards can now be added to a weapon at any time!
- Raid doors now show player requirements to start!
- Raid HUD now auto-updates as people enter/exit the raid!

- Fixed cave exit not sending you back (or locking you in).
- Disabled cutscenes for the time being until they are finished.
- Weapon parts now weigh nothing!
- Antlion damage has been reduced.

[2.2 NEW!] [30/05/21]
- New map! New Raids! New EEEVERYTHING!!! Overhaul on visuals! Welcome to BETA4 everyone!
- Keys can be recycled and they now weigh nothing!
- Weapon penetration / ricochet has been added. Bullet tracers have been fixed!
- Auctions has returned! Check out Eli's Auctions in the lobby to sell to others while offline!
- Laser sights have been fixed. Color changing errors have also been fixed.
- Lag compensation has been enabled on all entities and weaponry, replacing hitscan detection and saving a lot of CPU!
- Quests no longer disappear at all! Death is no longer an obstacle!
- Quests have a higher completion requirement, but also give better rewards!
- Your overseer Grigori has arrived!
- All players are now teleported to next wave (if required) by raid owner, instead of individually.
- Raid start time is now 60 seconds, instead of 2 minutes.
- Time between waves (dead space) has been tightened up (so you're not waiting!).
- New interactables in the lobby!
- Raid UI and Raid doors have been redesigned.
- and many more quality of life tweaks and optimisations...

- Fixed issues with bodygroups and custom player models.
- Bodygroups now instantly update when you change them (in Edit Skin, if available)
- Fixed more bugs/optimisations.

- Fixed certain craftable items appearing in chat when found.
- We are now powered by Pi™
- Renamed "F-Found" to "Boss Dropped" on item found description.
- Guild leaving/joining now re-caches, so you don't need to rejoin.

- Fixed errors with boss and raid leader disconnecting on death breaking loot/not despawning boss.

- New join menu for raids. You can join from anywhere in the lobby now.

- Updated Wandering merchant prices to be relevant to gem fragment current price
- Wandering merchant now has slightly increased chances to sell mods, uncraftable items and more (rarity inc).
- Normal shop trader refresh chances are now a lot lower for uncraftable items and mods.
- Tightened item prices above unobtainium that include dust.

- Removed bad accuracy modifier from HMG/LMGs (required them to have a bipod for ADS to work)
- Fixed issues with minigun (no windup on reload, reload desync etc)
- Raid end menu now shows 8 players, instead of 6

- Trading menu has had a revamp, it now auto-updates when you open the tab and looks much nicer!
- Fixed hats having a 1/1000 chance to have a mod (which does nothing, purely visual)
- Damage stat in raid has been removed as you bitch at me about each other over it. DPS ONLY NOW.
- HMGs/LMGs have again been nerfed by 1point. They are NOT meta and are copy/pastes of each other. All guns have to be (as mentioned many times) the same.
- AUG/P90 have AGAIN been nerfed by 1point. As above.
- Dash/Block cooldown are now the same length as the iframe, but slightly more expensive.
- New loadingscreen, precaches all materials/models/assets beforehand!
- Achievements menu has had a redesign too! New achievements are planned soon.
- Bank/Sell All should be much faster/reliable now.

- Content has now been compressed and completely rewritten! You will load way faster now ;)
- Boss music volume now adjusts live with F4 volume controls.

- Arcana AOE reduced by 50% damage, melee damage now increased by 100% instead.
- Boss damage has been fixed (blast multiplier conflicts) and is being rebalanced.
- Nerfed star shard DPS increase and Buffed tech DPS increase (most people complain before they get a star-shard)
- Quickcharge armor has been added. Faster recharge rate than kinetic, with less shield.
- Fixed boss drop table not dropping advanced+ items.
- Bank weight limit has been doubled!
- Fixed cosmetics desyncing when firing through teammates.
- Dispenser ammo bolt output has been increased.
- Medkit has had a rewrite, easier to heal others on the move!
- Fast zombies are now rarer, but have slightly more health!
- Weapons now autoreload when empty if ammo is available.
- Crossbow has been tighened slightly so it's animation is closer to it's reload.

[2.1] [13/05/21]
- Classes have been added!! Pick one of four classes and gain combat xp to level them up for bigger skill bonuses!
- A Shield Kit has been added. This can only be used by the support class.
- Defibs have been retired, Medics can now revive for free!
- Perks menu has been redesigned and incorportated into the Character/Classes tab.
- Perks have had a visual makeover. dz_deleteicons to regenerate them.
- Fixed character menu not updating (and other menus not resizing properly too).
- More FPS optimisations with backend caching!
- Crafting tab has been fixed (no more visual issues).
- You can now delete your icon cache from your settings menu (F4 -> Settings).
- F4 menu now loads MUCH faster.
- Dash iframe time has been reduced to 0.5/1s (over 1/2s)
- Scoreboard has been updated to show classes, so has the heads up display.
- Attribute has been added to ally health display.
- Fixed weapon base issues (errors etc) with latest update.
- Attribute and Class are now shown above allies health bars.
- Combine shotgunners now do 25% less shield damage.
- Tertiaries now auto-equip in slot 4 (Grenades, Shieldkit, Medkit etc).
- Slot 5 is now auto-filled with the first found healing item if it is empty.
- Bipods have been removed as they served no purpose.
- Removed broken attachments that were missing content.
- Legendary raids now drop the key for the next tier (instead of mythic)
- Mythic keys now drops mythic weapons (limited by boss kill dps limit)
- Keys are now soulbound and locked to your account (as they cannot be lost)
- Endless keys are now always dropped at Epic and cannot be upgraded further.
- DPS Limits now apply to boss drop loot and are generated from the keys DPS Suggestion
- Major Gamemode versions can now be updated live (without requiring restart)
- You can now heal other players in the lobby.
- Raids now auto-start when timer reaches 0, unless the person who spent the key has left.
- Background music has been added to both raids/lobby.

