Q. How does luck affect drops? Does Lady Luck help? A. Get fukt nerd hahahahahahaha  -Donny

Q. How could i increase my luck? A. “Sleep with the fishes”  -Slim

“I saw, I came, I came” -Warrior

"I didn't type this! ^" -The Real Warrior

"You're lucky if it works" -Phoenixf

"Jump exactly 10 times before opening a cache for extra luck" -Utjan

“Luck whats that? and how do i steal it from people?” -Nosjo

“You know what they say, 3rd times the charm.” -Xehno 

“Luck is when you don't know how you succeeded” -Dreggy

“Luck has a maximum, if you go over it it goes back down” -MoonLight