Updates listed here are for Raids- our Half-Life RPG!
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[28/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Updated for march early! Early birds march madness sale now live
Fixed ring sale price being incorrect at trader shops

[26/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Updated website media/theme

[24/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Torn pages now show blueprint in item name
Optimisations/Bugfixes for reported issues
Added F4 Setting to turn off QTE visuals
Added QTE to lughs skybomb ultimate

[20/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Maintenance/Infrastructure rebuild, kernel+drivers
Updated hold E mechanic to make more sense to new players

[17/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Added Dodge QTE for NULL ultimate attack
NULL mines are now indicated on your UI, just like grenades!
NULL now has areanodes and can now be called as a world boss! You can make these by adding NULL tears via the pray option on the summon item
Death reasons now show npc name instead of class
Fixed null hp being broken/incorrectly scaled sometimes in raid
Updated NULL mechanics, added Mini-NULL pet skin

[16/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Added Quicktime/QTE visual timers for fatal attacks. Dodge or die!

[15/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
All primary weapons DPS are now similar at the endgame (increased+rebased), promoting personal preference
More DPS is now given via XP/Leveling your weapon!
Updated some item names/locales
Added bonus breakdown to upgrade tree menu, showing how much dps is given for each bonus!

[12/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed boss damage downscaling in normal/advanced raids only working for uncommon keys

[11/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Raid lootables now push you off them instead of damaging you like npcs do

[08/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Updated auction slots to update faster
Auctions now shows/calculates tax slice (based on your reputation) and factors it into the price for you!

[07/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed csmodels world rendering at 0,0,0 if it is in a playable area
Updated icon renderer, they are now rendered in higher quality! Some item icons have been updated/redesigned too. Reset your icons in F4 settings+reconnect to see changes!

[06/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed guild subleader not being demotable if they had multiple roles

[05/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Iron/kevlar no longer drops as boss armor
Repair kit value/worth is now relative to their condition/quality
Added vending machines, these sell specific goods that are always available, you'll find them in the lobby! E.g. Repair kits! This replaces the repair-o-matic which was rather expensive anyway!
Fixed bank quick options withdrawing/depositing favourites
Fixed grenades not quick depositing in the bank
Fixed purchasing perks not working without talking to any shop npc first

[01/02/24] ➀ raidz/master
Added valentines crate for February (in battlepass/random drops), updated battlepass/weapon series crates

[31/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
Optimisation/Fixes for x86-64 branch issues today

[28/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed playermodel hotloader for system configs like proton (now loads from data instead of leaving it up to gmod/steam workshop)

[27/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
Increased token value, minigames have been balanced to give them at the same rates regardless of what you are doing
Goodiebags no longer drop resin, this is from citadel/quests only, Citadel now has a 50% chance (increased from 25%) to drop resin to you on completion
Story quest rewards/resources that were previously soulbound are no longer soulbound, this doesn't affect future added quests
Tech upgrade kits now require 1 less oil to craft. Oil no longer drops from goodie bags/barney's tokens

[24/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
added new crafting results ui, shows what you made fancier!

[23/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
added workshop content checker to ingame traders/elsewhere that uses custom content, so it doesn't break if you didn't download/mount it

[17/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
Hunter miniboss fletchette damage/hp has been reduced
Item effects now show on items dropped on the ground

[15/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
Stat mutators are now a guaranteed drop from bosses, amounts depending on raid difficulty
Special blueprints like ar2, laser are now single creation and require you to find the bp again to make more. Unique recipe parts for those blueprints no longer require you to have the master blueprint to drop them

[13/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
Daily login menu now shows if you've been entered into weekend play2win giveaways

[09/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
Stimpack no longer stops movement while being used
Added relationship overrides for mid-wave mini-bosses, so they don't aggro on anything other than you/grigori/players.
Fixed/optimised certain quests not working in citadel/other places
Slot 9 on hotbar now excludes currencies (auto set to last collected item)

[02/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
Spring cleaning (forgive the pun); internal code cleanups and optimisations, version 2.2 is live!

[01/01/24] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Grigori's boss aggro routines
Updated scoreboard to be able to display millions without cutting off
Skin case series 3 has arrived!
Battlepass updated for January with new rewards

[29/12/23] ➀ raidz/master
New daily login reward system with brand new items! 7 days rolling rewards, rolling over to the start every 7 days you claim and never resetting!

[28/12/23] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed ar2 having incorrect prefix if eventifier is added to homemade before it has a craft number
Fixed bleach losing homemade prefix when upgraded to unobtainium

[23/12/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated cosmetic multipliers and optimised editor backend, increased defaults and now double limit if mini-chad+
Restrictions are now off; Steroids are in!
Upgrading keys just got rebalanced! Now requiring 5 Key Shards to create a legendary key and 6 to make a mythic(from legendary! 11 shards instead of 20+)!
Key shards are now tradable amongst other players as they are no longer a guaranteed drop rate!
Key Shards are no longer a guaranteed droprate from raid end instead they are now 20%/10% for host/everyone else respectively!
Non-progression keys are now recyclable for 1 Key Shard of the same tier!
Raid completion reward droprates for host/everyone are now shown side by side
Updated raid completion rewards UI+added descriptions
Items linked to chat now show their amount in chat/discord

[21/12/23] ➀ raidz/master
Goodie bags + Goodie bags UI added, debut at the weekend

[20/12/23] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed issues with latest gmod update (particles/hook ordering)

[05/12/23] ➀ raidz/master
Skin Paints have been re-evaluated; worth now increases depending on skin rarity, plus they now only need 10 to combine!

[30/11/23] ➀ raidz/master
Skin caches and paints/drips now show their type when linked to chat and can be searched in bank
Meat pies now show the name of who was turned into it/bugfixes
Series 2 skin crates have been added! New ones will be added on the last day of the month in future

[28/11/23] ➀ raidz/master
Playtime Bonus is now 50 XP per minute (x2/100 for hbn.gg tag+chads), doubled to 100/200 when sitting in a chair/afk
Paint now has it's own item category to keep it clean
Increased max repair clamp to 1400 from 1200; as crafting level has a scaling repair bonus now

[27/11/23] ➀ raidz/master
Weapon mods have been updated to increase mod by 1 "level" each time, instead of 0.5% (reworded too!); their droprate has been adjusted to match.
Removed level caps at 500; Bonuses cap at level 500 now too and have had their curves slightly adjusted; you can now level up infinitely! Increased hp per survival level and added 5 extra repair points per crafting level!
Updated perk shop, now in the character tab entirely (updated visuals) and can be upgraded from there

[25/11/23] ➀ raidz/master
Bugfixes/getting Christmas content ready
Tutorial system has been added to complement many existing systems and explain them more thoroughly the first time you interact with them (mostly for newer/returning players!)

[09/11/23] ➀ raidz/master
Sam's Skins Shop has opened! Tyrone no longer sells skins! You can buy as many as you wish from our new friend in the lobby.
Unboxing rare skins is now shown in chat/discord ingame-chat
Updated item icons, element is now only shown on hover- not directly on the item

[08/11/23] ➀ raidz/master
30 Drips can now be used to create a Paint Can of the same type. No guesses for how you get these!
Paint has been added also, you can find Paint(1%) if you are lucky, which can be applied to ANY existing primary or secondary weapon!
Weapon Skins have landed! Series 1 weapon skin crates (primary and secondary seperate) have been added, available from Tyrone or Gman (or our store!), these give you a random epic weapon with a skin, rates are on the box! More skins will be added in the future in newer Series crates!

[01/11/23] ➀ raidz/master
Null key now has 50% to drop as hellish instead of expert if you are 3000+ dps in Citadel (1 in 8 drop-chance for expert key when null dies)
Scrubber has been removed as it has been superceded by recycling for event scrap
Some items have been re-categorised, gold/stat mutators are now a currency; among other changes
Manually stacking items now forces your name/ownership if the other stack/s owned by you
Item shrouds are now shown in auction menus
Updated and increased daily login rewards
Updated battlepass. It now has a locked overlay until i am finished updating it, to prevent mentions about it "not changing" every month

[29/10/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated souls/event drops from NULL, now drops 10 souls per citadel; Grigori's events can increase this further!
Pressing 1 will now quick-close the inventory/main menu, double-pressing will pull out primary/slot 1 weapon
Sub crafting menus can now be quick-closed by opening Inventory or pressing 1
Added a note about locking items to the Grinder menu
A drop party chute has been added to the Games Room! Only Useful items can be added (equipment, currencies etc) and it will throw contents to the crowds once it's full!
Barney has moved himself to a more permanent position in the games room. He's decorates the shelves too!
Revamped token shop item pool, removed resources available easier elsewhere and added much higher chances for things like party hats
Fishermans fishies are now quick-bankable, incase you are trying to quickly enter raid/boss arena
Statmutator hardcap is now 10000 for +5, chances become essentially guaranteed at this point
Updated tierifier description to mention T5 is available
Updated gold value, flat price increase instead of value multiplier
Increased item sale value by 1% to traders

[27/10/23] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed some functions complaining about nil arguments (gmod changes)
Updated animation system to work with latest gmod changes

[22/10/23] ➀ raidz/master
Resin/specialised loot(new secret loot tables) can now only be found in hellish lootables
Propdash props are now lit up

[21/10/23] ➀ raidz/master
Mystery Scrap is now tradable
Mystery Scrap requirement is now 200 to make an Eventifier

[08/10/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated/Optimised/Reskinned Quest menus
Fixed grinder not letting you grind nurtured pets (to get rid of them)
Fixed lootables closing other menus/their own menu when other players finish looting the same entity at the same time
Updated/Optimised shops, smoothed animations and sped up logic based on latency

[04/10/23] ➀ raidz/master
New antique found dates are now accurate to when they were dropped, not the "weapon age"

[03/10/23] ➀ raidz/master
Lootable containers have been added to raids! These contain some specialised loot relative to raid tier and rarity! Includes event loot tables~ Time to explore!
Event weaponry will now give you scrap (spooky for halloween) on recycle/grind, use it to create an Eventifier once you have 300!
Optimised potion handler/logic
Optimised item icon drawing, added condition visual to equipment icons

[02/10/23] ➀ raidz/master
Halloween optimisations, solving heavy logic on weapon fire/callbacks
Gold now requires x999 bars to upgrade, instead of x1999; multi-ore droprates have been adjusted

[30/09/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Fabricator Bench UI

[29/09/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Ores in trader shops to be smelted bars, increased bundle from x2 to x5

[28/09/23] ➀ raidz/master
Added wilderness fabrication bench to lobby/wilderness blueprint locales, this has special resource heavy blueprints that unlock when the wilderness is complete
Fixed previous ammo counts not autoreloading when joining/spawning etc

[27/09/23] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed gold material not working properly (primarily golden gman)

[25/09/23] ➀ raidz/master
Rejecting raid request as the host now prevents the player from requesting again for 10 minutes
Many micro-optimisations as we move towards supporting the wilderness server
Integrated map/prop layering system for all servers; Halloween layer and more soon!