- Minigun has been nerfed by 10% damage.

- Fishing can no longer drop advanced gear.
- Potential clientside crash fix on other player spawn.
- More FPS optimisations, caching of GetConVarString etc.
- Loot tiers have been redesigned, Tier 1/2/3 loot are now respective to their keys!
- Fixed errors with cw2.0 (spy_bad_update)
- Wandering merchant no longer stocks currencies.
- Cleaned up item display UI, removed multiple shop prices on items as it was un-necessary clutter, now only shows once.

- Extended mag/Damage attachments have been removed. Those weapons that relied on them now have a higher new base.
- Weapon stats now properly re-calculate when they level up (instead of just on switch)
- Wandering shop now warns you when you attack him, instead of instantly nuking you.
- Modded weapons have suddenly started dropping! These have been modified by an unknown force to increase their Fire Rate!

- Wandering shop merchant now kills you for attacking him and refuses sale.
- All audiocues have been removed from the start of a raid. Play the raid, not quit because it doesnt have a shrine.
- Cleaned up download system, you shouldn't see random stuff in download queue from next restart.
- Updated lighting, not so over-bright now!
- Wandering merchant is no longer interested in buying your items~ he has... other interests.
- Wandering merchant visuals updated!

[2.0!] [03/05/21]
- Exclusive category items that are craftable have been moved to Boss Sets (as parts are dropped by bosses)
- Uncraftable weaponry has now been moved to the exclusive category
- Snipers now x2 multiply to the head and have been buffed. Shotguns have also been DPS balanced.
- Some weapons may have had their base damage lowered, these are now more accurate to compensate.
- Star shards now properly increase by 5% instead of 2% (visual issue)!
- Certain weapons have had buffs to bring them up to the same spec as the rest! New DPS Limits are over 1300!!!
- Damage and tech stats now increase the weapon's base further!
- Many backend optimisations and FPS cleanups! Drag/drop in menus is now fully supported!
- Advanced keys are now Level 0! Elite is now Lv 20! DPS Limit for Normal is now 700!
- Crafting Level requirements for certain gear has been updated.
- Community server list has been fixed!
- Tech is now removable, the same way you equip it!
- Keys are now refunded even in the event of crash/logoff.
- Wandering shop merchant has landed! Buy items with gem fragments at a lower cost! Find him in raids!

- Updated chatbox locales, now shows what type of chat you are using before you send your message.
- Items found now accurately show their origin in chat.
- Reduced boss hp in multiplayer raids (2.0 upcoming!)
- Increased defib time by 30 seconds. The player's soul must be nearby(spectating the raid) to be resurrected.

- Optimised clientside inventory models to not draw twice
- Fixed issue with icon generation causing fps drop on first load.

- Ammo has been removed from trading menu as it's freely available.

- Hitboxes have been redesigned, you'll notice this one. This is rather CPU hungry so is a work in progress.
- Aessidhe can no longer be damaged during second phase skill.
- Reaper has decided to move to advanced raids+ only. He is a little aggressive when shy.

- Perks now auto-use on purchase and you cannot buy them multiple times if they do not support it.

- Increased shop sell percentage based on statistics (earned money was too low!)
- More crash debug changes, visuals may change while this is being found!
- Daily reward time to claim is now half (15 mins), however AFK time lengthens this by x2 (30 mins)

- Disabled precaching of non-essential models (crash fix?)
- Defaulted items dropped on the floor to class specific models (lowering models loaded)

- FIX: Armor durability exploit exposed in banned ticket.
- FIX: Optimised quests networking to stack instead of spam delivering (on quests like damage numbers)
- FIX: Elite Mythic+Legendary are fixed, now default to dropping equivalent gear+increased rate multipliers until new content is finished.

- FIX: Leaderboards have been re-added without the issue leaderboards. (Levels only!)
- UPG: Website/infrastructure has been heavily reworked, it should be a lot faster now!

- FIX: Leaderboards have been removed due to the negativity they generate.
- FIX: FREE 30 day VIP has been removed due to exploitation, you can still upgrade on our website.
- FIX: Reaper lightball now auto-destroys after 20 seconds as the original developer can't clean-up.
- BAL: Star shards now only drop in legendary+ (Advanced or higher)
- ADD: Privacy setting on profiles are now finished properly. Default PRIVATE. You can change this to expose your bank/inventory/equipment if you wish.

- Infrastructure updates have been finished, all servers are now back online!
- Perks are no longer visually upgradable- they did nothing.

- Raid group requirements for 2,3,4,5,6 player limits now take active raiders into account.
- Chatbox got a re-design/update. Should be snappier/more self-explanatory now!

- Bosses have scaled health in higher raids, but now do less damage to the player to compensate.
- Rollwind (siren skill) antlions are now visibile, so they have a little more health now you know what to shoot at
- Exclusive parts are now easier to find in harder difficulty raids!

- Updated a lot of internal weapon spread values, they should be tighter now.
- HMG's got a slight buff, depending on the weapon.
- Adding to your steam name now gets you double xp (stacks!) while playing!
- Phoenix "claims" higher keys drop better resources. Yes- they do. Visuals added.
- Raid keys now show "Suggested DPS", to show what is harder.
- Bunny ears defense has been reduced.
- Keys now drop at uncommon, instead of common. Fixed boss keys not dropping.
- Elite Legendary+ is now disabled while balance is added.
- Fast zombies / combine shotgunners / multi-element enemies are now more common in higher rarities.

