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[16/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Small bugfixes/you can no longer see items that are not released yet
Guild XP is now automatically used in the lobby
Updated crafting menu tips
Nametags are no longer sold in the trader shops, as they're easy enough to make now
Name-tags are now craftable!
Renamed Ancient Feather (duplicate) to Ancient Beak
Exclusive crafting drops now go straight into your inventory, incase you miss them on the ground! (which happens a lot)
Repossessor (new item that takes ownership) now craftable with 3 name-tags
Item ownership/how it was found no longer changes on upgrade/recycle etc, a new item has been added to take ownership with- if you wish!
Added button to F4 that reloads workshop player models live (incase you see errors!)

[15/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
New event has been added, updated worldboss skull description (chances doubled!)

[14/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Optimised stamina routines, added recharge cooldown between dodge/usage
Fixed error when stacking many debuffs
Void skull appearance (gem fragments/at wandering merchant) has been increased by 10%
Void skulls can no longer drop repetitively in Endless

[13/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Unusual cosmetic effects no longer spam in chat
Small bugfixes/Optimisations

[12/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Muzzle flash FPS setting now hides muzzleflash/shells from firstperson too!
Fixed gmod being shit at type checking
Fixed some ores being upgradable

[11/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Pickaxe now sets class to miner automatically on the lobby while used!
Mining class is now a 0.1% ore bonus per level instead of 0.01%!
Fixed keys being eaten if you are not high enough survival level to start
Fixed various errors with cw2.0
Medkit now remembers previous charge if re-equipped or hotswapped
New resource: Resin
New Farming/Mining/Fishing quests have been added! Check them out!
Trees/Rocks now auto-equip the first pickaxe/axe found in inventory if the correct one is not equipped!
Farming trees now has an Axe which increases the chance for better materials the same way the pickaxe does! It doesn't require a blueprint either so get crafting!

[10/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
A Mining class has been added! Farming class has also had it's icon updated!
Glass and Sand (etc) are now faster to make in the Smelter
A Smelter has been added to the Mine!
Mining rocks are now 45s again after some minor tweaks
Iron Ore/Copper Ore can now be used as an alternate recipe for Sand
You no longer need to hold Shift to speed up your rod. Instead you have ALT to slow it down if needed!
Fishing addon has been heavily rewritten/optimised
Breaking things by hand is now a little harder and the durability loss (when item break saved) on repair-kits is now less!
Fishing rod now must unhook the caught item before you can holster the rod
Fishing rods no longer have the ability to unhook/drop items. They now go into your inventory
Void skull no longer has a dropchance AT ALL in fishing

[09/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Lobby map update added new areas for future uses, changed clips in arenas to invisable walls to avoid dead people from being unable to be reached
Pickaxe is now auto-equipped when you start mining rocks in the lobby
The lobby mining cave is now 90s per rock, instead of 45s due to mining redesign
Fertiliser is now upgradable for new recipes coming soon
Ores mined are now higher rarity, depending on pickaxe/raid rarity!
Pickaxe rarity now increases chance of better ores!
Fixed auction tax discount not applying if you are offline at time of sale
Players are now split by 16 each tick to teleport, as gmod cannot teleport everyone at once to the same position...
Zones now Think and force zone, instead of being gmod-typical and not working randomly on Touch
Fixed Event handler having an aneurism at 8am

[08/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Reduced Slowmo sound effects, now plays clientside instead of serverside (loud with many players)
World boss spawn timer is now 5 minutes, as 10 minutes was always too long!
Caches dropped from world bosses are now scaled to player level
Item Caches are now soulbound
Fixed expert boss keys costing more than craftable challenge versions
Updated hellish key descriptions to latest changes, also simplifying key descriptions to be easier to understand
Fixed bugs with new Raid Entry system, now also shows DPS Suggestion in tooltip
Keys are now be autobanked when they are given/returned to you
Hellish is now treated like other keys, autoupgrades to Epic based on DPS and you now craft higher keys for Legendary/Mythic
Fixed hide hud setting not hiding zone/raid hud
Fixed trading history erroring if you have too much history
Fixed fishing rod changing class when equip is restricted

[07/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Crafting menu now has the ability to favourite on right click!
DPS changes now update keys automatically
Keys and Raid Mods can now be used from the bank!
Updated Raid Entry UI! Brand new design to streamline progression!
Updated and added new content to workshop

[06/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Adding settings to disable teammate fishing UI
Fishing rod now changes class to fisherman automatically, and returns to previous class on holster
Updated automatic event timings
Plethora of small bugfixes/optimisations, rewriting heavy logic
Melon bomber event is now a chance at extra yield, not a guarantee.