[07/09/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated item UI, increased font size for higher resolutions and repositioned sub icons like lock, sockets etc
Fixed background sounds not switching correctly between different zones
Fixed shops not opening if you haven't finished the tutorial (you just can't sell yet!)
Updated lobby npcs to no longer turn their heads/look around on the server (network save)
Updated cosmetic editor to include reset option + autoclick last updated
Added ping time to fishing, so catches do not escape from higher ping players even if they catch right at the end
Fixed visual issues with fishing (rod visual glitches) and increased catch time so you don't need to pay so much attention

[06/09/23] ➀ raidz/master
Pets now have generation numbers; the child becomes the next generation
Decomposer now gives homemade (poop/fiber) if the input was homemade
Decreased XP requirement for pets to level up (20%)
Increased pet max level to 99, adding 2 more evolution chances at 80/90
Updated breeding, parents with the same stat now have a much higher chance to inherit to children, they will always inherit the higher/better bonus

[05/09/23] ➀ raidz/master
Delayed spawning secrets until the room is activated/setup, incase of multi-path; added spawning effects
Increased DPS gain per damage stat point
Added global chat between servers with large cooldown- Discord can always see your messages
Added a tooltip to 3d reputation heart shop menus so you know you can click it
Fixed golden gman not appearing when he should be
Sped up shop item highlighting/tightened double click logic
Optimised attribute/element damage calculations
Optimised cosmetic editor and clamped max values within acceptable limits

[30/08/23] ➀ raidz/master
Gman can now upgrade the contents of his briefcase and have even more valuable items for sale!
Decreased enemy health in solo gameplay, increased hp gained per extra player
Gman no longer has an enemy healthbar and shooting him will eventually piss him off
Removed weapon parts/stuff that drop on the floor in raids from gman briefcase

[29/08/23] ➀ raidz/master
You can now double click on items in gmans briefcase to quick-purchase them

[28/08/23] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed firerates being tick dependant/engine inaccuracies- they shoot faster now!
Updated and rewrote weapon internals, removed fire modes etc
Updated 3D shops, added reputation to menu and replaced interaction transitions

[27/08/23] ➀ raidz/master
Rerolling now has a infomenu/tooltip that explains rates/how it works
DPS is now calculated in crafting menus (blank template weapon)
Updated visuals for limited/special blueprints
Increased supreme limit to +5 (pity caps at +3, memory chips to save), increased statmutator droprate in raids

[25/08/23] ➀ raidz/master
Completely new 3D Shop UI! Now chunking networking on sale of items too!
New gman UI, overhauled and animated in 3d now! Meet the πŸ’Ό. Always packed with 9 goodies(rng begone!) and an entirely new drop table!

[16/08/23] ➀ raidz/master
Trading cooldown(1 minute) now only applies if the other player rejects the invite (10 seconds otherwise)
Added a trade confirmation/finished menu. Highlights/restyles lent items to be more self explanatory
Fixed /trade chatcommand interfering with /t trade chat
Updated item/body carrying. Clicking after carrying now drops + .4s cooldown so you can click repetitively without issue

[15/08/23] ➀ raidz/master
New resource: Memory Chips. Capable of restoring stats after rerolling. Found randomly, or bought from the black market.

[11/08/23] ➀ raidz/master
Lugh's set has been reworked into debuff immunity, covering bleed, sickness, poison, overweight(!) and others
Changing weapon mods now reduces mod level by 2(if there is one) instead of rerolling entirely
Optimised weapon think routines (removed a lot of them as calculation is now done one time)
Optimised weapon recalculation to only be done on weapon switch/level up
Reload speed mod has been rebased
All weapon mods now benefit from precision pin's firerate as their secondary bonus; precision pin now reduces durability loss
Weapon mod upgrading now has a menu
Ar2 Core (homemade) drop rate has been increased and they can now drop in the Citadel
Items that are worth less than tokens are no longer sold in token shops (stat mutators)

[02/08/23] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed error with guilds breaking when gmod refuses to network crucial data to you
Items alerts gained from quests now say what quest they were from

[01/08/23] ➀ raidz/master
Raid Join UI now shows if the raid host is inside or not (cancel in/start in)
Fixed Join button sometimes getting stuck on raid cancel
Updated battlepass for august
Added a drop sound when you find items above mythic
Updated itemcrate internals to run on new tokenrandom
Increased reputation reward per plant by 25% (odessa)
Increased reputation reward per fish by 50% (fisherman)

[29/07/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated enemy item drop pools πŸ˜‰
Fixed the update log
Added a system to rerolling that pities you if you are extremely unlucky/into multiple 1000s of rolls- for supreme +2/3
Optimised Player/NPC health-bar drawing

[04/07/23] ➀ raidz/master
Pet skills are now shown regardless of level, but their % is not until they are leveled
Removed some found types such as breens altar, treasure chest and others so stacking is automated better

[03/07/23] ➀ raidz/master
Weapons parts now show their corresponding letter
New Prefix Homemade has been added. Homemade weapons(made from 100% homemade parts) now give the same bonus as antique AND it stacks!

[30/06/23] ➀ raidz/master
Guild mode added to scoreboard, sorts players by guilds!

[29/06/23] ➀ raidz/master
Increased shield baton efficiency/reduced damage to self-shield

[26/06/23] ➀ raidz/master
Renamed Armory to Collections. Added more QOL, icons now highlight if they are better! Right clicking Collections button now enters mini-mode, to compare with your bank!

[19/06/23] ➀ raidz/master
Treasure chests now put their items directly into your inventory, saving picking them up!
Doors can now be opened if the raid hoster is dead/in spectate
Added ability to sort by multiple different options in auctions too. Defaults to highest value
Updated Auctions, added loading bar+optimised data transfer(a lot)!

[15/06/23] ➀ raidz/master
Added new prefixes for stats above 10

[13/06/23] ➀ raidz/master
Added a Mass-Recycler(mini-thumper) in the lobby near the grinder

[12/06/23] ➀ raidz/master
Added sorting logic to inventory tabs (Can now; Sort by name, rarity, condition, name+rarity, name+condition)

[11/06/23] ➀ raidz/master
Increased base raid end kleiner limit to 25 from 15, perk/bonuses applied after (more teleports!)
Added validation to unboxing menus for those that don't have particles installed (or fucked with their game content)- saves menus breaking
Damage done to world bosses is now networked to you on boss death, instead of chest open
Rolling stats above 10 (+1/+2/+3) is now classified as "EXTRA"
+1/+2 now pause rerollers so you do not skip past them (damage above 10)
Lent item now have a prefix when linked in chat

[03/06/23] ➀ raidz/master
Increased gifts reputation reward as some npcs have higher rep max levels now (farming/fishing)
Right click sub menus now perform their first action when clicked- saving navigating the second dropdown
Updated Stack All Conditions/Stack Same Conditions to be much easier to use
Plants+Veggies now return to inventory as the correct type/Grown if you leave while they are growing

[01/06/23] ➀ raidz/master
Made all default HL2 skins craftable (3x fabric+upgrade), they no longer drop in raid as they swamped other loot tables
Bank "Withdraw/Deposit ..." buttons now default to ALL on left click, Right click for specifics/submenu

[30/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
Actions like Mining/Chopping no longer consume stamina

[28/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
Items listed on Auction are now visible for up to 28 days, instead of 1 week

[22/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
Increasing Odessa's reputation now unlocks better soil, which increases your fruit rarity output! New plots unlock at 3, 6 and 9.
Odessa has opened a farm shop, you can buy seeds and fertiliser here, or sell your veggies to increase his reputation!

[20/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
Kleiner now revives you in raids at your closest teammate when boss rooms open for moral support- if you haven't taken your loot from the end-screen
Citadel loot table updated, resin chance increased, chronomatics now drop from null directly instead of cache, keys alert in chat now too
Resin is now upgradable, max rarity is mythic. Citadel drop may drop higher rarities to you.
Updated custom playermodel hotloader to show who requested to load what model. Also fixes small issue with multiple people sharing models

[15/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
Rescaled damage received in lower raid tiers, its lower now (as elite tier was removed a little while ago)
Latest optimisations/bug fixes, adding openworld support for the future
Added visual +1/2 to items/weapons with higher dmg stats than supreme- the rares - These can be found in shops, dropped in raid, rerolled if you're super lucky, battlepass etc

[13/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated raid rewards+updated entry visuals to show new rewards for wave10 completion- Mythic Expert now drops the host a void shard for their efforts

[09/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
New Raid Mods have been discovered! (+5 new raid modifiers)

[06/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
Grigori has decided it is too difficult to go alone in hellish, he has upgraded his scanner and now joins the raid!