- Killstreaks have been removed. They serve no purpose other than bragging/rubbing it in. Ciao!
- Being Top-Damage in your raid no longer weighs into loot-drops. Now it's balanced within your team.
- UI has been redesigned! Many changes and optimisations to bring you a better experience with menus/HUD!
- Third person now allows you to use ADS properly (CW2.0 overrides)
- Health has been removed. Blood is now Health. Simples. No overcomplication!
- Elements on HUD now flash when they are warning you.
- Weapon stat damage has been increased slightly to compensate for different weapon types.
- Chat now shows raid key and rarity.

- Reload view-bob / view-bob when sprinting has been removed for motion sickness players.
- Updated NPC hitbox system hacks, feedback should be more reactive now.
- Added FOV slider control. Unified all weapons under this in your settings!
- Rewrote weapon internals and visuals. Save some FPS from weapon base!
- Ammo dispenser output has been doubled for upcoming changes~
- Damage balances have started to be added. Most weapons will be boosted to the SAME as everything else.
- Lightball (reaper boss skill) damage has been reduced.
- Scoreboard can now be used to close end raid menus.

- Star shard prices have been balanced to prevent scamming each other with them. Nice.
- Cutscenes are now skippable.
- Banned players can no longer even authorise, let alone take a slot.

- Bunny ears are now categorised as seasonal, and have a passive bonus! Can be worn all year round.
- X2 Easter XP finale now on! This expires Sunday so get it while it's hot!
- More optimisations with higher player counts, make way for more features!
- Hopefully fixed cw visual issues (ghosting weaponry in the air)
- Cutscenes are now available! More will be added as this system is developed further!

- Increased drop-rates further for easter gear/event (expires 11th!). We do want you to have them!!

- Star shards and other super-rare items no longer drop in raids below epic. No forcing because it's easy.

- Reaper blue AOE damage reduced by 25%
- Enemy routines slowed slightly, as it's OP to be spammed.
- Grenades can no longer be recycled
- Eggs now rain from the sky in the safezone during easter!
- Fixed "crow" sound being heard randomly.

- Solo gameplay has been removed from server #2.
- Scoreboard has been updated to show raid info + organised for higher player counts.
- AFK players above 31 (at max capacity) are disconnected at random to open an extra slot. This will likely be tweaked further to not impede gameplay.
- Easter uniques have landed! Get gear you can't find any other time of year this week only!!

- Guilds have been updated, networking only applies when it needs to. Multi-server guild support now finished.
- You can no longer recycle/throw/drop/craft/lose tutorial items. If you still manage, congrats, enjoy your softlock, don't ask an admin.
- Shopkeeper now no longer interacts with you if you haven't finished the tutorial.
- More easter content pre-load!

- Shotgun DPS has been re-balanced.
- Our guide is moving to our website. Steam has let us down too many times.
- Quickbank menu updated to show while sending request to join raid.

[1.9] [31/03/21]
- Grenade damage to shield -50%.
- Dash cost has been reduced to 15 stamina from 25.
- Fixed NPCs not aggroing properly and zombies being very squishy.
- Spectate system updated, you can now spectate each raid from their door.
- Havan has been boosted by 5k health per player.
- Fixed restriction on sewer door only preventing repeat runs.
- New element icons, updated UI and streamlined slow clientside logic. FPS+!
- Fixed bullet tracer issue in first person.
- Solo difficulty has been reduced, enemy count is now lower.
- Key progression is now easier, mythic now guarantee's the key for the next tier. Elite mythic always drops Mythic weaponry, unlike lower key tiers!
- Difficulty of enemy (based on level) has been heavily changed. Lower tier raid enemies are now easier!
- Gun rarity damage has been increased to 10% from 5%!
- Boss health has been increased in higher difficulty raids.
- Tech slot is now visible on equipment, so you don't need to remember what is in each slot.
- Upgrade cost for weapons has been increased!

- New element icons! Resized and redesigned ui to fit. @Eagle
- Updated loadingscreen, boss models now pre-cache on join!
- Pre-loaded easter content.
- Bullet tracers have returned!
- Locked items can be banked again, crap suggestion as you now accidentally forget to lock them again, defeating the purpose.
- Account Locked items have been renamed to Soulbound items.

- Quickbank menu has been added to raid doors, to streamline entry requirements (max potion limit etc)
- Stattrax have been added. You can find these and attach them to your weapon to log statistics!

- x4 XP/Dropchance event has started as our new Trailer is live! See our homepage/discord for more info!
- Locked items can no longer be banked/auto-banked.

- Higher rarity bosses now have extra health.
- DPM has been updated to DPS, including the math.
- Elite has been made harder slightly, as it was pretty easy with the new armor.
- AA12 has been balanced to the same range as other weapons.
- New Raid UI, shows players + loot bonuses!
- Raids can now have bonuses for constant failure! The hardest raids will setup bonuses to win them!

- Fixed rare crash issue with fishing rods.

- Higher rarity raids now have higher key dropchances for the next tier difficulty. (Advanced+)
- Normal, Advanced and Elite raids now drop their own exclusive upgrade materials
- Advanced/Elite raid keys are now cheaper to upgrade (as they have their own exclusive materials now)
- A few more boss re-balances, damage/skill orientation!
- NPC pathing has been updated to be more pushy when your armor is low :)
- Keys and key-types were renamed to be more organised with multiple different types.
- XP gains are now higher in higher-rarity / difficulty raids! XP gains are penalised heavily in solo.

- New armor has landed! These can be found in advanced+ raids! Their shields are limited in normal raids, but are not restricted in harder raids!
- Complete damage overhaul for enemies as shields required balances! This is still to be tweaked further!!

- Armor has been redesigned! It's now a shield that recharges! Armor only takes condition when the shield is broken. Higher rarity = Better shield and base armor!
- Damage indicator has been added for shields.
- Many damage balances have been re-done. This should make things more regular in future (no random x2/3 damage shit)
- FPS optimisations on entities in the safezone.
- Mining nodes farmed are now shared to team.
- XP is now shared across entire raid group. Top damage is counted.
- Rendering hacks are now in place. Health bars should no longer be invisible against certain backdrops. 
- Shield is now shown above friendly team-mates heads, like health!

