Q: Hey, I played here before! Where is my stuff?!  
A: If you played during our early betas (march 2021 or beforehand) then unfortunately your gear is gone. Our server burned down in an OVH datacenter fire!                           
A2: We do not wipe, or ever intend to have this mechanic in our game. Everything you own is backed up offsite (burned backups, yum!) autonomously every hour via Phoenix's own homebrew nowadays.

Q: Help I have an error!  
A: Restarting your game (not rejoining) normally works as everything is auto-downloaded. If this issue persists, subscribe to our content here 

Q: Help I lost my item!  
A: Remember to always lock your items that you do not want to lose. It prevents you from selling, dropping, grinding or otherwise losing them! 

Q: Do you have settings for the gamemode?  
A: Here you will find settings relating to RaidZ. You can change everything from your HUD size to hiding certain aspects of the HUD and more! 

Q: How do I use slots 7 through 9 without scrolling? 
A: Open your console and paste this: 
bind 7 slot7; bind 8 slot8; bind 9 slot9 

Q: How do I load attachments automatically?  
A: Save your attachment prefix as “auto” and it will load when you equip the weapon! 

Q: Where can I make a ticket? 
A: Here you can open a ticket about important bugs. Please do not open a ticket for small issues, use our Community Discord #help channel! 

Q: I found an exploit,bug or error what do I do?

A: If you found an exploit or bug you can make a ticket Here or you can report it to an admin on discord. 
A: If you found a MAP issue report this to MoonLight in management or also make a ticket with the issue and screenshot. 

Q: I got Kicked Mid Raid, What happened? 
A: As part of an anti AFK system you may have been kicked due to not dealing enough Damage per wave based on your highest damage, don't worry, just keep shooting and make sure your taking part in the Raid! 
A2: If you joined late to the wave and got kicked, not much can be done, there is a 2 minuet timer before the wave starts if your taking a while to load + the AFK timer + the 1st wave is ignored to let slow loaders join. 

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