[05/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
Increased/modified tincture effects (10% -> 20/25%)
Reduced Aesshide health pool when split further

[03/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
Added a seed extractor to the farming area/updated crafting menu

[01/05/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated battlepass rewards for May
Increased crow hitbox size
Crows are now less aggressive while farming

[12/04/23] ➀ raidz/master
Tokens are now earned at a base rate per minigame, you can still gain more if you're lucky though!

[11/04/23] ➀ raidz/master
Aessidhe ultimate/split skill now has 25% less health

[10/04/23] ➀ raidz/master
Fisherman now has a reputation gift

[06/04/23] ➀ raidz/master
Tank lv50 reflector ability now reflects 10% damage
Reviving no no longer requires you to click, just hold E as medic!
Updated all interactable menus/ui and added descriptions built into each

[29/03/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated/new item shroud visuals
Armory is now ordered A-Z + Certain items stored no longer count (like mastery capes) + Some items were recategorised!

[28/03/23] ➀ raidz/master
Seasonal items no longer count towards armory percentage as some of these will be impossible to get (they are still storable for free weight though!)
Food thrown into the lake that is epic(or higher) now has the chance to spawn a fish pool (chance increases with higher pet xp)
Mastery cape visuals have been fixed (unlocks at class lv99)
Forgot one- Repair kit durability loss is now reduced by 33% AND repair item cost (based on rarity) is clamped to mythic!
Fishing biggest catches leaderboard is in- recording class, rarity and size!
Boss HP in Advanced and under was reduced by 20%
A difficulty was removed to streamline progression, Elite is now Advanced (advanced is gone!)
Tokens have appeared! These are earned from activities in the lobby and can be traded/exchanged for resources at a new terminal!
Propdash Daily now only requires you to beat it twice!
Daily Quests now give you tokens related to their activity(if they have them)!
Quest icons have been updated!
Repair-o-matic now repairs to 950! 1200+ available via crafting level/repair kits
Optimised Citadel, better scaling for lower players + loot is now instanced here too!
Minecart minigame has been added (/mine)! Timetrial leaderboard, daily quest and rewards for winning!
Optimised networking of player data
Potions dropped from bosses in raid are now tied to raid rarity-1 and have a chance to be higher rarity
Fishing leaderboard has been added to the fishing area for easy viewing!
...and preliminary updates for easter, which begins on April 1st

[11/03/23] ➀ raidz/master
...and many visual optimisations!
Dust Grinder no longer shows stuff that isn't worth anything to Grind!
Potion handler can no longer select Tinctures/Meme potions (right click swapping in hand)
Propdash now has a leaderboard! A new room in the lobby has opened up with themed monthly leaderboards!
Propdash has returned! v2! Better than ever, redesigned without the arbitrary physics crashes! 🚽
Portals now teleport you to your previous position, instead of default lobby teleport position!

[09/03/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Daily Login rewards to be more enticing for repetitively logging in!
Reduced Hellish Enemy HP by 10-20% (depending on enemy type) and increased generic item droprate!
Rescaled Boss max health in multiplayer
New Hellish quest: "Bless for Success" - gives Blessing Box which you can choose a rare blessing from!
Combine playermodel skin has returned, conflicting elite models (player + npc) will be updated by openworld.
Stamina potion has been buffed closer to it's former glory!
Loading screen has been updated/optimised. You might notice you can read this update log properly now!
Dodge/Iframe mechanic has been smoothed/updated for higher ping players!
Guild payments/ratelimits are now fixed.
Increased ammo max capacity from dispensers/support class.
Keys are now distributed at the doors if they are missing/skipped ahead by someone else you play with!

[05/03/23] ➀ raidz/master
Quests have been revamped. Current quests have been level scaled so they have a more obvious path!

[04/03/23] ➀ raidz/master
Loot Category buttons added to Raid End Loot menu
You can no longer use items before/after a raid (fixing raid end loot potion usage)

[02/03/23] ➀ raidz/master
Alternate recipes are now shown directly in crafting! Now visually rotates through SECRET items you can use in recipes instead! (not so secret anymore!)
Raid Loot is now F.U.L.L.Y instanced! This means you all now drop loot at the same time (subject to rng!), no more picking random! Rates increase with more players(more players = more enemies = more loot) and mods!
Updated/revamped Crafting buttons/visuals
Grigori spawns again on epic expert
small fix on labyrinth

[28/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Reputation menu is now opened automatically when you interact with NPCs
Levelling up reputation now alerts other players via chat!
- Dust is now available to purchase in bundles from Trader shops. - Auction prices for dust / gem fragments are now locked to Trader price so you can't upmark them. - Dust price has lowered due to new availability!

[26/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Reputation max levels are now shown on menu- Fisherman can be levelled to 10
Fish with sizes now give reputation when returned to the fisherman!

[24/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Crafting menu missing blueprints now show a shadow of the item you are missing instead of just a ?
Fishing crates got a visual upgrade!
Alternate recipes are now visible to craft from in smelter/cooking/potion menu

[23/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Higher rarity fish now pull on the line harder and escape quicker. You'll find more of these now.
Unobtainium+ fishing rods now rarity lock to uncommon and above (Void is rare+)
Fish now have their own category
small fix for labyrinth map

[22/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Since the fisherman has "evicted" the Ichthyosaur, all of Ichthy's gimmick reputation gifts became fish food for the fisherman!
Fishing rod logic updated. No longer hold to raise/lower line, left click only to raise/lower/snag bite! Depth bonuses are now built into the rod rarities directly.
Fishing has now been revamped, a fisherman has been found on a lost coast somewhere and now offers money for larger fish!

[20/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Size matters- Bigger rods are better! Upgrade your rod to make it bigger to catch higher rarity fish and other items!
Repair maximum is now shown on skill tab- tied to crafting level! Crafting speed level bonuses have been increased too!
Fixed auto-class change sometimes not working when equipping class specific gear
Fishing skill level has been removed- class level only, Fishing speed is now tied more to class level + rod rarity
Gathering bonus from skill level has been increased
Increased XP gained from fishing by 15-20%
Increased mining/chopping xp yield for miner class by 30% (time balancing)

[16/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Added quick clear button to bank search bar

[15/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
More Tincture recipes have been added! Gotta find 'em all!
Tincture books can now drop from caches if you are lucky (replacing the potion you'd get!)
Upgrading repair kits to the next rarity now only costs 2 (instead of 3) of the same!

[12/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Added Withdrawal Rarities/Item specific dropdowns for filtering
Auto combiner has been added. Combines items for you up to mythic!
Increased tincture book spawnchance
Antlion exoskeleton now reduces damage by 10% (instead of 20%)

[11/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Potions have been revamped and combining them now doubles their bonuses! High end potions are now much more effective! - Tinctures (timed buffs) have been added! - A new book has been added to find! (contains one tincture recipe)
Books now have predefined rarities (since they didn't have any upgrade use)
All crafting menus now darken icon if you do not have the item

[08/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Ammo dispensers now calculate your max ammo and give you the difference, instead of preventing you at 2 clips! (Be aware that ammo costs some weapon durability like always so don't spam it!)
Rerolling weapon mod can no longer reroll to the same mod, it's excluded now!

[07/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Quests objectives and ores/plants no longer spawn in places you can't reach either!

[06/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Corpses in raid now teleport when you do, no more leaving your teammates behind!
Increased plant yield by 25% (player grown)- minimum return is now 2, instead of 1!
Blessing/Sigil dropchances now increase retroactively with raid rarity (not just player count) in Hellish
Shield maxhealth reduced by 10% in hellish, increased chance of shield per wave (for blessings)
Grigori can no longer appear in Expert/Hellish raids
Blessings/Sigils no longer drop/appear in Citadel; if you want to grind these- gained from the right areas (Hellish+)
Updated spawn positions on maps and changed minor things on the maps to adjust with the new spawns so maps with more paths can't have less secrets etc

[05/02/23] ➀ raidz/master
Cosmetics have been rewritten entirely! A Cosmetic Editor has been added! Check out Edit Skin to change the angle/offsets of your visual accessories!
Secrets (Cave, Statue, Wandering) can no longer spawn in areas inaccessible to you if the map has branching paths
Updated shop UIs, bundle/single text updated to indicate there are multiple for sale
Scrubber is now capped at 4k as it clears antique from a stack of (or single) items
Wandering shop now has the same item pool as other shops and is unique for each player

[31/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Batteries (charged) can no longer be sold to trader shops (no more accidentally selling ammo)
Buff time now only decreases while you are online!
Potion buffs are now persistent across servers- the time ticks with or without you online
Smelter in the mine now uses the same menu as cooking/potion crafting!

[30/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Auto-Fill can now be reversed/flipped to pick the lowest items too! Click first item to configure limits!
Crafting menu now shows you what you can craft out of anything you have (including alternative recipes)
Potion Crafting / Food Cooking got a revamp! Check out the cauldron/campfire for more info!
Updated crafting internals, you can now auto-fill - Added output to menu to show what items are selected too - Autofill will pick the rarity materials you set, or highest if unset

[29/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Black market can now display up to a total of 9 items on each restock. New items+new prices included.
Party hats now all have the same rarity (difficulty to find) regardless of color. Creation numbers are obtained immediately.

[25/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
FPS+ (when playing with others) Now caching cosmetic logic with our animation system

[24/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Updated icons/models/visuals for many existing items- If you see inconsistencies, reload your icons in F4 settings!
Blessing prices has been adjusted to current market rate / Upgrading blessings now only requires 2, instead of 3!
/dance commands etc now open actmod menu directly- and tells you to use H
Auctions no longer hides extra stock behind the cheapest, it now orders them by price!

