Lobby Traders

There are some traders and shops available in the lobby where you can use to sell your loot and more! 

Mike and Nick

 Mike's and Nick's Shops Let you buy and sell a plethora of goods, ranging from Gun parts and Guns to Tools and Tech! 
Sharing a max cash reserve of 100k, they can only buy so much from you at a time between them, so you'll have to wait till they restock their shops, netting them 50k from offshore resells. 
 Be sure to check with them on restock for new goods and deals making sure to say Hello from time to time.


 Eli runs the Auctions , for a small fee on sale he will tend to the trades and sales of items between the Players even while you're offline
Letting you focus on the looting or farming while he sorts the deals of weapons and other wares. 
(Be sure to check out the #auction-notifications on the discord for Live Updates to the Market!)


 Runner of The Black Market
Tyrone is ready to take your cold hard cash in exchange for rare and unique items and he charges a… ‘fair premium’ for his wares. 
If you need it, he will have it soon, just don't ask where from and don't try to get too friendly.


This secluded hermit spends his time cooking and farming, running a small side shop of Farming Knick-Knack's where he sells; seeds, fertiliser and pet egg's
While he doesn't sell a lot he will help you when farming with a small amount of fertiliser in the soil for you.


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The Fisherman

Transported from a far distant shore this strange fellow has found himself and his ship locked in the lake, now taking up residence as The Fisherman
With the extinction of many species on earth due to the portal storms and the Combine's take over. 
He will pay you for the safe return of his fish to the lake, the more he trusts you the further he nurtures them, resulting in bigger fish. 
The Bigger the fish you catch, the more he's willing to pay. However there is nothing stopping you from cooking them though…


This pretender Metro Cop hosts his new Barney's Tokens system. 
After smuggling out some high tier loot somehow from the Citadel, he's now trading these rarities for Tokens
Ranging from some scraps of Techs and Parts up to a Void Shard and… other “useful” items