[05/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Raid loot end menu now forcibly updates UI if items are added after the menu is created
Updated stattrax item descriptions
Added new stattrax: Teammates Saved- for medkits
Reviving players now automatically pulls out your medkit
Medkit stattrax can now only be applied to medkit

[04/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Updated lobby map fix and added extra dev area.
NPC Reputation now lowers a lot less per level per day
Updated tutorial quest descriptions to be "clearer"
Drinking multiple alcoholic drinks now compounds their effects *hic*
Added drunk effects!
Fixed site announcement breaking player guide clickables

[03/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Raid reset timer no allows longer reset if the elevator sequence has already begun
Fixed chess table chairs (and others) getting you stuck in the wall when you get out of them
Updated safezone cave to fire you more accurately at grigori for the achievement :)
Old lobby server now automatically redirects people who still have it on their favourites as we've moved IP!
Battlepass has been updated!
Logging out in a chair now puts you back in it (if it is not taken)
Updates system is now instant, ping/pong
Player positions are now reset if they are detected stuck on spawn

[02/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Finished migrating to newer, better, stronker hardware!
small visual fixes on lobby and longer gunrange and secret
Small visual fixes for labyrinth and underground raid map

[01/05/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed mashitup quest ignoring common
Reduced phone ringing sound over distance

[30/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Cooldown added to calling next worldboss so players can pickup their loot
Drop party ball now drops items at x2 speed
Endless keys now clamp to raid rarity when dropped and cannot be upgraded
Updated key descriptions (again)
Endless keys no longer drop for any other tier than Expert

[29/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Shrink/Grow potions no longer in world boss drop item pool
Fixed arcana's fireballs not chasing players :)
Version 1.2!
New limited cosmetics that you can only get from world bosses!
Optimised limited cosmetics item loader

[28/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fixed issue with guild bank not loading item attributes properly
Added an extra reset trigger to avoid the labyrinth map bugging out from a bad reset.
Raid doors now show the correct max player limit
Updated world boss skull visuals
Fixed falldamage being classed as explosion
Updated pet scaling system (chungus is now also smaller)
Medkit(like shieldkit) can no longer be used at all if you are not medic
Loot droprate increased by 5% globally in elite and up
Stamina/Regen potions are now a rarer drop from boss/caches

[27/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
General networking optimisations and cleanup of unused networkdata
Fixed voice scaling error when you mute someone from scoreboard
Add pingtime on equip when updating held weaponry clientside (network data delay fix)
Fixed issue with weapon firing when switching zones
AFKers in raids now suicide and automatically get sent back to the lobby
Rebalanced weaponry to break that 3k boundary!
Laser balance: 25% less windup time for -1 damage (bring in line with other weaponry)
Add chungus to default workshop pool

[26/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Raid-End "Return to Lobby" button no longer allows you to leave without taking loot!
Fixed being able to commit suicide in the Citadel
Vodka is now craftable from potatoes!
AR2 now compensates recoil and stabilizes when aiming down sight
Fixed being able to shoot in prop-dash

[25/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Added AFK category to scoreboard
Optimised scoreboard, players online are now shown first!
Fixed sledbuild setting player color incorrectly
Fixed hellish uncommon requiring 0 keyshards to upgrade
Hellish keys now return at Epic if upgraded higher and used
Shop vendors now have more money when they restock!
Weapon upgrades are now counted in item value (economy resource prices)

[24/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Optimised player death calculations
Cleanup raid join button/panel when alpha fading (raid starting)
Optimised player voice calculations
Scoreboard updates! Should now be much easier to read when many players are online!

[23/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Combines no longer have grenades inside the citadel
Disabled screenclicker on death if it is active (mouse stuck)
Crosshair stability (when turning/running) has been greatly increased
Deposit all will no longer deposit batteries!
Show 10 players only on raid end screen
Fixed Aessidhe's giant form doing no damage
Aessidhe now teleports to spawn position when he spawns mobs in his ult
Fixed eggs being deleted if spawned on nodraw texture 🀷

[22/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Equipped fertilized eggs are now shown following you :)
Remove radial menus on death to prevent getting semi-stuck in it
All primary weapons now weigh the same(excl minigun/phys) (30, some were 40/45 etc)
All secondary weapons now weigh the same (20, some were 30)
Updated fonts/updated category weight visuals in bank
Withdraw Junk no longer withdraws ammotypes/batteries
Withdraw junk now ignores soulbound items
Added "Withdraw Junk" option to bank. Withdraws epic and below (ignoring supreme/special items) by category.
Pets now have a much higher chance to evolve at lvl40+, and far less when bred
Optimised radial menu drawing

[20/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Reduce rollwind hp by 25% (higher player count balance)
Optimised DPS calculations (only calculate/update on weapon equip)
Optimised armor calculations, pet bonus is now networked to other players
Added caching to obj.GetObserverTarget (serverside performance)
Fixed worldboss scaling applying to siren mag skill
Rebalanced siren mag/rollwind skill. Don't ignore them.