[23/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
You can now link items from your hotbar by typing {slotX} in chat, 1-9! Binds available for these now too!
Laser weapon magazine rebalanced in line with other energy weapons (time to empty)
Boxing gloves now show stats, these stats do not apply in the boxing arena.
Updated some recipes to now be available in books
Updated trading UI. - Money is now valued properly for overpay/underpay. - Lending mode has been updated with new visuals.

[22/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Items linked to chat now re-network to anyone who doesn't have the data, incase they joined much later.
Added support for auto-linking equipment in chat by typing any of the following: {primary}{secondary}{tertiary}{melee}{pet}{hat}{bodyarmor}{skin}{backpack}{pants}{shoes}{accessory1}{accessory2}{special}{slot1}{slot2}{slot3}{slot4} This means they can now be bound to keys!

[21/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed being able to revive respawned players in boss arenas / Increased base revival hp to 25 + medic class level

[19/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Refactored ingame statistics/onsite visuals so they no longer cause visual issues/conflict

[17/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Aessidhe's phase two has been changed- you will find out quickly~
Fixed ActMod networking too much (70% reduction) Fixed ActMod sounds not repeating due to networking lag Optimised GM:PlayerBindPress

[15/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Added auto-rescaling for higher resolutions to ActMod menu. Search is now responsive too!

[14/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Added caching and ordering of emotes in ActMod menu: A-Z now

[08/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Added info text to first damage received, alerting about dodge ability
Citadel NULL drop table updated, can now drop multiple different rewards at once- including vorpal shards
Mythic/Legendary raids now spawn enemies 10/20% faster, with mythic hellish being the fastest spawn rate
Body despawn timer is now 5 minutes in raid, bodies despawn much faster in world boss arenas

[07/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Increased AFK timer to 5 minutes across the board- this might change again in future depending on how it is utilised
AFK time is now reset when reviving other players (so they don't immediately suicide)
Increased OIL tech upgrade success chances- Void now 33% instead of 10%, Abyssal now 40%, Ascended 60%

[03/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Class specific skills now unlock at class level 50 (instead of 60), same as class accessories
Max level in any skill/category is now capped at 500 (no bonuses past 200 anyway)
Increased shotgun DPS, reduced multishot damage internally to match said DPS

[02/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Damage done to shield now counts towards final damage (world bosses)

[01/01/23] ➀ raidz/master
Repair kit XL now repairs equiv of 7 normal repair kits (costs 6 to make), previously 6.2- easy math
Battlepass updated for January. Future BP Weapons now show they are from the battlepass

[31/12/22] ➀ raidz/master
World boss health minimum scaling now set for 5 players, instead of 15
Many bugfixes/upgrades for the new year

[27/12/22] ➀ raidz/master
Being **h e a v i l y** over DPS limits no longer reduces battlepass xp earned from raid (higher raids earn more)

[24/12/22] ➀ raidz/master
Raid loot now continues to accumulate while your corpse is still there- instead of being a small time buffer on death (less cache missing in boss rooms)

[17/12/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated F4 menus, optimised logic & updated guide

[15/12/22] ➀ raidz/master
- Battlepass xp increase by 25% in legendary/mythic+ - Gun / BP XP lower DPS limits in raid removed

[14/12/22] ➀ raidz/master
Redesigned spectator system- players now automatically spectate team on death (among other optimisations)
Increased despawn timer for corpses in raid from 120 seconds to 180 seconds

[06/12/22] ➀ raidz/master
Vort now has the ability to host reaction polls via /reactpoll
Updated playerguide, we now have a completely new one with editor support!

[02/12/22] ➀ raidz/master
Christmas content + event now live! (Bugfixes etc)

[30/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Rebalanced/removed stamina from a lot of foods/drinks. Use your potions.
Wandering merchant fragment price is now relative to how much they are valued each

[27/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Armory now scrolls to item if slot is taken & Armory now swaps if rarity is lower than what you want to add!

[20/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Armory now shows you craft numbers/how much the item is valued for completion on itempanels
Armory now takes into account the rarity of items you add- Mythic+ is worth full value and higher is worth more!
Many bugfixes. Some items were moved categories (party hats now under hats instead of seasonal/currency, tools now under tertiary)

[18/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Armory, added category buttons/category percentage completion, bonuses for filling the armory coming soon!

[16/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
The Armory has arrived! Collect & Store the best of your equipment at no weight cost!

[14/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Loadouts are now in the bank, filters are now across each loadout, and you can now also give them custom names!

[12/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Shotgun damage (being assblasted) has been rescaled- damage received now tied to enemy npc level

[11/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added new part to Learning the Basics tutorial that teaches about weapon dispenser/shooting range
Optimised shop multi-sale/category sales, they are much faster now
Bank tab now has option to upgrade space directly for $$$, bank space is no longer in the perk shop!
Updated/Optimised bank space- Max upgrade increased to 20,000 (over 10,000), space increases by 1,000 per level instead of 100.

[10/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
NPC Reputation no longer reduces at all daily

[07/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Headcrabs/antlion pets now available- these can be found and bred the same way as other pets, by hatching unmarked fertilised eggs!

[06/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Citadel droptable. New item!

[04/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Bugfixes. Removed Boss Time event for good. Now you use them instead of waiting for events.

[03/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added /guildsync to discord bot Vort- adds permissions for your guild members to join your custom corner (private voice/text channel)

[01/11/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated language locales
Updated battlepass for November

[31/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Death text has been renamed to being Downed, as kleiner now pulls you out (no canonical death)
Repetitive boss summons now reduces the timer (first call will always be 5 minutes to give people time to join!)

[30/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Bound souls recipe has been updated/reduced to x2 good/x2 evil
Many bugfixes for the smaller things

[29/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Reworked hitreg on hl2 grenades (return to sender!)
Temporary weapons no longer overwrite hotbar slot save
Elemental attribute is now selectable from shooting range weapon dispenser

[28/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added prediction to props (for shooting them while they're moving!)
Added flying targets to shooting range and fixed negative spread
Added a Weapon Dispenser to the Shooting Range. Select a weapon with presets/stats and try it out!!
3 days left til Halloween! The souls of the damned are restless and in higher numbers! Limited cosmetics become tradable/uncraftable afterwards~
Recoil reduction increased per stat point, recoil can no longer go negative too!

[27/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Minimum mining rarity is now uncommon+ in raid
Mining condition minimum return in raid is now 800
Elite keyshards have been removed (only matters for upgrading keys in Expert/Hellish), Legendary/Mythic elite are retired- being over DPS limits no longer restricts entry

[23/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Renamed Tech Scrap to Electronic Scrap. Stops dumb, kleiner doesn't want Tech.

[22/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
NPC reputation loss per day changed from 50 > 25 (One emote lasts over a week)
Geoff quest now explains where you can get Mystery Bait from
Quest repeatables now show cooldown in days (weekly quests)

[20/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Increased default weight limit by 100 (for everyone) and increased backpack maximum weights due to more loot dropping in raids
Collecting world boss loot no longer requires gem fragments to unlock the portal
Loot dropped now is only visible to the owner, it is no longer networked to other participants
Increased enemy count per wave (experimental)

[19/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
You can now combine tears with boss summons

[17/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Guild names must now be unique/now cost 100k to change them
New spooky cosmetic parts now drop from spooky world bosses/the cauldron
New cosmetics(hats) can now drop from the Altar, they do not drop from anywhere else!
Halloween Part 2 now live! New cosmetics and more- the cauldron has been updated! Collect spooky parts from the cauldron with additional souls! Two weeks left til the end of the month!

[12/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated raid end loot menu. Added "Give Up" option which also shows how long you can be revived for (as claiming loot prevents revival)
A confirmation option has been added to the quest "Cancel" option due to left mouse mashers in quest menu.
Changed Boss gear pricings. Now clamped to Tear value at low end.

[11/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Bugfixes for known issues/Tech price above unobtainium has been fixed(relative to upgrade kit cost/upgrade average)

[09/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Raid Team UI, much smaller/compact now! (Scalable in F4 settings!)

[08/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Citadel, added 3D skybox countdown that displays next open time (Only at weekends)
Bugfixes for reported issues/pets over rare can no longer be grinded

[04/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
You can now duel someone from their interaction menu (teleports you both to boxing arena/qol)
Respawn timer is now 10s and bodies last longer before being removed in raids!
Limited Cosmetics boss drops renamed to Boss Pet Skins, items updated. Drop chances now for all involved and not just the activator.
Oil renamed to Tech Oil, description updated
Bugfixes for reported issues

[01/10/22] ➀ raidz/master
Cache prefix is now shown in chat when items are unboxed
Halloween event now live + Battlepass has been updated for October!!

[28/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
General optimisations/refactoring

[27/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
World boss/Citadel timers now appear no matter what zone you are in
Fixed crash issues with particles when they aren't installed/downloaded/mounted yet(nice)

[25/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Hellish raids now drop less food, picking other(higher value) things in their place!

[23/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
View Guilds now has View Info button that shows members/ranks
Added settings to scale both player/enemy health bars, updated health bar visuals + added guild rank titles to interaction menu

[22/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed physics borking (physics crash issues)
Bugfixes for reported issues, fixed random join crash- capes are now only drawn for the owner (redesign later)
Updated event room, admins now have multiple configs for enabling/disabling different actions (punching, jumping, shooting etc)
Updated context menu, moved chatsounds into button/fixed focusing

[21/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Enemy kill loot is now distributed evenly between players, all is fair in love and war- instead of randomly picking and favoring those with high dps
Loot bonus percentage is now shown as a loot multiplier for the raid overall (think x5.4)
Updated raid end screen, added Loot All button. Raid end screen now only shows 3 players with you as center (saving much fps)

[19/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated boxing area/cage. Speed is now balanced, sounds have been added and it now supports >2 fighters!

[18/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added member count/max to guild display menus

[17/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated raid entry menu to show rewards even if you don't have the key (drops information updated too)!
Creation numbers are now granted to ALL equipment when it reaches Void Rarity! ALL existing voided equipment you own have been updated and has a number based on it's age!