[1.8] [20/03/21]
- Prestiged weapons have been reset due to exploitation. These now require STAR SHARDS to upgrade and you can ONLY get those in advanced+ raids. Higher rarity, higher chance.
- Level maximum for weaponry has been re-balanced to 30 from 40, making the time to prestige less.
- Visuals have been updated on Starred weapons to show their stat increases. These are ALWAYS worth upgrading.
- Solo raids now spawn the same amount of enemies as 2player+
- BIG LOOT has been renamed to PARTY LOOT and is only active 100% in 2+ player mode.
- Solo raids have had their drop rate DECREASED. Play together.
- Droprate has been increased in advanced/elite raids.
- Starred weapon visuals have been updated so you ask less questions about them.
- Advanced/Elite raid bosses now have chances to drop higher tier weaponry/items. You cannot get these in lower raids.
- Armor no longer allows you to take any health damage. Certain enemies have been re-balanced to do less armor damage.
- NPC AI has been redesigned and they should now play more uniquely based on the situation.
- Entering Raids with repair kits is now limited to 1 (any rarity/repair kit type)
- Multicore rendering is now disabled by default, you can turn this on manually on the join screen.

- Decals are now limited to 1, as this engine likes to fuck up blood decals on high poly models.
- Sewing kits are no longer farmable / recyclable (exploit, +1 banned)
- Shop prices for items has been nerfed, they are now worth 50% of their last value to trader shops.
- Global item value has been reduced by 25% to prevent money generation.
- Crossbow has been rewritten. Big damage+reload boost for single shot weapon.
- Practice arena now shows damage amounts, additive and resets after 2 seconds.

- Fixed networking events for entities that do not need them. (BIG networking/lag save)
- Repair kits can no longer be recycled for resources.
- Repairing items no longer increases their value, they are worth what they are worth.

- Gold ring exploit has been patched. They no longer give ANY additional damage, they now increase your luck/loot chance only.
- Basic optimisation and bug fixes (again)
- Loot bonuses now in effect for larger groups. More players = more multipliers! Visuals will be added soon!
- Solo is now the same difficulty as 2 player, so has no loss bringing an extra with you.
- Common raids are no longer 1/2 difficulty, as they used to be free.
- Level caps have been lowered slightly for wave enemies.
- You can no longer kill other players with burn damage.
- Tutorial has been updated. Iron armor recipe has been changed to no longer require copper. Copper armor has been removed.

- Friendly raiders are now GREEN on their health bar, enemies are RED.
- Combat/Gun XP has been increased by 50% (at least).
- Quests now auto-delete on failure/death before wave 6 (First boss).
- Cosmetic items should no longer be randomly floating, thank garry's mod for unparenting randomly.
- Invisible bosses no longer take damage while they are doing their skills.
- Some bosses now do less damage. Some bosses now do more. Don't get hit!
- Raid max limit is increased to 8, from 6. Groups are increased to this limit.
- HMG/LMGs have been balanced, they all have the same clipsize, and negligible damage differences.
- Saiga and other high-rate-of-fire shotguns have been re-balanced to acceptable damage margins.
- /sz and /lobby have been removed due to quick-quitting to abuse farming quests. Finish your raids or lose your quests.
- Certain weapons have been nerfed within acceptable Damage-Per-Magazine limits. Looking at the LMG/HMGs.
- Due to constant repetitive questions, repair-kits can no longer be used in a stack. (APRIL FOOLS)

- Guild minimum is now 6, maximum is now 12, adds 1 guild member every 5 levels.
- Dev server is now setup again.
- IKEA has been retired, more balances coming soon to other raids!
- Practice area has appeared in the fishing area! You can now use your guns and test them in there!

- Fishing area is now a zone, you cannot equip a fishing rod outside of this area.
- Networking changes to help users on limited bandwidth not rubberband.
- Weapons no longer show to spectators as this is very resource hungry with many players online.

- BETA3 Has launched! Sorry for your losses, an event has started designed to get you back up to scratch!

- On this eventful day, our server burned in a fire at OVH's datacenter. It was then rebuilt quickly.

- GUILDS HAVE LANDED! Starts at 4 players, max level 30 with 16 people! 
- Shotguns and Snipers now have a larger exponential base for growth as you level them up. (They get A LOT BETTER)
- Weapon/item max level is now 40.
- Max levelling a weapon now allows you to upgrade it to the next star (FREE for now).

- Having too many items in your inventory will no longer overflow and make them not visible. (looking at you Flevken)
- /r now autoreplies to last PM. /block and /unblock can be used to control the peace.
- Epic+ keys now guarantee key-shards on every boss kill.

- Keys are now refunded differently to prevent item loss (downgrade on timer expiring)
-- You'll now get these back when you start the raid instead, or it times out.
- Raid HUD updated and now shows pre-raid time on UI.
- Raid entry healing item restriction now increased to 10 and includes potions.
- Potions are now quicker to use, but now also take different time depending on their size.
- Shop restock timer has been fixed on joining.
- Advanced entry is now level 20, Elite is now 40, good luck!
- Scrolling has been added to the shop for lower resolutions.

- Movement debuffs have been removed from weaponry.
- Armor now requires Gem Fragments to upgrade, instead of x3 of the same rarity.
- VIP XP is now calculated properly.
- 10% of non-survival xp is now added to survival xp
- Dash has been moved to directional key + spacebar (+jump)
- Keys no longer drop from common raids. (at all, period)
- Key materials are now a lot rarer in lower rarity raids as you don't need many to upgrade.
- Common FREE raids are no longer (unless you have a common key). As keys are not consumed.
- Advanced now requires lv30+ to enter and Elite now requires lv60+ to enter as you are not powerful/experienced enough.
- Group XP bonus has been removed. Stop you AFKing while your friends do all the work.
- Survival XP is now gained upon winning/beating bosses (on top of combat)
- Player Auction sale-mode has been removed due to exploitation. It may return in the future.
- Missions can no longer fail/delete if you die while they are marked as finished/done.

