These hard shelled critters are often found in large swarms guarding an underground hive.
Approaching the swarm will set of the workers and guards causing a swarm, resulting in either the nest perishing or you.  

The Main tactic of the Antlions is lots and lots of numbers
With their hard shells these beasts can take a lot of damage and keep coming, leading to you being overwhelmed if your not careful and able to kill them fast enough
With their large blades they will gnash and slice at you, ripping away any armour or shields you have very quickly.
They possess a natural weakness to Fire as they bear the Nature Attribute.

Standard Antlion

This skittery breed of the Antlion, being able to fly due to them possessing wings, will jump over obstacles to attack you.
Due to their speed and tendency to travel in large swarms they can quickly overwhelm you with numbers.
When dealing with these Antlions- try to keep them at long distances to delay them and keep a sustained line of fire.


Antlion Guard

The “Charger”, Antlion guards are a large breed of Antlion that protect the Hive. With their large size and hammer like head they will break any attacker of the hive.
However- luckily enough: none of these have be sighted around these parts.