[16/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Citadel Null boss now has a 5% chance (for each player) to drop resin on death
Mythic null now guarantees resin drop for the key owner
More bugfixes/optimisations for recent changes
Headshot sounds are now clientside (only played for you, the headshotter) and quieter

[15/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Resources(Ores, Bars, Repairkits, etc) under 800 condition can no longer be listed on the auction
Increased max repair limit to 1200 (increased by crafting level)
Ore condition is now tied to pickaxe condition, high condition pickaxe = better condition ores!
Scrub option added to Batteries (Resets rarity to common to use as ammo, if you wish)
Energy weapons no longer treat higher rarity batteries as ammo, common only- saving that battery resource waste!
Energy weapons have been recalibrated!
Bugfixes for reported issues

[13/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Achievements, added over 30 new achievements to hunt! Icons + more coming later~

[12/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Crafting benches now give 25% speed bonus to upgrading too!(not just crafting) Added visual text about bonuses.
Potions no longer care about quality and autostack
Updated pet auto feeder with info about pet levelling
A warning has been added to soulbound stat mutators on using them (making the weapon supreme/soulbound) as being written in the tutorial isn't enough

[11/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Weapons can now be holstered/swapped during reload AND reload now continues while holstered!!! Reloading indicators have been added to hotbar icons too!
Weapon customisation menu now works in thirdperson and no longer toggles it while active
Helper text added to weapon attachments preset menu about automatically loading presets named "auto"
Optimised potion handling. Using potions now equips the potion in hand, switching away while drinking cancels, no cooldown between potions- instant select, is no longer cancellable by outside sources and picks highest rarity on right click rotation

[10/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
While boxing, you now punch for %maxhealth to keep things balanced (Extra health from survival level bonus)
Stamina/Health are now reset for both winner/loser when boxing
A new Daily Quest has been added: Best of Three (boxing)
Updated Daily quests, Rewards have been increased from Advanced->Elite boxes
Plants grown now output higher rarity produce as you upgrade your seeds further
Boxing gloves no longer require a blueprint to craft
Added /block name (same for unblock) - blocks PMs from this user

[09/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Hide cosmetic no longer hides hat particles

[07/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
You can now speed up the runner in your battlepass by holding left click
General optimisations and bugfixes

[06/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Grinder/Altar/etc to network changes once complete, instead of every change
Updated loot cache UI some more, now has cool particle effects per cache type
Bugfixes for reported issues

[05/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Void stone / Xen crystal no longer have a crafting level requirement
Added Scrap All category button to Grinder, Altar, Condenser
New cache unbox animation/menu
General optimisations/refactoring

[04/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Item Icons (delete icon cache in F4 settings to see changes)

[03/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
You can now extract Tears (out of old/unneeded Sets) at a Condenser. These are used to craft the relevant Boss Essence!

[02/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
Bugfixes for reported issues

[01/09/22] ➀ raidz/master
LMGs/HMGs now have much less recoil/spread (like other weapons)
Removed non-fun things from cw2.0 weapon base (SpreadPerShot, RecoilToSpread)
Updated battlepass for September
Primaries that had less than 30 clipsize have been modifed to have 30 clipsize
Updated some weapons. Weapons now have recoil smoothing.

[31/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added Guild Display that shows level, creation date and owner! https://cdn.hbn.gg/f/gmod_CLiXgh5Qwl.png
Updated guild menu prior to joining guild to show useful info

[30/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Removed redundant trading tab and moved buttons to inventory
Updated Guild UI tab. Now shows when guildmates were last online too!

[29/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Cosmetics are no longer drawn until you've finished loading
Key items (such as caches, key shards and raid keys) no longer count towards raid end item teleport limit
Removed backpack weight restriction on raid end loot, rapport kleiner(or holo kleiner) for more teleports!
Battlepass XP is now flat-rate instead of rng between min-max per kill (you will gain more xp)

[26/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated system notifications to only jingle for expert/hellish raids above epic! F4 Settings to enable. Also notifies about world bosses.
General optimisations across many things+limit fps to 30 on alt-tab

[25/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added event room to scoreboard / Bugfixes for reported issues
Increased Boss Essence dropchance to 2% for caller, 1% for others (can drop one only per world boss)
Gem fragment cost to open portals/loot has been reduced by 1/3rd
Boss attributes on items can now be overwritten with boss essence
Boss essence can now be applied to rings
Updated essence rarity visual to void
Fixed prediction error with dodging
You can now jump in the event room (dodge disabled for new events)
Stamina under dash requirement can now be used to dash/dodge with exhaustion instead of not dashing (wait 2x longer to start regen)
Timecapsules now guarantee antique prefix
Fixed gunner second weapon going into slot 9

[24/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Discord Voice Rewards have returned! Earn cash for your first hour in our voice channels every day!

[23/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Socketed items are no longer treated as junk in bank withdraw junk option
Added helper popup system that only displays once per type (for new players)
Merge from master
Shooting enemies is now smoother+Fixes for small issues
Reroll menu now has an autoroller (it stops on supreme)

[20/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Increased abyssal tech upgrade chance to 25% (1 in 4)
Increased void tech upgrade chance to 10% from 5%
Removed molotovs for good
Bugfixes for report issues/New hitboxes for enemies

[18/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added blacklist to raid request rejection- If __you__ are on this list, you cannot reject others from playing with you. No more refusing their DPS because it's lower, they need to play to level up.
Adjusted damage received in lower raids (normal, advanced, elite)
Xen crystals no longer have Void rarity pre-requisites
Bugfixes for reported issues

[17/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated hud elements/icon sets for tech, sockets, vorpal shards, xen shards, tier on weapon etc.
You can now shiftclick on items in chat to show their upgrade tree

[16/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
New weapon upgrade tree

[14/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Increased damage transfer from kraken tentacle to main body
Added annoying anti-macro methods

[13/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
The mine has been updated
Lobby Trees/Mining nodes can now be collected very slowly without tools
AR2 now has a larger clipsize to offset battery cost
Weapons now automatically re-equip themselves in the event of weapon-base updates.
Updated reload prediction for high-latency

[12/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Auctions now shows a warning for severly overpriced items/scam prices.
Balanced item-drops for Solo (LESS) as some think playing solo is the meta, co-operative reminder
You can no longer reject other people from joining your Solo raid when there are more than 10 players online

[08/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated daily reward system

[07/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Bugfixes for reported issues/Certain items can no longer be linked to chat

[05/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
small lobby update for kleiners teleport
Fixed /fish, farm commands etc not picking up on zone entry sometimes
Bugfixes for reported issues

[04/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Prop dash now gives rewards in gem fragments

[03/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Altar/Grinder no longer show/accept items above mythic/special stats like supreme! No more whoopsies!
Increased Boss Summon dropchance (from bosses) in hellish
Added total damage stats to world boss loot portal
World Boss loot is always unlocked to the person who summoned the boss
World Bosses now leave a portal on death, which you now use Gem Fragments to unlock/claim loot
Boss Summon price is now cheaper (but rarer to find in the shop)
Fixed laser visuals not turning off when dodging

[02/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Epic items are no longer counted as "Junk" from bank tab
Bank tabs now remember if they were minimised
Reduced pet weight to 2 from 5 due to system changes (Egg weight 1)
Added new interactables to the farming area for Pets! Includes auto-feeder and new storage!
Pets now have weight (0->5 ea)/Breed reset item is now much more expensive
Bugfixes for reported issues/Hat FPS bonus

[01/08/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed weight shown on items not being accurate to weight given/Void rarity now gives more weight on items that support it
Backpacks no longer require a crafting level to make/Are now cheaper (like clothes) to upgrade with dust above mythic

[31/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Cutscene system has been updated for the lobby shops
Changing default character model is now possible via Edit Skin option in UI

[30/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Kleiner has started to explore an uncharted rift! He will be gone exploring for a bit!

[29/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Damage cap per single shot increased due to senors mosin
Damage done to Geoff the kraken now increases drop chances further, up to 100% for oil too- if you stick around!

[28/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Perkmenu now shows bankslot maximum in dropdown
Tierrifying quest now completes properly in hellish epic+
Updatelog now supports emojis πŸ€ͺπŸ€«πŸ˜²πŸ‰
Tech can now be sold at the shops again πŸ™ƒ
Fixed oil dropping for players who have not entered hellish yet
Bugfixes for reported issues. Increased fishing XP by 30% for higher rarity fish!
Reduced Dr.Hax's monitor throw speed by 35% in raid
Listed auction item price must now be higher than they can sell for in the trader shops.
Tech can no longer be sold at the trader shops
Removed endless keys as they are useless and not endless

[27/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Babygod (teleport godmode) can no longer be bypassed
Oil chance from kraken boss has been increased to 40% base (100% for summoner) with damage dealt increasing this further!