- 1star and 2star weapons will now announce in chat when found!
- Networking has been updated. Scoreboard now shows other players stats!
- Damage buffs are now in effect for star weaponry, some weapons have been balanced!
- Shotguns and Snipers have had a long overdue buff!
- Reaper max health down 1000 and removed shield ability.
- Personal banks are now available somehow....
- Identical gear can no longer be equipped (Accessory loss prevention)

- Keys are no longer lost on death, instead they are no longer spent, and downgraded if a higher key is used than epic.

[NEW 1.6] [27/02/21]
- Droprates for 2star/1star items will be balanced over the next few days.
- Elite and Advanced raids now drop 2star/1star gear, better than gear that proceeds it!
- Raidkeys now require Key Shards to upgrade, instead of Gem Fragments
- Raidkeys are now 100% refunded on first boss kill and bosses drop materials to upgrade your key with. These are downgraded to epic if higher.
- Elite / Advanced raids have had their difficulty increased for waves, no boss changes.
-- Star gear has arrived! All star items are better than any previous! These have visuals that you won't notice until you pick them up!
- Caves have been modified again, it may fix the raid ending in solo.
- Shop keeper now responds that he cannot afford it if you try to sell rediculously expensive items.

- Some Boss attacks have been moved to within 1/3rd or 2/3rds max health, so they don't spam them.
- Name tags can now be used to rename any item, but stacking will reset it
- Sickness can now spread, and bandana's have returned to prevent this
- Glitch name is now available on weapons with higher than 11 in any stat
- Weapons with higher maximum stat caps are now possible to find in higher tier raids.
- Advanced and Elite raid difficulty has been tweaked.

- Prices of certain items no longer value for more than the currencies used to upgrade them. Some of these items will have increased in price!
- Dash IFrame should now be easier to use as it has been extended slightly.

- Admin drop-parties of rare items will no longer happen and have been removed from inventories- earn the right to brag.
- Shop rarities no longer invalidates the rarity (or appearance) of items that are super-hard to find.
- NPC amounts/health has been rebalanced for new raids + new advanced key types!
- Fixed double boss spawn issue.
- All map updates are now moved to dev server ONLY.
- Boss doors now spawn bosses after 13 seconds. On the 10th second you are teleported in, as a group, play fair!
- Fixed more out of sequence issues with raids
- Trader Shops now restrict purchase from multiple servers.
- Advanced / Elite keys are now available for harder/better loot raids!
- Bosses have been balanced and no longer do as much damage on normal raids, advanced is now normal, and elite does more damage.

- Repair items now auto-delete when broken with a notification.
- Updated lighting, disable shadows or set to low for best visuals.

- Mythic+ can no longer be sold to the shop due to abuse/generating money.
- Dust, Gem Fragments etc can no longer be sold to the NEW shop to duplicate money.
- Trader amounts have been modified. You get less money per sale to the Traders.
- Fixed issue with caves resetting raid rarely.
- Temple is now open! New Raid!
- Stamina potions have landed! Glug!
- Stamina bar now updates a lot faster.
- Shop now sells more uncommon items than junk.
- Base level raids are now easier with less players.
- Modified player rates to network less when more players are online.

- Shop has been completely rewritten! Rotates 15 items, bundles, specials and more every 30 minutes! You can only buy one of each for a fair economy!
- Stacking in inventory no longer cares about who owned the item previously, it will now stack and become yours if a duplicate is found. (Excluding weapons)
- Balanced economy prices for certain items, they are now an accurate price to their creation requirements.
- Berries and potions are now a lot cheaper.
- Custom player model gear now scales (if first setup is completed by me)
- Gem fragments are now valued properly.
- Fixed visual issues with stats not being the same once picked up.
- Gem grinding is now right-click only to prevent futher accidents.

- Minigun reload-speed has been fixed.
- Equipping multiple Accessories visual issues have now been fixed.
- Drop-rates up for super-rare items- meaning they are now more common.
- Super-rare items can no longer be recycled, on purpose or by accident.

[1.5] [17/02/21]
- Shop no longer sells repair kits, weapon parts etc as they have been abuse-camped. CYA.
- Repair-o-matic has been made more obvious and placed elsewhere.
- Recycling Unusual hats now gives Unusual parts! 3 parts to make a Unusual Modifier!
- Unusual Modifiers have landed! These apply their unusual effect to other items!
- Shop no longer sells ANY items (other than a set few) that haven't been sold to him. No more abusive economy.
- Party Hats have landed in many different colors! Be the runescape-rich guy you wanted to be!
- Repairing items now selects the repair-kit by it's rarity requirement, instead of the first one it finds and telling you to upgrade it.
- Gems now require Gem Fragments to upgrade, instead of duplicates of themselves!
Dashing now has an IFrame and is a more effective way of avoiding damage from repetitive attacks! 25(from 20) Stamina for an I(nvulnerability)Frame.
- Repair-o-matic no longer has RNG pricing (min/max) it now has a set cost.
- Dashing has now got a UI element.

- Infrastructure rewrite! Our entire backend has been invested into and upgraded heavily!
- Items can no longer be broken by shooting them.

- Facial flex scales no longer change on respawn, you can change them manually.
- Spectators can no longer talk to players in a raid.
- Repair-O-Matic has landed! Press E to repair your equipped gear for $$$!
- Repair kits must now be within 5 rarities of the item that is being repaired!
- Shop now shows relevant prices, more updates to this coming soon!
- AFKing in a raid will now kick you back to safezone!
- AEK has been fixed.