[19/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Setup spawnmenu properly to only show whitelisted tools/add tooltip for non-whitelisted props
Get rid of easy weld as it crashes the game
Limited Easter Chungus pet skin now available! Talk to Chungus to begin!
Updated raid backend, you should now be eligible for loot for a limited time after death (boss drops etc)
Scale Rollwind (siren ult) health by current player count

[18/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Removing useless serverside entities for invisible cosmetics
Updated networking for rings, don't create data for them at all for other players
Optimised more Draw logic (HUDPaint, PostDrawTranslucentRenderables etc)
Optimised a lot of entity draw functionality
Add UI marker for newstarters to find Alyx
Mythic+ gems can now be used to change Attribute on any rarity
Attribute can now be changed at any weapon level if you have a good enough gem (no longer requires lvl 5)
Fixed worldboss damage not working properly
Now Luck increases with each "empty" cache (depending on rarity/tier), resets on rare item drop (experimental)

[17/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Auctions now shows different boss sets seperately
Optimised zone checks clientside/serverside, moving from vector logic to integer checks (experimental)
Updated Cw2.0 tracer origins (fallback to default if none found instead of error)
Easter eggs given for repeatable reward are now stored across restarts/reconnects
Updated gormet foods, reduced time to feed to 1s

[16/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Blocked Throwing/Dropping items in citadel
Renamed Star to Vorpal on right click menu to make it clearer
Optimise serverside player handler for shields
Added FPS setting to disable bullet impact effects
Upgrade performance impact from Low to Medium for CW Muzzle Flashes
Added settings to disable bullet tracers / muzzle flashes (FPS options)
Optimised accessories again, removing SetModelScale in favour of RenderMultiply which is cheaper
Updated workshop playermodel loader (quicker integration for new ones!)

[15/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Optimising and ratelimiting expensive clientside functions (FPS bonus)
Enemies(in raid) will now randomly take damage proportional to their max health when stuck out of bounds
Optimised back weaponry/accessories (FPS bonus) some more
Support ammo UI element now checks to see if they are level 60 before displaying
Disallow spawnmenu opening mid raid
Tickets can now be re-opened by the creator, admins can now lock tickets too!
Updated ticket system with copypaste friendly templates!
Fixed bot going mental if discord connection is lost
Fixed ticket timestamps being out by 1 hour (daylight savings)

[14/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Optimised healthbar checks further (more fps save at high player counts on the way)
Updated Playerguide, added attribute icons/deeper explanation.
Optimised healthbar drawing, no longer distance checks etc, just undraws outside PVS Added heads up display above support characters when your ammo is low
Added notification for when raid rarity is DPS autobalanced
Batteries sold in the shop are now pre-charged and sold in larger bundles
Batteries are now 50% cheaper to charge
Added shortcommands for gmod gestures/taunts (/wave, /zombie, /pers, /drop, /dance, /robot etc)
Odessa reputation bonus now gives 2% plant growth (speed) per level
Prelims for more easter content (available 17th onwards)

[13/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Update personal bank item description

[12/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Show DPS Suggestion on Raid Entry UI
Portals now prevent entry to severely under dps requirements (these players will die a horrible death)
Class is now shown on the HUD. Element has been moved behind health to save obscuring vital information
Trading system/menu now automatically resizes depending on size of trade
Added visuals for medic when other players are low health/dying
Added sky effect to world boss
Boost fishing bonus from hook depth (rod rarity increases line length)
Update invalid_attacker to Explosion (world damage)
Move explosion logic to after item logic on npc kill (gmod only supports one usage of DamageInfo and overwrites consecutives)
Hotload new playermodels
Fixed hax ring not being visible in auctions
Fixed NPC Reputation refusing to load on boot

[11/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Batteries now weigh 0
Fixed battery refill for new boss weapon :)
Show Damage numbers in Shooting Range/clamp decimals
Fixed being able to equip two of the same boss rings (the second one does not apply)
Fix tracer error when entity firing is not in pvs/created yet
Despawn items faster in citadel (elevator lag fix)
Preliminaries for hellish soul lanterns/souls

[10/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Block personal bank deploying in Lobby
Put items from citadel directly into inventory on boss kill (too many players and some do not get them due to entity creation limits per tick)
Null boss weapon integration/droprate added! May require restart for weapon to work.
Fix error when egged if body is removed early
Added /range to teleport to shooting range (existing: /farm /box /dash /lobby /sled /fish)
Updated play2win description (moving ? to / commands)