[26/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Bugfixes for reported issues. Graves now float + stand upright in water

[25/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Optimised networking for elemental debuffs, no longer recreating particles too if the effect is currently running
Farming plant yield has been rebalanced and increased by ~20%
Spice can no longer be used to upgrade food, food now upgrades the same way potions/berries do
Changed Farming/Fishing/Mining Ring recipes to x1 Gold Ring, x1 Gem(relative), x1 Resin! Should be much easier to farm for now!
Bugfixes for reported issues

[24/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed manually changing class not overriding automatic class selector (when fishing, farming etc)
Items from before today that are tracked have been updated with a number relative to their age.
Updated item inspection panel with new colorscheme
Item creation number is now listed on newer items such as the Kraken armor/AR2 (items found before today are not numbered)
Bugfixes for reported issues

[23/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Damage to world boss now also transfers to oil chance (more damage done = higher chance! Up to 20% extra)
Bugfixes for UI/visual issues with focus/layering
Updated raid request cooldown to tell you to wait for your active request first and not be impatient
New upgrade screen has been added for Legendary+ items
Fixed items dropped/spawned at the same position deleting another entity with the same model there (collisiongroup weapon+gmod spaghetti)
Antique stat mutators no longer drop from crates as they did nothing special
Bugfixes for reported issues

[22/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
New Weekly Quest "My name is Geoff" has been added! (completion requirements may change next week)
Quests that cannot be cancelled, now tell you they cannot be cancelled
Oil is now only guaranteed for the person using the summon item, for everyone else it is random.
Timecapsules no longer guarantee Antique weapons

[21/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Geoff now drops OIL. Exclusive weapon/armor added too. More news on how to use oil... later!
Sockets are now much rarer in high-end expert
Fixed laser sound looping infinitely
Damage now increases loot quality/amount with world bosses. Deal more damage for better chances!
Anti-crash has been added for custom playermodel ragdolls
Added new spawneffect for enemies

[20/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Preliminary updates for Geoff
Chatbox is now hidden while in cutscenes

[19/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Planting now sets you to Farmer class automatically (returns to previous class after 10s of non-farmer activity)
Fixed Milk spoiling for good this time
Fixed scoreboard preventing raidlog from opening
Added fonts to contentpack as they're overwritten by other servers
Something mysterious is happening in the fishing area (new items added to fishing)

[18/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Thirdperson is now toggled once on join, so hats do not doublerender on snapshot load
Fixed spectating during raids
Milk no longer expires

[17/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Aessidhe will now spin while performing his ultimate in giant form
Shielded enemies now appear in the Citadel at higher floors! These also have a chance of dropping blessings/sigils/other items!
More bugfixes, moved player model loading start to when character is loaded (testing)

[16/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Sigils/Blessings are now easier to find/drop from shielded enemies (retroactive, will continue until we see more of them)

[15/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
More bugfixes for elemental effects, removed modelselector from C menu (as it did nothing)

[14/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
New Story Quest "Sock'et to em" has been added!
Items with sockets can now be searched for as new prefix "Socketable" was added
Updated all item name prefixes, only the important ones are visual now!
Weapons gained from Legendary/Mythic Expert and Hellish+ Item Caches now have the chance to have 1 or more sockets! (chances increase as you go higher)
Blessing/Sigil droprate chance now increases with each player. Minibosses (shielded enemies) can drop these and other new items!
Miniboss shield health is now calculated based on playercount
Fixed raid bosses having wave shield chance

[13/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated Item Definitions for 74 new blessings/sigils
Socket Punch has been added! Crafted from Socket Scrap. Recycle weapons with sockets for socket scrap!
Blessings & Sigils have been added! Add these to sockets to boost or change their effects! Upgrade Blessings to make stronger ones!
Shielded enemies have been added to waves! These "minibosses" can drop blessings, sigils and other new gear!
Sockets are now in! Weapons can drop with sockets in Legendary+ Expert and Hellish!

[12/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
More bugfixes for smaller things
Items like grenades now automatically stack, regardless of quality!
Custom Loadouts now supports up to 5!
Loadouts now supports exclusions! Now you can store sub-loadouts!

[11/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Made grenade mask white so it's more obvious
You can now save/swap loadouts at the dresser in the lobby!
Updated contentpack with new materials/assets (~10MB)
Updated Grenade indicators. They now show direction/distance via screen edge clamping!

[10/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed shields not displaying properly on world bosses
Enemy Healthbars now scale with enemy size (above head ui)
Redesigned boss health bars some more! Added stackable damage indicator
Restart timers will now wait until afterwards if a world boss is active

[09/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Reorganised Upgrade/Modify item right click options. It's more intuitive now!
Redesigned rerolling menu with new sidemenu design
Redesigned adding/removing tech from your weapon into a menu! Mythic can now be taken off too!

[08/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Shooting Range NPCs now also occasionally apply an elemental shield on themselves when shot

[07/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Elemental debuff effects are in! Each element now has it's own debuff!! These are subject to scale, we'll see how they go!
Added Hitnumbers above enemy heads. You can disable these in settings!
Updated shooting range. Added even more NPCs at different ranges to test with!

[05/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added elemental debuffs. Preliminary updates. These are purely visual for now and their bonuses are TBD!
Updated boss health bars! Now shows applied debuffs and kills on the top right!
Individual server times(curtime) are now synchronised

[04/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated shooting range. Added NPCs you can test on! Press E on the NPC to change their elemental attribute!
Updated Enemy health bars. Now shows weaknesses/strengths directly based on weapon in hand!
Dropped entry requirements for elite/expert to 20/40 (instead of 30/60)
Farming/Mining/Fishing ring now require 1 less diamond bar to craft!
Due to recent advancements, techs now require less batteries to create!

[01/07/22] ➀ raidz/master
Bugfixes for existing issues
Phoenix tophat is now auctionable/sellable
Plants are now returned to your inventory on server restarts/log off. If they have grown- all of them return!
Added tips for depositing/withdrawing guild bank items if your rank isn't high enough
Fixed Recoil/Spread underflowing and going negative on some weapons (untested)
Fixed some weapons having literally zero recoil. Removed broken Recoil/FireDelay attachment multipliers too.
Updated battlepass for July
Minigun now has 200 clipsize, instead of 100
Removed all leftover damage modifying attachments. Damage is now in the base, attachment irrelevant!

[28/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Cardinal now micromanages event resource prices and will now delete unused items once our summer event is over!
Gems can no longer be upgraded higher than Mythic (useless)
Physgun-mk2 now has bullet spread. Minigun now has less spread/recoil.
Bugfixes/Backend optimisations/Anti-alt

[23/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Soulbound items can now be trashed/deleted. A prompt will appear when you try to drop them!
Bugfixes/AI pathing updates
Updated event room controller (support for even larger areas)

[21/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Batteries charged now shows amount charging and is 30% faster at charging multiple
Hide HUD option now hides active reward display too

[20/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Playing solo now gives far less event item drops.

[19/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Overwrote GetAimVector and hardlocked so it cannot be overwritten by anything else (gmod is fun)
Removed bullet punch/force on corpses from laser/other weapons

[18/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
You can now charge multiple batteries at once at the battery charger. A battery charger has also been added to the mine!
Molten summer prefix is now guaranteed on unboxed boss weapons/gear until the end of the summer event!
Changed setting Default custom ragdolls to Balloonify custom ragdolls, as that is what it does, fallback! https://cdn.hbn.gg/f/gmod_4vLUPHI18u.png
Added New Setting to default custom ragdoll ghosts (can cause crashes), Simplify Entity settings now disable them entirely.
Updated all cooking recipes, food no longer spoils!
Updated cw2.0 attachment system- hopefully removes NULL errors when you haven't been networked them yet
XP requirement per level for Farmer has been reduced, XP requirement per level for Fisher has been increased
Clamped max item add amount to 50 for entities like havan/altar etc
Bugfixes for previously reported issues
Added Summer event quest Part 2

[17/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Lobby map added bigger event room option, made it so people can't fly far from pilar

[13/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Grigori now auto-repairs himself, you can speed it up (30s) by standing nearby- no more ditching him

[12/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated and added many things to Citadel NULL boss itempool, including the summer event stuff
Circumventing/Abusing systems (like AFK) will now earn an permanent ban. We aren't here to chase you.
AFKing in raid/events now earn you nothing, it has been abused on purpose enough times
Null Weekly quest can now be completed twice per weekend!
Optimised weaponry drawmodel, firstperson and thirdperson(drawing other player weapons)

[11/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated/added new dropchances to item caches
New craftable upgrade materials have been added! Max star is now 5 for Void weaponry! Upgrade past previous limits with Xen Crystals to maximise potential!
Vorpal shard dropchance is now higher in hellish raids
Updated crafting menu item selector/cleaned up crafting menu visuals
Farming/Mining/Fishing ring are now slightly cheaper to make!
Updated crafting tips (missing resources, level requirement etc)
Updated crafting level requirement visuals on crafting menu
Tierifiers are now craftable from resin!
Resin now weighs 50% less (20>10)
Optimised/Updated combine enemy routines
Added same restrictions to worship altar from grinder (Setpieces/Boss attributes/Supremes)
SetPieces can no longer be added to the grinder

[10/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Slices of Life (event item) now mention Havan would love them (so give them to him!)
Fixed boss pet skins not working when mastery cape is equipped
Fixed SetupHands not working properly (hands being invisible on join)
Added looking-for-group channel to discord

[08/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Items with boss attributes can no longer be added to the grinder by mistake
Updated fisher/miner class icons

[06/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Summer quest part 1 now available, with new summer cosmetics!
Bodies on fire can now be carried without any penalty
Increased chances for molten (summer event) prefix drop on boss gear (armor, weapon, sets)

[05/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Implemented area spawner/unloader for admins in our upcoming event room
Fixed bleach "debug" exploit. It wasn't debug.
Voidstones are now rarer from black market and have a wider min/max price (no shortcuts)
World boss minimum playercount scaling is now 15

[02/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Increased timeout trigger to 2 minutes from connection time

[01/06/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added Summer event "Hungry Havan" to the lobby!
Added new summer item drops/chances (on enemy/boss kill)
Updated battlepass with new backgrounds/added Summer event rewards
Added Molten weaponry (Summer Event Drop)

[31/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed visual errors with latest optimisation changes
Synergy,added small extra areas for some waves, made some spawns more difficult for players
Increased resin dropchance to 10% from NULL boss (anywhere) to assist in new recipes

[29/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed mastery cape being left behind on teleport/other visual issues
Disabled mat_queue_mode as it causes crashes on specific machines

[27/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Changed cache droprates- no more legendary raid meta

[26/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed newer stattrax (teamsaves/timesmodded) not being in stattrax droppool
Fix most (if not all) irrelevant validity errors
Servers are now forced to wait on shutdown for logic to complete, gmod does not do this properly...
Fixed many more bugs/small issues
Hellish now requires you to be within 400 DPS of the key you are trying to play, instead of 800 in previous difficulties
Taunting can now only be done in the lobby so hitboxes cannot be abused (binds are disabled elsewhere)
Fixed automatic reboots saving temporary selected class, now resets to previous

[24/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Reduced xp required per level (classes) by 25% as they go to 99 now

[23/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed spawning in fishing area not setting your zone
Limited Cosmetics can now be equipped alongside each other depending on type! A new menu has been added! https://cdn.hbn.gg/f/gmod_cGXYaH9n1m.mp4
Class max level is now 99! Unlocks a craftable mastery cape at max level for non-combat classes!
Mining/Farming/Fishing rings are now available! Blueprints unlock at level 50+ of their class
Fixed starfish mission not being able to hand in
Forced interpolation for NPCs (it's set to 0 by default?..)