- Stamina cost has been reduced to 20 for dashing!
- Jumping has been removed entirely this time, to prevent people from climbing into inaccessible areas.
- Stamina now no longer instantly starts recharging when used!
- Tightened double-press to 0.2 seconds from 0.3 to prevent accidental dashes.
- Increased certain boss damage > players in armor
- Boss health now increases in groups, removed damage-reduction.

- Jumping inside raids is no longer required. A dash/dodge mechanic has been added in place. Double press a direction!
- Fixed issues with movement-speed resetting values on death.
- Speed potions nerfed from 25% to 10% movement bonus (on top of your gear).
- Deploy/Holster time has been re-added due to hot-swapping abuse for instant-reload etc.
- Stacking potions and getting potion sickness now kills you if you over-do it.
- Fixed raid loot menu appearing on death (while spectating). You can use the button next to spawn to display it at any time.
- Account value is now calculated based on currencies (money, dust, fragments)
- Endless mode enemies now scale much more aggressively as you progress to higher levels.
- Caves now extend your raid timer by 2 minutes when entered, and kick you out and close when times up.

- Player shops now save&load across restarts/disconnects (if your shop is open)
- Ammo is no longer available in player shops!
- Gold and Diamond nodes are now easier to find!
- Items/Players are now carryable with your hands.
- Tranquiliser has been renamed to Nerf gun and no longer spawns as commonly <3

- Fixed issues with website not displaying certain items.
- Discord bot now auto-auths you if it missed you before.
- Discord activity is now managed by our website. Viewing our site also increases your activity.
- The AEK remains broken. I can see how many times you check this update log for it.
- Active role now lasts for 7 days before being auto-stripped, regardless of "staying offline to get free rewards". We now punish for attempted bypasses.

- Boss sets are now repairable.

- Worship altar now also drops hats. With high chance to be unusual / attributed.
- Unusual Effects have landed! Find your favourite shiny hat now!
- Tickrate increased from 22 -> 33 and all networking rates increased.
- Hats now require dust to upgrade instead of combinations
- Nerfed AEK to be in line with other weapons. It is now intentionally broken until i can be bothered to fix it.

[24/01/21] 1.4
- Boss Sets have landed! Each boss has their own boss-set! See discord for each set bonus!
- Body armor break godmode extended to two seconds from one.
- Statue worship cost reduced by 10%.
- Added startup ascii art and locked certain convars. You don't need to fuck with your console and fakelag yourself.
- Repair kits now also require copper.
- Pickaxes no longer give better quality materials every time. Now they are worse and you are expected to repair your tools.
- The amount of iron mined from nodes has been reduced due to repetitive abuse farming.
- Authing on the site is now fluid single step process.
- Recycling now gives way less XP and Crafting gives more. Cooking potions now also gains XP.
- Upgrading no longer gives XP due to abuse.
- Rates are now locked and control is taken away from your client.

[23/01/21] 1.3
- Fixed error spam with certain actions in crafting UI.
- Fixed respawn issue when spamming right click when dead.
- You can now deposit directly into the statue to prevent theft of items if you miss.
- Fixed aimvector velocity when throwing objects.
- Basic optimisations and delay added to repetitive menu functionality (if you spam, you no longer lag)
- Lootbox shop has been removed. A better alternative will be available in the future.
- Increased NPC difficulty globally by 5% (HP+Dmg up)

- Added Secondary Accessory slot! You can equip two.
- Rings have been added that give buffs. Upgrade them for better buffs!
- Ammo dispenser amount has been increased for VIPs

- Fixed weapon stats sometimes de-linking when you did dumb stuff.
- Weapon level has been nerfed, no longer gives damage. Instead gives a lot of mobility/handling.
- Repairkits are now for sale in the shop, and they drop very rarely in the raids!
- Streaker quest updated, 50-40 and it now rewards a stat mutator.
- Fixed micro-lag when raids are running. Zone loot no longer saves over restart, this table gets very big.
- Mining nodes, ores and pickaxes have been added to Raids! Diggy diggy hole!
- Diamond/Gold are now currencies and can be traded out for the same value.
- Current Elemental Attribute is now shown on HUD.
- The Combine have gotten angry and called the elite!
- Higher rarity potions now last longer!

- Fixed particles appearing infront of you when a player dies.
- Fixed endless raid breaking on lv35+
- Rewrote weapon recoil/spread. It's also no longer predicted and will be changed further when i have time :)
- Alternate recipes have landed! Swap wood for plastic with certain recipes!

- Fixed useless items linking in chat.
- Only the Raid owner (who spent the key) can now start or progress the raid. Learn to ask instead of spamming E guys.
- Reload speed tech has landed!
- You can now grind gems into fragments.
- Gem Fragments are now used to upgrade Raid Keys (a lot cheaper than dust!)
- Tech now requires gems to craft (instead of circuitboards), and recycling may give you a gem.

- Fixed daily rewards not being accessible since last nights changes.
- Raid loot saving no longer causes lag when zone closes.
- Fixed error in right click UI if you close your menu too fast.
- Backend improvements/FPS improvements across the board.
- Fixed perk shop complaining about non-vip when vip shop was used prior.
- Gun levels have landed! Progress with your weapon to gain extra damage/handling!
- Reload speed tech has been added! Find it first to own the monopoly!
- Zone loot saving now doesn't cause lag on raid end.
- Fixed errors in right click menu when closing UI.
- Dust costs for upgrading past mythic have been lowered by nearly 50%!
- Blueprinting new items no longer costs the resources
- "Super Rare" items like the minigun now auto-link to chat, regardless of rarity.