[09/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Pet gender equality (male/female now have the same hatchrate)
Lower max spawncount for citadel enemies
Fix meme potions from being used outside safezone
More elites on top floor
Add easter to pre-download instead of ingame mount (remount not required)
Fix eggy error when you egg someone
Citadel timing updates (American/Western timings!)
Fix ghost error if playermodel does not have the correct bone
Fix eggrain spam (lmao)
Hide the weight panel only if it's created (error fix)
Fix for errors with new menus
Easter has arrived! A mysterious visitor has appeared in the lobby!
Persistence file (map decor) can now be reloaded live
Shooting range now has a respawn point
Nocollide Eggs after 5s when thrown in shooting range
Hotbar item logic is now zone specific and may perform another action (pressing the key to throw)
Shooting range respawn timer is now 5 seconds
More Easter stuff, prelims for quest!
Add aliasing to 3d drawn text
Fixed view jitter on new entity spectator (ent sequences)
Fixed error with drop-party entity after last update
Scripted ent system updates
Updated item menus for entities (altar, grinder etc)
Fixed menu closing when you press 1 (now checks if you're typing in a TextEntry element)
Menus that take items now have support to only show those categories, or specific items
More easter setup, getting ready!!
Refactor item descriptions for items that are in normal drop-pools (RPD/KAP-40 etc)
Fix cycle errors with new animations

[08/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Fix menu error if player leaves midway
NEW: Renamed o2 mask to metrocop mask
QOL: Prevent putting unobtainium+ in containers/machines (accidental loss)
NEW: Easter preliminaries [adding content]
NEW: Added non-cutscene dialog system for entities/NPCs
NEW: Status Effects now scale with new HUD scaler

[07/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
❀️❀️ Our x2 Easter Sale has begun! πŸ‡ Stock up and help us reach our goal! 🐀 Our Main Easter event starts on the 10th! πŸ₯š
FIX: Arrows appearing as -gt; in quest description.
OPTIMISE: Tidied up dash mechanic visuals!
MECHANIC: Apply random velocity to player on null bomb exploding!
ARMOR: Falldamage no longer applies to shield - damages hp directly!
ENEMY: Combine elites can now use AR2 alt fire and metrocops now pre-ready stunstick/other weaponry!
OPTIMISE: Updated potion handler/added prediction/disabled default element CHudSecondaryAmmo!
SETTING: Added scaling to most UI elements (see settings!)
FIX: Pad UI element for world boss/events when custom scaled!
OPTIMISE: Tutorial quest has been reworded more to be self explanatory and color to tutorial quest description!
OPTIMISE: Fonts are now autogenerated up to 128 size!
OPTIMISE: HUD/UI no longer needs to rebuild on autorefresh/update!
QOL: HUD Scaler has been added to settings and now scales fonts too!
QOL: Added settings to scale UI larger than current (4k)!
OPTIMISE: Tutorial now explains dodge iframes and how you need to use them.
ARMOR: Fixed sound/effect not playing for tank on shield break!
ARMOR: Fixed not taking damage in safezone!
LOBBY: Disconnecting in event area now teleports to spawn!
LOBBY: Battery charger now alerts you in a tooltip if you do not have the cash!
LOBBY: Battery charger is now much faster to charge batteries at!
ARMOR: Fixed shield UI not disappearing above 0 and now shown on the UI as a number!
ENEMY: Combines are now less accurate and will miss more shots!
LEVELS: Health pool now increases by 1 every 5 levels, instead of every 10!
ARMOR: Shields now protect against bleeding while they are active!

[05/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Preliminaries for new self-made discord bot Vort, who automates many things!

[04/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Super low sickness spread chance- you asked for it
Disallow sickness to spread to loading/not fully connected players
Updated PM functionality to support part/whole/quoted names and items/proper formatting
UID storage for updates (crediting who updated)
Moved away from github to our own inhouse setup for git/updates. This way we don't have an 80 character limit on updates and can be much more explanatory going forward!
Fix whitespace in discord chat messages from git/bot
Display Expert raid entry as 9999 dps limit (as it is)
Experimental fixes for chatbox PMs (pming items etc)

[03/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Update NPC chase logic in citadel
Add NULL boss set to caches
Update language files/locales
Add definitions for new NULL boss set
Added a new World Boss UI timer, it's now onscreen!
Setup easter event times: 10th -> 24th
Sickness can now only spread in the lobby area
Gave MoonLight the ability to post updates Pog
Cleanup panels if alpha 0 is not deleted
Increase NULL boss hp in citadel per player

[02/04/22] ➀ raidz/master
Legacy updates are now listed on their own page, this is now fully automated via git and available on discord!

Click here to view legacy update logs