[22/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated server timeout message and removed music from it
Updated locales- tf2 style
Reduced "Fat Shit" pet xp event length to 1hr from 3hrs

[16/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Small bugfixes/you can no longer see items that are not released yet
Guild XP is now automatically used in the lobby
Updated crafting menu tips
Nametags are no longer sold in the trader shops, as they're easy enough to make now
Name-tags are now craftable!
Renamed Ancient Feather (duplicate) to Ancient Beak
Exclusive crafting drops now go straight into your inventory, incase you miss them on the ground! (which happens a lot)
Repossessor (new item that takes ownership) now craftable with 3 name-tags
Item ownership/how it was found no longer changes on upgrade/recycle etc, a new item has been added to take ownership with- if you wish!
Added button to F4 that reloads workshop player models live (incase you see errors!)

[15/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
New event has been added, updated worldboss skull description (chances doubled!)

[14/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Optimised stamina routines, added recharge cooldown between dodge/usage
Fixed error when stacking many debuffs
Void skull appearance (gem fragments/at wandering merchant) has been increased by 10%
Void skulls can no longer drop repetitively in Endless

[13/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Unusual cosmetic effects no longer spam in chat
Small bugfixes/Optimisations

[12/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Muzzle flash FPS setting now hides muzzleflash/shells from firstperson too!
Fixed gmod being shit at type checking
Fixed some ores being upgradable

[11/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Pickaxe now sets class to miner automatically on the lobby while used!
Mining class is now a 0.1% ore bonus per level instead of 0.01%!
Fixed keys being eaten if you are not high enough survival level to start
Fixed various errors with cw2.0
Medkit now remembers previous charge if re-equipped or hotswapped
New resource: Resin https://cdn.hbn.gg/f/gmod_pALQFMRJgz.png
New Farming/Mining/Fishing quests have been added! Check them out!
Trees/Rocks now auto-equip the first pickaxe/axe found in inventory if the correct one is not equipped!
Farming trees now has an Axe which increases the chance for better materials the same way the pickaxe does! It doesn't require a blueprint either so get crafting!

[10/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
A Mining class has been added! Farming class has also had it's icon updated!
Glass and Sand (etc) are now faster to make in the Smelter
A Smelter has been added to the Mine!
Mining rocks are now 45s again after some minor tweaks
Iron Ore/Copper Ore can now be used as an alternate recipe for Sand
You no longer need to hold Shift to speed up your rod. Instead you have ALT to slow it down if needed!
Fishing addon has been heavily rewritten/optimised
Breaking things by hand is now a little harder and the durability loss (when item break saved) on repair-kits is now less!
Fishing rod now must unhook the caught item before you can holster the rod
Fishing rods no longer have the ability to unhook/drop items. They now go into your inventory
Void skull no longer has a dropchance AT ALL in fishing

[09/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Lobby map update added new areas for future uses, changed clips in arenas to invisable walls to avoid dead people from being unable to be reached
Pickaxe is now auto-equipped when you start mining rocks in the lobby
The lobby mining cave is now 90s per rock, instead of 45s due to mining redesign
Fertiliser is now upgradable for new recipes coming soon
Ores mined are now higher rarity, depending on pickaxe/raid rarity!
Pickaxe rarity now increases chance of better ores!
Fixed auction tax discount not applying if you are offline at time of sale
Players are now split by 16 each tick to teleport, as gmod cannot teleport everyone at once to the same position...
Zones now Think and force zone, instead of being gmod-typical and not working randomly on Touch
Fixed Event handler having an aneurism at 8am

[08/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Reduced Slowmo sound effects, now plays clientside instead of serverside (loud with many players)
World boss spawn timer is now 5 minutes, as 10 minutes was always too long!
Caches dropped from world bosses are now scaled to player level
Item Caches are now soulbound
Fixed expert boss keys costing more than craftable challenge versions
Updated hellish key descriptions to latest changes, also simplifying key descriptions to be easier to understand
Fixed bugs with new Raid Entry system, now also shows DPS Suggestion in tooltip
Keys are now be autobanked when they are given/returned to you
Hellish is now treated like other keys, autoupgrades to Epic based on DPS and you now craft higher keys for Legendary/Mythic
Fixed hide hud setting not hiding zone/raid hud
Fixed trading history erroring if you have too much history
Fixed fishing rod changing class when equip is restricted

[07/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Crafting menu now has the ability to favourite on right click!
DPS changes now update keys automatically
Keys and Raid Mods can now be used from the bank!
Updated Raid Entry UI! Brand new design to streamline progression!
Updated and added new content to workshop

[06/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Adding settings to disable teammate fishing UI
Fishing rod now changes class to fisherman automatically, and returns to previous class on holster
Updated automatic event timings
Plethora of small bugfixes/optimisations, rewriting heavy logic
Melon bomber event is now a chance at extra yield, not a guarantee.

[05/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Raid loot end menu now forcibly updates UI if items are added after the menu is created
Updated stattrax item descriptions
Added new stattrax: Teammates Saved- for medkits
Reviving players now automatically pulls out your medkit
Medkit stattrax can now only be applied to medkit

[04/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated lobby map fix and added extra dev area.
NPC Reputation now lowers a lot less per level per day
Updated tutorial quest descriptions to be "clearer"
Drinking multiple alcoholic drinks now compounds their effects *hic*
Added drunk effects!
Fixed site announcement breaking player guide clickables

[03/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Raid reset timer no allows longer reset if the elevator sequence has already begun
Fixed chess table chairs (and others) getting you stuck in the wall when you get out of them
Updated safezone cave to fire you more accurately at grigori for the achievement :)
Old lobby server now automatically redirects people who still have it on their favourites as we've moved IP!
Battlepass has been updated!
Logging out in a chair now puts you back in it (if it is not taken)
Updates system is now instant, ping/pong
Player positions are now reset if they are detected stuck on spawn

[02/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Finished migrating to newer, better, stronker hardware!
small visual fixes on lobby and longer gunrange and secret
Small visual fixes for labyrinth and underground raid map

[01/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed mashitup quest ignoring common
Reduced phone ringing sound over distance

[30/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Cooldown added to calling next worldboss so players can pickup their loot
Drop party ball now drops items at x2 speed
Endless keys now clamp to raid rarity when dropped and cannot be upgraded
Updated key descriptions (again)
Endless keys no longer drop for any other tier than Expert

[29/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Shrink/Grow potions no longer in world boss drop item pool
Fixed arcana's fireballs not chasing players :)
Version 1.2!
New limited cosmetics that you can only get from world bosses!
Optimised limited cosmetics item loader

[28/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed issue with guild bank not loading item attributes properly
Added an extra reset trigger to avoid the labyrinth map bugging out from a bad reset.
Raid doors now show the correct max player limit
Updated world boss skull visuals
Fixed falldamage being classed as explosion
Updated pet scaling system (chungus is now also smaller)
Medkit(like shieldkit) can no longer be used at all if you are not medic
Loot droprate increased by 5% globally in elite and up
Stamina/Regen potions are now a rarer drop from boss/caches

[27/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
General networking optimisations and cleanup of unused networkdata
Fixed voice scaling error when you mute someone from scoreboard
Add pingtime on equip when updating held weaponry clientside (network data delay fix)
Fixed issue with weapon firing when switching zones
AFKers in raids now suicide and automatically get sent back to the lobby
Rebalanced weaponry to break that 3k boundary!
Laser balance: 25% less windup time for -1 damage (bring in line with other weaponry)
Add chungus to default workshop pool

[26/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Raid-End "Return to Lobby" button no longer allows you to leave without taking loot!
Fixed being able to commit suicide in the Citadel
Vodka is now craftable from potatoes!
AR2 now compensates recoil and stabilizes when aiming down sight
Fixed being able to shoot in prop-dash

[25/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added AFK category to scoreboard
Optimised scoreboard, players online are now shown first!
Fixed sledbuild setting player color incorrectly
Fixed hellish uncommon requiring 0 keyshards to upgrade
Hellish keys now return at Epic if upgraded higher and used
Shop vendors now have more money when they restock!
Weapon upgrades are now counted in item value (economy resource prices)

[24/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Optimised player death calculations
Cleanup raid join button/panel when alpha fading (raid starting)
Optimised player voice calculations
Scoreboard updates! Should now be much easier to read when many players are online!