- Fixed issue with stacking reverting rarity after upgrading past unobtainium.
- Items now auto-link to chat when obtained if they are rare.
- Gathering XP has now been increased. Get gathering xp by collecting items.
- Invincibility frame was added when your armor breaks
- Raids are now 2man, 3man, 4man requirements at 12, 20, 32 player counts! Play together!
- Anyone can now enter a raid that has no group. Up to 6 max!

- Removed all death-animations and replaced with death particles, so boss attacks get removed instantly on death.
- Fixed spider queen having no collisions therefore being invincible at some points.
- Chests and Cave areas have been added to the dungeons! Get exploring to find out more!
- Repair base is now 1000 instead of 850, armor will now last longer!
- Rebalanced damage to non-armor from bosses.
- Small potions now have x3 drop-rate.
- Lower rarity key bosses now have scaled defense, easier on earlier levels.
- Enemies can now only do maximum 50% health damage, no more instant-kill one-shots~
- Fixed some bosses logic breaking in certain situations.
- Bosses now have a single attribute, and rng rolls for more.
- Speed potions no longer give jump power

- DPS is now renamed to DPM (Damage per Magazine)
- DPS is now shown individually when you change weaponry. Includes attachments.
- Arcana now has 18k health instead of 20k
- Rescaled weapon damage to be multiplicative on rarity upgrade, instead of additive; MOAR DAMAGE!
- Shoes now drop loot from breen's altar.
- Enemies are now godmoded for the first few frames of existance as the engine requires a frame or so to setup.
- Updated gmod steamclient, we can now connect to workshop again.
- Fixed issues with unfinishable/sequence broken raids.
- Fixed being unable to move when you join the server at points.
- Bank/Inventory is now accessible on our website.
- Right click menu now stays on screen, if resolution is too small.
- Bosses like reaper etc can no longer damage you while they have 0 health.
- Bosses like reaper etc can no longer range attack you prior to entering the arena.
- Weapons now drop with proper attributes. Some still drop without.
- All boss attributes are now set, considering randomising for difficulty later.

- Gem fragments can be Fused from your inventory at any time. Makes a random gem.
- Gem fragments are now dropped from most enemies, droprate increases with higher level raids.
- Gems drop from the raids, can be found at higher rarities and can be combined to upgrade them!
- Gems have landed! These fella's hold the power of elements and can apply it to your weapon!

- Ammo is now hidden in inventory etc as it is free
- Berries are now classed as healing items
- Deployables like the campfire / stove have been removed. You can ignite items like wood to cook on instead if required.
- Leaning has been removed as it caused players to lag. 2kb each time you lean was too much.
- Ammo drops have been removed entirely, they should no longer drop from bosses.
- Weapon attributes have landed! Certain enemies have elements that are stronger/weaker against specific attributes! Lightning > Water etc. Water, Fire, Magic, Lightning, Nature, Holy, Chaos, Poison
- Attribute strengh -25% damage, attribute weakness +25% damage
- Enemies can now have random extra attributes that buff both their health and loot drops.
- Attributes are now shown as a visual on both the weapon you have, and the enemy you are facing.

- Solo gameplay is not as rewarding as group gameplay. Everything is fair.
- Groups now gain 10-20% XP bonus from their team-mates. Up to 6 man!
- Recycling no longer gives ANY xp, upgrading/crafting now give crafting XP x2
- Items can now be linked to chat in their right click menu.
- Dialogues can now be multi-line, and are now streamlined to be easily closed.
- Raid cooldown has been added, so everyone has a fair chance! Group up if you're missing out!
- You can now recycle by hand without having to drop your repair kits. Check your UI!
- Cook books have returned, in the new form of Alchemy books! These will get you recipes for potions- if you can't find them!
- Potions have been revamped completely! They are now timed boosters, with larger potions being craftable. Many new types of potions have landed!
- Removed skills that have no purpose and were leftovers from DayZ.
- A mysterious statue has appeared in the lobby and promises to be a good "benefactor"!

- Raidloot menu button added to lobby, incase you close it or misclick. Still shows on rejoin, however this streamlines that.
- Cosmetics and VIP purchases are now transferrable from dayz! Make sure they are in your bank first.
- New dailies have arrived, check your login bonuses!
- Fixed errors in clientside inventory ui.
- Added Dropbox to lobby. You can now host drop parties!
- Fixed errors with UI with items that no longer exist.
- Common items can now be again upgraded! WOOHOO!
- Optimised a lot of serverside functionality. Expect some FPS boosts soon!
- Berry perish time increased to 20 minutes, instead of 5.
- BETA2 has begun! Item transferring will be available soon.

- Raid loot / Raid key menu is now available/auto-refunded over crashes/restarts. 
- Menu now resizes based on your resolution. Potato has small menu, Widescreen should now be 1080p
- Raid keys, repair kits and sewing kits are now classed as Currency. Should be easier to find too!
- Key is now choosable on raid-entry with UI.
- Dust price for keys is now scaled on rarity, cheaper at lower key rarity!
- Safezone has been redesigned!
- Leaning is in, bind keys to +alt1 and +alt2

- Hats can now be recycled into dust 
- Decreased break chance on base recycles without repair-kits, however those grinding with this method for dust, now have an alternative;
- Epic+ raids are now always uncommon+
- Boss drops are now always uncommon+
- Common items can no longer be upgraded with x3 (if they do not need dust)
- Health station has been nerfed to be 50% of it's current fill rate.
- Updated wearables, fixed invisible glitching while in thirdperson.
- /sz is now /lobby or /exit
- Updated locales, Safezone is now renamed to Lobby.
- Common items are now less common (lol) in higher raids.
- Quests now auto-start their next chain if there is one. Should streamline tutorial etc.
- More potions have been added. More coming soon!
- Tech Slot 3 is now restricted to Unobtainium or higher weaponry.
- Quests can now be cancelled properly
- Season 1 has now started! Claim 50-500k by logging in!
- Possibly fixed sounds playing in the wrong areas.
- Added lag prediction to melee
- Challenge Missions have landed! These change every 30 minutes!
- Added Killstreak sound settings to F4
- Fixed spider miniboss spawning instead of spider queen
- Fixed thirdperson tracers being visible in firstperson.
- Wave npc spawn limit is now increased with more players.
- Spider is now fightable in the dungeons.
- Grenades now drop in the dungeons.
- Damage Player > Player is now disabled entirely.
- Ammo dispenser no longer has a cooldown.
- Double XP / Loot now on til after Christmas!

