When you are doing certain actions you gain XP towards a skill level depending on what action you're doing.
There are 3 dedicated skill level sets that you can level up, these are: Survival, Gathering and Crafting.

Survival level is gained by completing quests as well as staying alive on server (afk also increases this), Gathering XP is gained by picking items dropped from NPCs and Crafting XP is gained by crafting and repairing items.
Skills are also unlocked for when you reach certain levels on each skill set. You can equip these skills to help you with a boost in combat or gathering items.


There are a couple of different classes to pick from, whom all have their respective uses.
The four main classes (Gunner, Tank, Medic, Support) all receive an ultimate skill upon reaching level 50 with the respective class.

Non-Combat roles unlock a blueprint for a class specific ring at lvl 30+ which provide bonuses for their respective classes and a craftable mastery cape is unlocked at lvl 99.

Has the ability to equip TWO primary weapons
+XX% ammo dispenser rate
Ultimate Skill: Blazing - Killstreaks increase damage by 0.5% per level!
Has the ability to dash for x2 longer invincibility time
+XX% shield recharge rate
Ultimate Skill: Reflector - Returns 10% damage to attacker!
Has the ability to revive other players
+XX% healing bonus to healing allies
Ultimate Skill: Lazarus - Revival limit increased to 2!
Has the ability to transfer shield power
+XX% shield regen rate bonus to allies & self
Ultimate Skill: Bottomless - Can dispense Ammo on the run!

Passive / Lobby Classes:

Has the ability to deny the passage of time
+XX% bonus to being useless
Secret bonus: May collect other items than just fish!
Has the ability to watch plants grow
+XX% skin hardening from being outside for too long
Secret bonus: Every 6 levels increases plant crop limit by 1. 
Has the ability to tell dirt from dirt
+XX% faded eyesight from being underground for too long
Secret bonus: Better ore chances by 0.1% per level.


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