[23/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Combines no longer have grenades inside the citadel
Disabled screenclicker on death if it is active (mouse stuck)
Crosshair stability (when turning/running) has been greatly increased
Deposit all will no longer deposit batteries!
Show 10 players only on raid end screen
Fixed Aessidhe's giant form doing no damage
Aessidhe now teleports to spawn position when he spawns mobs in his ult
Fixed eggs being deleted if spawned on nodraw texture 🀷

[22/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Equipped fertilized eggs are now shown following you :)
Remove radial menus on death to prevent getting semi-stuck in it
All primary weapons now weigh the same(excl minigun/phys) (30, some were 40/45 etc)
All secondary weapons now weigh the same (20, some were 30)
Updated fonts/updated category weight visuals in bank
Withdraw Junk no longer withdraws ammotypes/batteries
Withdraw junk now ignores soulbound items
Added "Withdraw Junk" option to bank. Withdraws epic and below (ignoring supreme/special items) by category.
Pets now have a much higher chance to evolve at lvl40+, and far less when bred
Optimised radial menu drawing

[20/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Reduce rollwind hp by 25% (higher player count balance)
Optimised DPS calculations (only calculate/update on weapon equip)
Optimised armor calculations, pet bonus is now networked to other players
Added caching to obj.GetObserverTarget (serverside performance)
Fixed worldboss scaling applying to siren mag skill
Rebalanced siren mag/rollwind skill. Don't ignore them.

[19/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Setup spawnmenu properly to only show whitelisted tools/add tooltip for non-whitelisted props
Get rid of easy weld as it crashes the game
Limited Easter Chungus pet skin now available! Talk to Chungus to begin!
Updated raid backend, you should now be eligible for loot for a limited time after death (boss drops etc)
Scale Rollwind (siren ult) health by current player count

[18/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Removing useless serverside entities for invisible cosmetics
Updated networking for rings, don't create data for them at all for other players
Optimised more Draw logic (HUDPaint, PostDrawTranslucentRenderables etc)
Optimised a lot of entity draw functionality
Add UI marker for newstarters to find Alyx https://i.imgur.com/9x818k7.png
Mythic+ gems can now be used to change Attribute on any rarity
Attribute can now be changed at any weapon level if you have a good enough gem (no longer requires lvl 5)
Fixed worldboss damage not working properly
Now Luck increases with each "empty" cache (depending on rarity/tier), resets on rare item drop (experimental)

[17/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Auctions now shows different boss sets seperately
Optimised zone checks clientside/serverside, moving from vector logic to integer checks (experimental)
Updated Cw2.0 tracer origins (fallback to default if none found instead of error)
Easter eggs given for repeatable reward are now stored across restarts/reconnects
Updated gormet foods, reduced time to feed to 1s

[16/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Blocked Throwing/Dropping items in citadel
Renamed Star to Vorpal on right click menu to make it clearer
Optimise serverside player handler for shields
Added FPS setting to disable bullet impact effects
Upgrade performance impact from Low to Medium for CW Muzzle Flashes
Added settings to disable bullet tracers / muzzle flashes (FPS options)
Optimised accessories again, removing SetModelScale in favour of RenderMultiply which is cheaper
Updated workshop playermodel loader (quicker integration for new ones!)

[15/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Optimising and ratelimiting expensive clientside functions (FPS bonus)
Enemies(in raid) will now randomly take damage proportional to their max health when stuck out of bounds
Optimised back weaponry/accessories (FPS bonus) some more
Support ammo UI element now checks to see if they are level 60 before displaying
Disallow spawnmenu opening mid raid
Tickets can now be re-opened by the creator, admins can now lock tickets too!
Updated ticket system with copypaste friendly templates!
Fixed bot going mental if discord connection is lost
Fixed ticket timestamps being out by 1 hour (daylight savings)

[14/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Optimised healthbar checks further (more fps save at high player counts on the way)
Updated Playerguide, added attribute icons/deeper explanation.
Optimised healthbar drawing, no longer distance checks etc, just undraws outside PVS Added heads up display above support characters when your ammo is low
Added notification for when raid rarity is DPS autobalanced
Batteries sold in the shop are now pre-charged and sold in larger bundles
Batteries are now 50% cheaper to charge
Added shortcommands for gmod gestures/taunts (/wave, /zombie, /pers, /drop, /dance, /robot etc)
Odessa reputation bonus now gives 2% plant growth (speed) per level
Prelims for more easter content (available 17th onwards)

[13/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Update personal bank item description

[12/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Show DPS Suggestion on Raid Entry UI
Portals now prevent entry to severely under dps requirements (these players will die a horrible death)
Class is now shown on the HUD. Element has been moved behind health to save obscuring vital information
Trading system/menu now automatically resizes depending on size of trade
Added visuals for medic when other players are low health/dying
Added sky effect to world boss
Boost fishing bonus from hook depth (rod rarity increases line length)
Update invalid_attacker to Explosion (world damage)
Move explosion logic to after item logic on npc kill (gmod only supports one usage of DamageInfo and overwrites consecutives)
Hotload new playermodels
Fixed hax ring not being visible in auctions
Fixed NPC Reputation refusing to load on boot

[11/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Batteries now weigh 0
Fixed battery refill for new boss weapon :)
Show Damage numbers in Shooting Range/clamp decimals
Fixed being able to equip two of the same boss rings (the second one does not apply)
Fix tracer error when entity firing is not in pvs/created yet
Despawn items faster in citadel (elevator lag fix)
Preliminaries for hellish soul lanterns/souls

[10/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Block personal bank deploying in Lobby
Put items from citadel directly into inventory on boss kill (too many players and some do not get them due to entity creation limits per tick)
Null boss weapon integration/droprate added! May require restart for weapon to work.
Fix error when egged if body is removed early
Added /range to teleport to shooting range (existing: /farm /box /dash /lobby /sled /fish)
Updated play2win description (moving ? to / commands)

[09/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Pet gender equality (male/female now have the same hatchrate)
Lower max spawncount for citadel enemies
Fix meme potions from being used outside safezone
More elites on top floor
Add easter to pre-download instead of ingame mount (remount not required)
Fix eggy error when you egg someone
Citadel timing updates (American/Western timings!)
Fix ghost error if playermodel does not have the correct bone
Fix eggrain spam (lmao)
Hide the weight panel only if it's created (error fix)
Fix for errors with new menus
Easter has arrived! A mysterious visitor has appeared in the lobby!
Persistence file (map decor) can now be reloaded live
Shooting range now has a respawn point
Nocollide Eggs after 5s when thrown in shooting range
Hotbar item logic is now zone specific and may perform another action (pressing the key to throw)
Shooting range respawn timer is now 5 seconds
More Easter stuff, prelims for quest!
Add aliasing to 3d drawn text
Fixed view jitter on new entity spectator (ent sequences)
Fixed error with drop-party entity after last update
Scripted ent system updates
Updated item menus for entities (altar, grinder etc)
Fixed menu closing when you press 1 (now checks if you're typing in a TextEntry element)
Menus that take items now have support to only show those categories, or specific items
More easter setup, getting ready!!
Refactor item descriptions for items that are in normal drop-pools (RPD/KAP-40 etc)
Fix cycle errors with new animations

[08/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fix menu error if player leaves midway
NEW: Renamed o2 mask to metrocop mask
QOL: Prevent putting unobtainium+ in containers/machines (accidental loss)
NEW: Easter preliminaries [adding content]
NEW: Added non-cutscene dialog system for entities/NPCs
NEW: Status Effects now scale with new HUD scaler

[07/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
❀️❀️ Our x2 Easter Sale has begun! πŸ‡ Stock up and help us reach our goal! 🐀 Our Main Easter event starts on the 10th! πŸ₯š
FIX: Arrows appearing as -gt; in quest description.
OPTIMISE: Tidied up dash mechanic visuals!
MECHANIC: Apply random velocity to player on null bomb exploding!
ARMOR: Falldamage no longer applies to shield - damages hp directly!
ENEMY: Combine elites can now use AR2 alt fire and metrocops now pre-ready stunstick/other weaponry!
OPTIMISE: Updated potion handler/added prediction/disabled default element CHudSecondaryAmmo!
SETTING: Added scaling to most UI elements (see settings!)
FIX: Pad UI element for world boss/events when custom scaled!
OPTIMISE: Tutorial quest has been reworded more to be self explanatory and color to tutorial quest description!
OPTIMISE: Fonts are now autogenerated up to 128 size!
OPTIMISE: HUD/UI no longer needs to rebuild on autorefresh/update!
QOL: HUD Scaler has been added to settings and now scales fonts too!
QOL: Added settings to scale UI larger than current (4k)!
OPTIMISE: Tutorial now explains dodge iframes and how you need to use them.
ARMOR: Fixed sound/effect not playing for tank on shield break!
ARMOR: Fixed not taking damage in safezone!
LOBBY: Disconnecting in event area now teleports to spawn!
LOBBY: Battery charger now alerts you in a tooltip if you do not have the cash!
LOBBY: Battery charger is now much faster to charge batteries at!
ARMOR: Fixed shield UI not disappearing above 0 and now shown on the UI as a number!
ENEMY: Combines are now less accurate and will miss more shots!
LEVELS: Health pool now increases by 1 every 5 levels, instead of every 10!
ARMOR: Shields now protect against bleeding while they are active!

[05/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Preliminaries for new self-made discord bot Vort, who automates many things!

[04/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Super low sickness spread chance- you asked for it
Disallow sickness to spread to loading/not fully connected players
Updated PM functionality to support part/whole/quoted names and items/proper formatting
UID storage for updates (crediting who updated)
Moved away from github to our own inhouse setup for git/updates. This way we don't have an 80 character limit on updates and can be much more explanatory going forward!
Fix whitespace in discord chat messages from git/bot
Display Expert raid entry as 9999 dps limit (as it is)
Experimental fixes for chatbox PMs (pming items etc)

[03/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Update NPC chase logic in citadel
Add NULL boss set to caches
Update language files/locales
Add definitions for new NULL boss set
Added a new World Boss UI timer, it's now onscreen!
Setup easter event times: 10th -> 24th
Sickness can now only spread in the lobby area
Gave MoonLight the ability to post updates Pog
Cleanup panels if alpha 0 is not deleted
Increase NULL boss hp in citadel per player

[02/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Legacy updates are now listed on their own page, this is now fully automated via git and available on discord!

Click here to view legacy update logs