- Helmets now should be effective in raids.
- Food / Drink no longer drop in raids. It had no purpose. Instead you now get money directly, saving you selling it anyway!
- Melee has been buffed. It's now effective, if you can dodge.
- Raid end log now available. Sexy statistics!
- Base weight increased from 200-300 for newer players that do not have backpacks yet.
- Characters now auto-load if they are alive.
- Items can now be locked/unlocked so you do not lose them (cannot be sold, dropped or lost).
- New Right click menu! Lookin sexy!
- Thirdperson can now be used in raids (F2)
- Effects added to teleporting in/out of raids.
- Raid area's now have proper names! Check out the new Secret Lab Raid!
- Raid Doors now refund keys if you don't activate the raid.
- Enemies killed no longer give goodwill.
- Armor now acts like additional health, negating majority damage unless you are shot in the head. Keep it repaired!
- Raids now have different enemies (or in different orders). Unique enemies are planned, but will be RNG based on your run.
- A new raid has arrived... check it out!
- Killstreaks have landed! Blast those enemies and raise your score!
- Fixed another bunch of bugs that prevented progression during a raid.


- Lootboxes are now given to new players, and a constant popup about the tutorial that won't be ignored :')
- Zone door time is down from 5 minutes to 2 minutes, so "accidental" openings don't delay gameplay.
- Repairing items is now cheaper and body armor can now always be repaired, regardless of it's damage.
- Updated Tutorial mission line. Now automatically given to new players with a prompt to learn how to play/get required gear.
- Dust now drops in the raids again, after previous fixed issues with physics.
- Health bar is now visible above allies while in a raid.
- Berries can now be found/crafted. More potions/boosts coming soon!
- Added NPC dialogues. Bosses and other NPCs will now talk to you during your travels!
- Fixed a plethora of bugs that prevented raids from starting.
- Armor has been rebalanced. Bosses will now hurt your armor, but your health will be fine.
- Bosses have been fixed so they no longer deal 0.1L of damage to unarmored opponents.
- Enemies now have a health bar that shows through walls!

- Weapon stat names have been added!
- Item UI has been completely revamped, check it out!
- Shop restock timer has been reduced to 10 minutes (from 20)
- Stat mutators are now available to buy in the shop.
- Perks have been updated. DayZ perks have been removed, RaidZ perks are being developed.
- Siren rollwind attack is now avoidable.
- Battery charger has been added to safezone. Costs $500 to fill empty batteries.
- Items left behind are limited to 1 pickup per wave (a stack is still a single item)
- "Heroes never die", all items are now autocollected for you to pick through when you finish raid (if you didn't pick them up live) due to weight constraints.
- Raids 3/4 are fixed (yet still unfinished second floors)
- Health machine was removed from Arena.
- DPS, Melee and Armor stats have landed! Now you'll always know what's better than your gear!
- Raid 3/4 are now closed until they are finished as you guys are too dumb to realise they were unfinished with half a raid.
- Combine now have bad aim (as opposed to being headshot machines)
- Loot drops have been rebalanced to drop more useful items like medicals/potions
- Balanced some boss damages to player. There are more changes to come. Armor shouldn't ouch so much when the siren screams.
- HUD visuals updated for waves, now shows keytype used, rarity and more!
- Rewrote networking for spectating/HUD. Now supports realtime updates!
- Bosses now drop their Keytype and endless keys instead of generic keys.
- Challenge Keys/Boss keys have been added! Fight your favourite boss, or harder endless mode!

- Loot is now randomly distributed to team, instead of top damage. This excludes bosses, which drop items for everyone.
- Health chargers have been added before each boss arena. You'll need them!
- Added new category "Account Boosts" which are booster-items that you can use across any of our servers.
- Dust and other Currencies now have a rarity.
- Stat mutators are now Epic, you cannot upgrade them. They now have a 1/200 chance to proc and max your weapon.
- Increased movementspeed for new larger bosses, have fun dodging!
- 9 New Bosses have landed! These will be balanced soon, they're currently in testing and may be buggy!
- "Reroll Stats" no longer uses money. It now uses Stat Mutators, which have a higher chance to give you what you want, without spending all your money on RNG.

- Players now nocollide in safezone.
- RaidZ now launched! XPx2 and Lootx2 until Sunday!
- /stuck has been added. Type this to go back to the start of the area. /sz will take you to safezone.
- Items now freeze after a few seconds to prevent physics collision spam.
- Weight max increased from 400 (dayz max) to 800 (new raidz max)
- Added win screen. Plays sound effects too!
- RaidZ keys can now be upgraded using dust. Higher rarity keys makes raids difficult but gives more rare loot.
- Added daily missions and tutorials.
- Increased amount of clips you get each time you press E on ammo dispenser.
- Raids no longer need a key to enter the first rarity (common), you can now buy uncommons in the shop for 496$ each.
- You no longer need to wait to equip items.
- Equipped items are no longer unequipped on death.
- Item quality is no longer lost on death.
- Items you enter raids with are no longer lost on death.
Items that are rare to find now hype in chat
- Fixed boss sounds playing in safezone, they are now zone specific
- Clips are no longer emptied across teleports
- Scoreboard now shows what each player is doing
- Ammo no longer drops as it is freely available.
- Spectating has been added, and now works properly.
- 1 HP no longer kills you by bleed out.