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Q: Hey, I played here before! Where is my stuff?! 
A: If you played during our early betas (march 2021 or beforehand) then unfortunately your gear is gone. Our server burned down in an OVH datacenter fire!                          
A2: We do not wipe, or ever intend to have this mechanic in our game. Everything you own is backed up offsite (burned backups, yum!) autonomously every hour via Phoenix's own homebrew nowadays.

Q: Help I have an error! 
A: Restarting your game (not rejoining) normally works as everything is auto-downloaded. If this issue persists, subscribe to our content here

Q: Help I lost my item! 
A: Remember to always lock your items that you do not want to lose. It prevents you from selling, dropping, grinding or otherwise losing them!

Q: Do you have settings for the gamemode? 
A: Here you will find how to change settings relating to RaidZ. You may change everything from your HUD size to hiding certain aspects of the HUD.

Q: How do I use slots 7 through 9 without scrolling?
A: Open your console and paste this:
bind 7 slot7; bind 8 slot8; bind 9 slot9

Q: How do I load attachments automatically? 
A: Save your attachment prefix as “auto” and it will load when you equip the weapon!

Q: Where can I make a ticket?
A: Here you can open a ticket about important bugs. Please do not open a ticket for small issues, use our Community Discord #help channel!

Q: I found an exploit,bug or error what do I do?

A: If you found an exploit or bug you can make a ticket Here or you can report it to an admin on discord.
A: If you found a MAP issue report this to MoonLight in management or also make a ticket with the issue and screenshot.

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